It’s all out again tomorrow with the London march again set to go from Trafalgar Square at noon to Parliament Square with a cunning back up plan to prevent history repeating itself the second time as a kettle tragedy.ALL OUT COMRADES. I have to say that the  organisation THE NATIONAL CAMPAIGN AGAINST FEES AND CUTS  has  not put a foot wrong during this campaign and has been absolutely fundamental to it’s momentum which has never flagged.Well done to all involved. Because I can’t improve on their work below is the latest statement from NCAFC announcing two more Days of Action on Dec. 9th and 11th and announcing the intention to STOP PARLIAMENT on the day before christmas when the vote on fees is taken. Couched in the text is an astonishing piece of Maoist self criticism from NUS leader Aaron Porter who has had to stand on a chair with a placard round his neck saying ‘I am a spineless wanker’ (or near enough).


Image Stay Out Of The Kettle Poster

ALL OUT NOVEMBER 30th   DECEMBER 9th   DECEMBER 11TH……………..DECEMBER 15th (provisional)

Press Release 30 November Second Day of Action Against Fees and Cuts

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  1. M

    The only thing that wanker Aaron Porter has realised is that he has lost control and fallen behind the movement, and so now he wants to go and stand at the front again. Watch out for managers of revolt!

    • guy

      I agree. A blatant attempt to jump back on the bandwagon by the slimey fuckwit. Always makes me smile how twats like him think they ‘represent’ the popular feeling & opinion and when they find otherwise they’d do owt to get a bit of status back. This movement is doing fine without his fucking support.
      Leave the kids alone porter and fuck off.

    • Revolution

      Yeah, that Aaron Porter cunt wants to jump back on the bandwagon so he can fucking derail it.

    • Tubeway Army

      Aaron Porter otherwise known as called “controlled opposition”.

  2. cleggy

    Our esteemed leader and future Home Secretary grows a spine.

  3. Christian Evans

    Breaking out of police kettles.
    Footage here of student protesters and their supporters sweeping aside riot police by sheer weight of numbers.

  4. Student

    umm, just wanted to point out that the NCAFC and are the same people, they just moved website.
    oh and it’s

    all the best

  5. alibi

    link not working – its !!

  6. cleggy

    Aaron Porter eat your heart out. This is what having a real spine looks like.

    • guy

      Blimey, got me all fired up again.

      • M

        Who is this guy? Is he a leftist disguised as just another student, or what? Either way, i must say it moved me to listen to his speech.

    • You need reason to be out tomorrow well here you are: I have tears flowing down my face: One of the most powerful and moving reasons you will ever need to be on the streets today tomorrow and next week and next week as Bob Dylan said The Times are a Changing sisters brothers comrades rise up stand and fight:

  7. alibi

    also – isnt NCACF

    NCACF- is unaligned info hub

  8. proletarian

    That kids fucked as soon as the counter fire mob get their greasy hands on him and his mates, oh they already have. Sounded quite a lot like Tony Blair at times…good point about linking up with people in jobs though not just keeping things within the realm of students.

    On Porter etc I have no idea why students are submitting to him and the student bureacracy – they must also break with legalism. He’s shown his true colours like others have said, what was that graffitti? Watch out for bureacrats, watch out for manipulators! The strength of the students (in general) is that they surpassed the union ALREADY. And to go from independent action and relatively autonomous militant action back to union control and the realms of ineffective and safe ‘action’ is not a step back but a giant leap.

    But I don’t suppose Porter actually has much real control or support. I mean who’s he fooling. Although he’s trying to worm is way back in as Dear Leader I don’t suppose the students will fall for it. They’re not idiots and have now experienced their own power and what they can do to a certain extent. Porter is probably getting ‘advice’/being handled by some Labour Party or whoever bourgeois politician/left of capital politico. It’s natural that all the bureacrats and manipulators will now be sounding more left – it’s something to watch for and guard against in all areas. Political principles are more important now (in struggle) than they ever were before on paper comrades.

    Up the revolution, down with the government!

  9. Jacknife

    “they must also break with legalism” – there is a reason why right-wing “union leaders” always run to the courts at the first opportunity.

  10. Kraken

    There’s already a call for actions on Saturday 4th, to involve those who can’t manage the weekday demos, under the slogan ‘Why should students have all the fun?’ (see the Workers and Students Movement United Day of Action Facebook group). This call went out hours before the NCAFC’s call for Sunday 5th. Since then the NCAFC have delayed that call out to the 9th and then again to the 11th – don’t know why. If it kicks off again on Nov 30th I would’ve thought the 4th needs to be aimed for to keep the momentum going…

  11. Lewisham PROTEST watch learn this is how we fight back

    Riot police were called to south London after protesters tried to force their way into a town hall.

    The Metropolitan Police said initially there was a small rally outside the building in Lewisham at about 1900 GMT, but it swelled to about 100 people.

    Some of the protesters managed to enter the building and officers in riot gear were sent to disperse them.

    So protesters against cuts have stormed the council meeting in Lewisham and are fighting riot police way forward then?

    Fucking come on bring it on I know we are no where near a revolution agreed but fuck you can not but be inspired that each day each week there is more news of people fighting back: Word has from the Front line in Lewisham this is a full scale riot:

    Around 400 people rallied outside Lewisham town hall this evening against plans by the Labour run council to make £60 million cuts.

    The protest, organised by Lewisham Anti-Cuts Alliance, was boosted by a large feeder march of university students from Goldsmiths College.

    After a rally many people rushed into the town hall to voice opposition to the cuts. Around 100 protesters managed to get in.

    Police then attacked the protesters with dogs, riot shields and truncheons.

    It is understood several arrests were made. Police said the incident was now over.

    Nearby streets, including the A205 South Circular Road, were cordoned off for about an hour on Monday evening, but have now reopened.

  12. Fuckin hell!!!!

    Is it me or have the police just effectively declared war on children??!!! In tonight’s (Monday) Guardian online:

    ‘But the head of the Metropolitan police’s public order branch, Commander Bob Broadhurst, warned: “Schoolchildren have as much right as anyone else to protest, but young people are more vulnerable and likely to be injured if violence breaks out.

    “We would ask parents to talk to their children and make sure they’re aware of the potential dangers, as there is only so much police officers can do once they are in a crowd of thousands.”‘

  13. Hydra

    Not for the first time, Lewisham shows the way. Spreading the anti-cuts action locally, simultaneously – bookending national actions with local actions – keeping it rolling keeping it spreading – staying ahead of the game – keeping the state on the back foot – keeping them guessing.

  14. skeptic

    If you listen to what Aaron Porter actually says it’s all very carefully couched and qualified and not an apology at all. He doesn’t mention Millbank, just says that ‘perhaps’ NUS has been too cautious in supporting occupations, apologises for ‘dithering for a few days’ but not at all for condemning the brave and inspiring Millbank actions. And notice the ‘non-violent’ caveat, this from someone who probably thinks smashing windows is ‘violence’.

    He shouldn’t have been given such a respectful platform by the UCL occupiers. He should have been heckled, pied, and run out of there!

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