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  1. From the slums of London…

    …to the doors of the rich!!! πŸ˜‰

  2. banana yes

    I’ve spent all afternoon working out how to download that clip from the BBC – eventually doing it using Stream Transport – and now you or someone has posted it to YouTube, making it easily downloadable using KeepVid!! But some comments…

    Agreed, the influx of comrades from the slums of London to help the students fight the police should warm the cockles of our hearts. We could be seeing something very significant here indeed – something that sadly was absent in 1968 in Britain (and Germany) although not in many other countries.

    A lot of these students have got a lot of sense, and it’s great to see them learning about the poll tax riot of 1990 and the struggles of 1968 and using what they know… Damn fine historical references for them to use…

    The way I look at it is this… WHY has ‘higher education’ expanded so hugely in the past 20 years? Only partly is it because otherwise unemployment would have been a million or so higher. The main reason is DEBT. The bosses get people into debt as soon as they’re able to sign contracts, i.e. when they’re 18, and they keep them in debt until they’re looking forward to retirement. This and massive mortgage debt puts Britain apart from all the countries on the continent. It was the banks who were behind the expansion of higher education, just as they were behind the sale of council houses. The British economy is based around the City of London.

    Now, in addition to pocketing billions in ‘bailout’ money since Lazards went bust, the banks are also trying to get hold of even bigger assets by getting working class people into even worse debt than they’re in already…

    Most people in Britain are much stupider than they are abroad. Sorry to have to say this. But there is still massive caste deference here, and most people can’t get their heads round the fact that ‘sir’ is a fucking corrupt shit of a money-grabbing lying cunt. You don’t have to tell people that in Italy or Germany or France or Spain or Latin America or Australia or Poland or Russia or even the United States, because they already know it. This relates directly to the predominant role of finance capital in Britain.

    One ironic sign of how UNeducated people are in Britain is the widespread acceptance of the idea that a debt, a mortgage etc. an asset, in the sense of something the bank GIVES you. One minute’s clear thought is enough to show that a debt isn’t any kind of asset at all, for the debtor – it’s only a liability. In this depression which can only get worse, getting further into debt is the last thing people should want. So is the tide turning? Maybe it is…

    Another point is that maybe it’s payback time for the bosses in relation to their decision to encourage millions of working class people to go to university… Because there is a FUCK sight more resistance to the tuition fee hike than there ever was to the introduction of tuition fees, or the abolition of the mandatory maintenance grant, or the abolition of student housing benefit. (It was hilarious to see Aaron Porter of the NUS exposed as urging the government to slash what remains of grants to poorer students, rather than raise tuition fees. Let’s recall that the NUS scum supported the abolition of mandatory grants 20 years ago). Why is there more resistance now? Is there maybe a bit of proletarian common sense rearing its head among students, probably in many cases eagerly encouraged by their parents who didn’t go to university and who remember a time when things weren’t QUITE so shitty as they are now? I’d like to think so…


  3. Ned

    The London Mob is back!

  4. Solid as a Rock

    “Let’s recall that the NUS scum supported the abolition of mandatory grants 20 years ago” – yes indeed – NUS scum headed by that MI5 cunt Jim Murphy who went on to become an MP and subsequently Scottish Secretary – what a piece of fucking shit that cunt is!

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  6. banana

    Just to gloss what I said about the link between deference in Britain and the predominance of finance capital. Back in the 1920s when presenters on the BBC spoke with cut-glass accents (as most did up until the 1960s), there wasn’t such mass debt for the lower orders, sold as being the best thing that’s ever happened to you. But nowadays – starting in the 1970s and growing ever since – one of the main way that people are got into debt is that they are CONNED into it… Not necessarily by anyone talking posh, maybe just by some brylcreem-boy at the bank or in an electrical shop, or an estate agent or person behind a desk in a carpet shop, or whatever. Make it easier for you sir. 10% off for paying by credit. Most people don’t have a clue when payments are coming out of their bank accounts. In working class areas, stand in a queue in any bank and you’ll hear loads of people just getting shat on, after being bullshitted into thinking money would come in on Thursday but actually it didn’t come in until the following Tuesday, so that put them into the red, you see, and that’s just how the computer system works, nothing’s guaranteed, blah blah.

    It never fails to disgust me how much deference there is still towards medics too…

    Also consider this. Whenever some fucker wants to talk down to you in Britain, they always do it so as to imply you’re a moron, and often one heards a tone in their voice which is exactly the same as the one used by school-teachers. “You need to understand”, etc. Or words spoken really slowly. Or “there’s a reason for that” (an idiot petty bureaucrat’s cop-out if ever there was one). And, of course, the hugely frequent repetition of the word “OBVIOUSLY”, which is usually nothing but an insult.

