Momentum is everything in politics and now we have it. Instead of a one-off isolated event like G20 we now have a series of actions week after week. Novembrer 24th walk out now encompasses occupying Lib Dem constituency offices and is to be followed by action against tax avoiding companies on december 4th. The violent attacks on Tory HQ far from alienating public opinion has energised it. A quick trawl through the Sunday Papers reveals columnists like Suzanne Moore in the Mail on Sunday standing 4 square with the violent students and is replicated by opnion pieces elsewhere not only in the liberal media but in the right wing ones. Where commentators are not in support they are fearful. take Martin Ivens in the Sunday Times : ‘If a rash of violent disputes were to become a settled pattern the coalition government might look as if it were no longer in control, the agenda of early cuts too confrontational, it’s narrative of national salvation could be challenged.Public opinion is the prize. Who runs the country asked Ted Heath.Clearly not you replied the voters’. Nick Clegg’s u-turn on student fees has alienated the middle classes into a temporary alliance with the proles.’What would happen now if nurses took to the streets against NHS cuts? Liberal opinion would be with them as well.  The government could fall.It’s all to play for – but the door is open now – NOW is the time to push further.Forget next March – the next 4 weeks will be decisive. Go for it.



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  1. guy

    Well it looks likely that the ambulance crews in bristol will be coming out in protest at shift changes. My nursing colleagues have had new contracts forced upon them but nurses are a tough lot to get to as many see any sort of strike action as damaging patient care. It has long been an argument of mine that by not standing up for patients in the long term will be even more damaging.

    • Peter Good

      You might want to look at Martin Gilbert’s book “Known to the Authorities: Anarchists in Social Work”.
      It contains an aricle from the Winter of Discontent detailing the “imaginative” Industrial Action taken by nurses who (rightly) insisted that patient care should not affected. The article inspired the wave of ward occupations in the early 80’s.

  2. This one’s a real no-brainer. The nice thing about these non-centralised (London) actions is that EVERYONE can get involved one way or another. Even if you don’t live in a university town chances are there’s a school nearby – if you’ve got a Conservative Club or Lib Dem office even better! 😉

    We’ve been handing out ‘The Best Cut of All’ posters and badges at small demos and you wouldn’t believe the kind of people who are queuing to get one – yesterday a nice elderly lady said “I don’t believe in personal violence, but I’ve got to have one of those!” – there’s a real vibe around at the moment.

    It’s time we all took a lesson from the students 😉


    If you’d like to hand out some propa-propaganda you can download a copy of the poster here…

    …and email anarchistmediaproject[at]gmail[dot]com for a badge jpeg.

  3. alibi

    loads more happening all over the place too:

  4. As Class War – Barnsdale Brigade we handed out or it was my mouth shouting down the trots megaphone and people could not get enough of the posters (stickers are due just sorting out a few things) I soon got in to the flow (seems my life as a former market trader will not leave) All in all a good day from Yorkshire (class war) Anarchist we are back on the streets in a town near you next stop 24th Sheffield if you want to join us then get in touch..

  5. Dora Kaplan

    This one’s at a big of a tangent, but there’s now a global campaign to crash JP Morgan. The idea is to buy physical silver. JP Morgan have been manipulating the silver market and gambling heavily on a massive decline in silver prices. They’ve been creating exotic products with no underlying value. The physical product to back up their exotic securities does not exist in sufficient quantity. If we all buy as little as an ounce they are totally fucked. An ounce now costs under £20. There’s now a real possibility of destroying a major parasite beyond repair. This could be the first victory of the people over a big corporate player. Even better, Blair now works for JP Morgan, and will be looking else where for a living when they collapse.

    Just Google ‘crash jp morgan buy silver.’ I think it’s well worth a go.

  6. Absolutely spot on Ian, lets have another print run of quality posters to hand around and build the vibe.

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