Right on cue comes along the bread and circuses of a Royal wedding. Forget the cuts buy your confetti here.  Cameron is delighted – I bet. The cuts will be off the front pages for weeks.Pass the sickbag. Still no doubt we’ll have to record new lyrics to the CW classic ‘Better Dead Than Wed’ – Get it to Number One for wedding week!  Altogether now….‘we hear the ringing bells, we’d rather wring your necks…it was actually in the Indie charts for five weeks………Anarchist Media Project quick off the mark here:


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21 responses to “BETTER DEAD THAN WED

  1. Turpin

    well can’t wait to get my novelty William and Kate oven gloves!

  2. Eve Masson

    Calling for a day of direct action against the monarchy in the context of the expense to the public purse of the royal wedding in a climate of profound economic austerity which has and is to cause mass unemployment, homelessness, and abolition of public services. We are not all in this together.

  3. Jason

    Hopefully a public day off to unite and protest against the pomp and glory admist all the redundancies and poverty.

    But I would like some new oven gloves!

  4. Tough Love

    Is this the Royals trying to get some English yeoman DNA?

    I’m looking forward to the new BDTW single.

  5. guy

    I really do feel like i’ve travelled back in time.
    Disoreder on the streets.
    Tory government hacking away at everything in sight.
    Stop and search powers to target minorities.
    And a royal wedding.

  6. martin

    I saw this on the news be happy folks to inbread slack jawed fucktards are getting married and how much will this cost?”fuckin loads thats how much” and who’s gonna pay the public thats who the same fuckers who are being told we are fucked tighten your belts your jobs are going you should work for nothing in this brand new Big society. What a load of bollocks I fuckin hate them. Bring on the riots protests and cops on fire. Will this lead to something better? who knows!!!! but its gotta be better than this.. Fuckin hang the bastards on lampoasts down the mall . Thats my rant over i feel much better now!!!!

  7. Roger Grenville

    Get ready to toast the Royal couple – on the end of a huge fork over a pit of fire !

  8. Idle Billy

    Thank Christ the Franklin Mint went skint !!!

  9. Idle Billy

    Prime Minister David Cameron has hailed the engagement of Prince William and Kate Middleton as “a great day for our country”.

    (Who Do You Think You Are Kidding Mr. Hitler ? )

  10. Ray

    Oh! Come on Ian. Don’t be so grumpy. Two young people…. Deeply in love… Accident of birth…. Royal Wedding mug…. Envy of the world. You know what really pisses me off about all this? Not the wedding. I couldn’t give a fuck about it, but the fact that millions of people will fall for it all. Be discussing “is she right for him” etc. and it will go on for MONTHS.

  11. Mrs Thatcher

    I thoroughly object to the feckless unemployed being allowed to breed like this at the taxpayers’ expense.

  12. scherben

    Luckily our ever critical media are on the ball about this…

  13. alex

    Another parasite jamboree for the inbred offspring of rapists and butchers to salivate over!O’h for the day when an RPG scores a direct hit on the Royal balcony-Rich scum!

  14. guy

    Tight bastard gave her a second hand ring.

  15. guy

    Anyone fancy chipping in for a wedding present?
    Was thinking of one of those driving experience days.
    In paris.

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