    That says a lot about the flavour of Britain. It of course relates to the history of empire and the massive caste-based administration that was used… But I wouldn’t be the first person to point out that they run Britain as if it were the British Empire. Remains true, though! πŸ™‚ Middle class culture is based on two ideas: 1) the poor SMELL, and 2) the poor FUCK LIKE RABBITS. White-collar staff love to play the role of minor little imperial administrators, with the wog masses (aka the working class) outside.

    But in the last 20 years, that vile school-teacher tone has been coloured very much by conman creditor’s talk… “Despite your assurances…” Even fucking utility companies now talk about your “payment plan”. One recently tried to get me to pay for water 6 months in advance, and when I told them to fuck off and that I’d only pay monthly, they sent me a letter of which practically every sentence was dripping with the sort of contempt you’d associate with creditor scum speaking to their debtors, as if not handing them 6 months’ money in advance meant I had no alternative and was probably down to my last farthing at the end of each week (which happily is not quite yet true!)

    The idea that white-collar staff have as much potential as blue-collar workers and the unemployed in this present epoch of wising up and getting some class consciousness, and generally giving it some, is a load of rubbish, whatever we might like to believe. Many or most of them don’t know whether they’re a worker or a petty bureaucrat…

    The Stanford Prison Experiment says a fucking lot about what this society is like…

    To be radical, you have to look at indoctrination, at false consciousness. Middle class ‘revolutionaries’ can’t do that. Why? Because their OWN anti-working-class prejudices would be laid bare!!

    Working class fighters don’t look at it enough. Why? Well maybe partly because it makes us fucking depressed! But also because, when it comes down to it, the gullibility and stupidity there is in our own class is less unattractive than the fuckwitted “shit on other people” cuntiness of the higher-ups (including low-level bureaucrats). I hold no brief for lumpen elements who rob working class people (such elements aren’t really in the working class), but it has to be said that most working class people are MORALLY SUPERIOR to most of the people above us. But that shouldn’t stop us trying to understand gullibility and stupidity and deference.

    Most ultra-lefties and anarchists I’ve met haven’t got a clue how propaganda works to dull people’s minds. For fuck’s sake, read Edward Bernays before it’s to late!

    Just to take one recent example of mind control: the term “credit crunch”. You may think that the banks have hugely increased the amount of debt that working class people suffer from, that every time you walk down a high street, you’re bombarded with encouragement to spend like there’s no tomorrow, and the banks will lend you money to “help” you. And if that’s not a social problem, what is? But oh no. The problem is supposed to be that there’s a “credit crunch”. This technical term about banks being afraid to lend each other, that middle class people (including “revolutionary politicos”) are “expert” on, now they’ve read it in the newspapers, has a clear social function which very few understand. This is to convey the message that the real social problem isn’t that people are in so much debt, but that they can’t get new loans so easily!! Amazing!!! How fucking stupid can you get?

    The truth is that there is a huge push to get people into even more debt, just befor the cows really do come home and there’s a depression the likes of which has never been seen before. In Britain this may well lead all the way to famine, within 5-10 years. Remember that fuck-all is produced here any more. “Knowledge economy”, my arse. There’s massive over-employment. Why? To get people into debt. You can get workers into far bigger debt than you can the unemployed. That’s why there are so many jobs that don’t involve anyone producing any surplus value whatsoever. But soon the cows are going to come home.

    End of rant…


  7. banana

    One more rant… “Sir’s” culture in Britain is based on keeping people out even more so than in the countries on the continent… Pretty much anyone who sets something up, their main concern is keeping “the public” out. When there are roadworks in Britain, you can’t just walk across them if that’s the quickest way to get where you want to go. You’ll be given absolutely foul looks, told you can’t do that, looked at as if you’re a mental retard or a dangerous trouble-maker. That isn’t so in say Sweden or Finland, where the barriers around roadworks are mainly so that the workmen can keep their stuff in a defined area and people passing by don’t get shit falling on their heads, or don’t fall down holes. If you walk between some barriers to get to the other side of the road, without stepping over a load of stuff, the assumption is that you’re adult enough to know what you’re doing. The assumption in Britain is the opposite… Individual ability to think for yourself is viewed as trouble-making, as a social disease, and I bet you don’t have a telly either, maybe you’re a child molestor or something.

    (PLEASE don’t take this as a defence of social conditions in Sweden, where indoctrination into “the Swedish way”, where everything is “lagom”, is enormously prevalent and the country is like fucking zombie-ville. But indoctrination takes different flavours in different places, and seeing how it’s different somewhere else can help someone craft a handle on what it’s like in their own place of abode).


  8. Here’s an anthem for slum kids everywhere…

  9. riot dog

    check out from 1mins 30 into this… glasgow

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