This is the banner from Brum that so irked the police and the SWP. I love it for it’s pure simplicity.


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6 responses to “SMASH THE STATE

  1. it appears that it was the snivelling cur chris bambery that attempted to have the banner wavers arrested.
    reminds me that the Trots might pretend to be on the same side as us, but whenever the bastards get half a chance they try to have us put down- from krondstadt to barcalona and all the way through the poll tax and today they are always on the other side!

  2. romanticanarchist

    The great Tommy Sheridan helped to get me nicked in Glasgow a while back, when a friend and I were trying to de-arrest a fellow demonstrator. I suppose you might say now that it’s a case of: You dance with the devil, Tommy…(Hope you do better in court than I did).
    Nevertheless, there did seem to be a lot of good, militant, younger and older activists in Birmingham on Sunday. I think that we’ve got to engage with those militant rank and file socialists and ordinary people and try to explore the common ground that definitely exists. There’s no point demonising and alienating people who are basically on our side. There hasn’t been such an obvious and concerted attack by the ruling class upon all of the working class for some time – probably the poll tax. There’s only so much people will take and then there’s going to be trouble – trouble in the places that people are working and trouble in the streets. And we know that trouble empowers people and we know that it radicalises them. So we’ve got to be there alongside normal people and fight with them and we’ve got to be there when we all get sold down the river by the leaderships of the unions and by the community leaders and by the political parties. I quite like people and so I like the idea of fighting shoulder to shoulder with them. And I’m looking forward to seeing the looks on coppers’ faces when the people on demonstrations soon start to grow in confidence and refuse to be led around the backstreets like flocks of sheep. There’s no room for fatalism, or I’m afraid Tommy Sheridan, in MY one bedroom flat.

  3. Steve

    Fantastic. I wish id made it.

  4. apropos Chris Bambery, his wikipedia article at the moment says:

    Chris Bambery is a member of the Central Committee of the Revisionist Workers Party.he is known politically as a police collaborator and lackey of the state. In the 1983 he moved to North London as an organiser for the SNP and was elected a member of its Central Committee in 1987 becoming its National Organiser shortly afterwards, a position which he held to 2004 when he replaced the long serving Chris Harman as editor of Revisionist Worker. Since 2010 he has been an organiser for the Right to Work campaign. It has been alleged that he has attempted to get other demonstrators arrested because he does not agree with their slogans.

    He led the International Revisionist Tendency at the Genoa Group of Eight Summit protest in Italy in 2001 with Alex Callinicos.

    He is the author of numerous books and articles including;

    * Scotland’s National Question (1995)
    * Ireland’s Permanent Revison (1990)
    * Scotland – Nation & Class
    * Scotland – The Revisionist Answer
    * Stopping The Nazi Menace – How To Be Manipulated By The Fascists Today
    * Fighting To Change The World By Kowtowing
    * Ireland – Why The Troops Must Get Out
    * Permanent Revison
    * Imperialism
    * A Rebel’s Guide to Gramsci: A Revisionist approach (2006)
    * Gramsci: Hegemony and counter-revolutionary strategy

  5. Dora Kaplan

    Simple, but effective, and if there’s anything funnier than an irate Tory it’s an upset Trot/Labour Party hack! Can I suggest a new thread…? Traditional Festivals the Trots would ban – if the silly bastards ever got the chance. Free Mars bar for the best suggestion.

    1. Up Helly Aa – fire; fun, hairy Vikings and beer. No sign of Mark Serwokta. Socialist Worker not for sale. Participants may be sexually active (counter revolutionary bourgeois individualism).

    2. Lewes Pope burning – offensive to the delicate sensibilities of the Islamo/Catholic/Trot alliance (MCB/SWP/Holy See) and Tony Benn not invited to speak.

    3. Er…anything remotely enjoyable that doesn’t involve Bill Bragg, compulsory respect for daft religious nutters, tedious TUC speakers and endlessly marching in circles.

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