Communique from Class War HQ, The Cave, Sherwood Forest:

‘Class War awoke from it’s semi-vegetative state at the Topuddle Festival in July. Some had declared the patient dead but a robust regime of heavy drinking ensured a lively presence on the Tolpuddle Martyrs march with particular invective being saved for the Prison officers Association pipe band.

The Class War banner was also to the fore at the Birmingham Tory Conference demo where a mob of about 50 former and present Class warriors enlivened the day later on by roundly abusing every tory in sight. So great was the press of the Class warriors at the pub bar that CW arranged a handsome collection for the single barman on duty.

Noticeably with the return of a Tory government many former Class warriors are returning to the Colours. Class war has always had a good relationship with its ex- members mainly due to our reciprocal liver transplant arrangements. .A new edition of the paper – first for two years – features a re-run of the infamous Thatcher with axe in head cover but this time featuring Snooty Cameron.

Class War’s aim over the next six months will be to recreate the kind of street opposition to the Poll Tax that is needed to stop the cuts. We aim to cause as much trouble, build a big street mob again and drink lots of alcohol. If you can find a better deal go for it.’

Anyone interested in re-establishing  London Class War – see you on October 20th at Downing Street or e-mail me.


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19 responses to “IT’S ALIVE…………ALIVE!

  1. Steve

    How do you get the paper? I cant get to many demos because im stuck on the dole. Which is fucking frustrating because it makes you want to be there more.

    • scherben


      I used to buy it from Frontline Books, Manchester, but it’s not there anymore

      And yeah, stuck oop Norf when the demos are in Lahndahn is frustrating

      Maybe I should get some mates?

  2. guy

    No War But The Class War.

    However, i do think we need to put the paper on hold and get back to being obnoxious fucking larrikins.

    To the streets!

  3. Harry White

    Steve – getting the paper – write to London CW, PO Box 467, London E8 3QX, or if in London go to Freedom or Housmans.

  4. Andy V

    I’m up for this unless it involves running up hills, as I don’t think my knees could take it these days!

  5. ales

    London CW has been reformed more times than a turkey twizzler!

    Good luck anyhow

  6. Steve

    Ace. I wont be going to london im afraid

  7. I missed the piss up at Brum cos Fatty had a Headache. Bring it on !

  8. Liam

    Any thoughts on the recent discussion on this blog about the quality of recent issues of Class War and about some of the ridiculous content. There is some nonsense on the website now about some pseudo religious nonsense from some american truth group. They really will print any old bollocks these days. Also don’t bother to leave any comments on their website articles and they don’t approve any that are critical.

    • scherben

      Liam, I agree the Unifying Truth Movement piece is slightly out of place, but its aim is to promote non-voting and isn’t in my opinion pseudo-religious

      Also, gotta admit, their analysis of Thatcher is bang on

  9. Frost

    I hope this develops into something substantial – a proper, consistent, organized working class street presence. If the EDL can manage it then so can we.

    I’m signing on, but I’ll be there showing my support every fucking demo, no worries

    Come on, people!

  10. afaskank

    any comrades in the in the notts/derbyshire area up for starting a branch of CW? we got to Brum just about sober and apart from scaring a few lefties who thought we were EDL, don’t have much to report….. we can be contacted at

  11. “Noticeably with the return of a Tory government many former Class warriors are returning to the Colours.”

    where were they 1997-2010 … doing entrism? 😉

  12. leeds class war

    any northerners wantin copies of the paper can come to us.

    We’ll also be holding a northern get together some time in november. can’t let london be callin all the shots;)

  13. Paul Marshall

    I’ll be there on the 20th. Lets build on Brum and get something good going.

  14. Steve

    Leeds classwar? I heard you had a website and it was removed? Im game and in yorkshire.

  15. Anyone looking for copies of Class War or The Bristol Hum (Bristol Class Wars freesheet) can contact us at or see our blog .

  16. Christian Evans

    Reforming London Class War is never going to work unless it is based around action rather than the paper.

  17. James Walsh

    This is it boys and girls, this is as close as we get to the revolution- shit ain’t it 🙂

    It all starts now- Labour will be the new ‘militant’.
    What gets me about those days- of the anti poll tax movement is who those people could get up a national network but could offer it no leadership- apart from hold back, hold back. And CW was that close to taking it over just though a not very well written paper by saying- Go on!

    I got on 3 Counties radio (did a bit of the man in the street act)- I was the best speaker by far on the demo and went down quite well- must be lossing my touch- Shaky from the SWP was a bit pissed and got a little carried a way, rambled and tried to go on about the class war- but spoiled it at the end- by getting all pc.

    Every speach praised the French- I said how the French went beyond just demos and Strikes and we’d have to go even further.
    I think there are a load of old hands out there itching to kick off. Those French kids will make a good advert.

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