The absolute rejection of marching A-B and being saddled with speeches from Tony Benn, John McDonell and all- so beloved of STWC- has made for spontaneity and the ability for students to think on their feet and outwit the cops. Both the last two London demos have ben marked by a quick getaway at the start well before the ‘official’  launch time. The other absolutely key factor has been the COMPLETE ABSENCE OF FUCKING STEWARDS. You know the ones beloved of SWP wearing orange bibs and holding hands or a rope policing the boundaries of the march. They are the school prefects, the future PR types with their bossy clipboards. What purpose do they serve? Are they preventing a police attack, making sure we don’t get lost? No they are not there to keep people out but to keep people in – to prevent any acts of spontaneity, to ensure that the boredom of the officially proscribed march is adhered to,to point out trouble makers to Chief Steward – to ensure the passivity of the participants. The student revolt has been as blissfully free of them as they are  from all attempts to saddle the new movement with the old ideologies.But it will come -like the first swallow of spring the first orange bibs will be sighted enforcing ‘the agreed route’ convincing themselves its for our own good. It won’t be. The return of the orange bibs will mark the end of the radical phase of the struggle, the re-imposition of ‘the old ways’ of A-B marches, the Leftists will have caught up with the students, they’ll know there status in struggle again. This is not inevitable comrades. RESIST THE ORANGE BIBS – WARN OTHERS AS YOU WOULD WARN OF A KETTLE – FORWARD EVER – BACKWARD NEVER.


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  1. Lets get some orane bibs… i’ve got a plan..

  2. cosmodaddy

    Nicely put. I’ve been getting increasingly livid at the management (a different point I know, but the issue’s the same) of the Pride march in London each summer. Quite monstrous. I’m really proud of how things went yesterday.

  3. Bristol Class War

    It’s the best way to do it. We had a great day on our (as Chief Inspector Mark Jackson puts it) leaderless protest.

  4. Anonymous

    I think some de-bibbing may be called for.

  5. Andy Meinke

    I agree but.. Legal Observers handing out Bustcards and monitoring pig misbehaviour also wear orange bibs. So please don’t mistake us for stewards just because of our bib colour. Meanwhile we’re thinking of going pink to avoid confusion.

  6. Geoff

    Fucking right. Seems like all our animal rights marches are policed by the orange bibs now.
    A sit down protest on the recent national anti-fur march in London was quickly snuffed out by the organisers on the grounds that it would upset the agreed schedule of the march! what happened to the animal liberation movement?!

  7. alibi

    fees vote 9/12/10

  8. Dora Kaplan

    Absolutely right. And the filth have said as much. According to the Daily Mail Somerset and Avon Chief Inspector, Mark Jackson, has called for “someone from the student body to come forward to better coordinate the ‘leaderless protest.” And he’s expressed the fear that “there is an element of people who are there for alternative motives who have had a greater influence over the protest today, which has caused more disruption and has detracted more from the cause of genuine students.” The fuzz are complaining at the absence of their ‘social partners’ in the NUS and Trade Union movement.

  9. leeds uni has stewards and swp 😦

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