Mayhem ... riot blaze lights up Parliament Square
While a good half of the march was undergraduates from the most militant college occupations – UCL, SOAS, Leeds, Sussex – the really stunning phenomenon, politically, was the presence of youth: bainlieue-style youth from Croydon, Peckam, the council estates of Islington.

Theres a great clip showing on tv of a group of masked black youths being interviewed…’We come from the slums of London….’ it begins. What has come from the month of protests is the emergence of class consciousness amongst teenagers.It is fucking phenomenol. the rich are targets whether its the Bullingdon Club, the Royals or Sir Philip Green. Yesterday was reminiscent of both the poll Tax Riot and the Gordon riots as a rich hating mob stormed through the streets.The stewards never had any control, the kids acted spontaneosly and everyone rioting was quoting the Poll TaxRiot as the tempate for actionNOT the useless anti-war marches. The candelight vigil and the queue of Labour MPs waiting to address us were binned as ‘not wanted on voyage’.The kids came with small groups of mates and hunour, inventiveness, tenacity and ferocity. The morning after as the witch hunt begins is not the time to keep our heads down but to up the ante, keep the momentum going and organise the next round of street actions. If the left now bottles it and fails to sustain momentum then its down to the anarchists to organise the next one.Organise and celebrate yesterday comrades…but theres more coming the way of the fucking rich…..much more.’WE COME FROM THE SLUMS OF LONDON’

******Good combative press conference from ULU students union and COR – unaplogetic and planning further big marches and days of action for January. They have well learned the lessons of Sheridan after the Poll Tax riot and attacked the coppers and will keep momentum going. Fair Play – optimism that we really can bring down the Tory scum.



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  1. I saw them being interviewed and they really stood out from a lot of the protesters. Angry, so angry. Not just the fees but the withdrawal of EMA was getting their goat. Probably thinking about the slashing of benefits as well. I think something’s just been woken up that the government would rather have left asleep.

  2. Punky Dad

    Whatever they vote for, the kids are ungovernable!

  3. Dora Kaplan

    Fucking wonderful. The paper sellers and droning lefties have been rendered irrelevant, and Camilla’s shocked little face will soon be appearing in Viz magazine’s ‘up the arse corner.
    It doesn’t get better than that.

  4. Christian Evans

    The slums of London interview was the best best of impromptu agitating I have ever seen. Fucking ace.

  5. Ian, yes totally. What we are seeing is finally the arrival of tens of thousands of people who are willing to act together for themselves independently of institutions and the student union which is now virtually irrelevant. Congratulations to you too Ian, you were spotted in the thick of things as usual, and the rest of the ‘radicals’ were noticeable by their absence.

    The NUS leader was whining on TV yesterday, recycling the same stale crap that previous student leaders have done on a way to a safe career in the labour party. It wasn’t good enough then and it has no relevance today when people can see the political lying class, and the people who attempt to make student protest irrelevant by turning it into stale old fashioned Labour party views.

    Incidentally, that is one reason why the Labour party is dying, they have no answer beyond managerial bureaucracy and the elective cretinism of parliament. Rather the power is on the streets.

    That is not to say that there is not more work we need to do. In the North East Newcastle was good yesterday, Sunderland had its first progressive march for 10 years too, and I’m not sure about Durham. everybody is tootally motivated by what the students are doing in the new occupation movement and beyond. Power to the people:)

  6. Old Fart


    Great video. In the later part it really shows the kids seriously fighting back against the cops. Brave and amazing! Great quote from kids attacking some Government building when other protesters are going ‘why are you getting angry?’, they reply ‘we are here to be angry!’. Top stuff everyone.

  7. Fantastic press conference with the ULU lot. Well done indeed!

    Now where the fuck are the Unions?

  8. Kelly

    Good to know that they aren’t trying to pretend this one was hijacked by a small minority this time.. Cameron sayin “There were quite a number of people who clearly were there wanting to pursue violence and destroy property” (hurrah!!!) and cheif pig who said a “significant number” of protesters behaved “reprehensibly”. Maybe they’re getting the message…

  9. magnus magnesium

    a truly shocking experience for all concerned…more please!

  10. ripoffmerchant

    Well-written and observed. I am brushing off the cobwebs of disillusion that have gathered around me after leaving the anarchist movement.
    Yesterday was a revelation- my heart soars like a hawk. Never will I complacently presume that the mtv type media , that culturally saturates every breathing second of this generation, can ever pacify these kids into false slumber of passive celebrity aspirations , materialism & blindness.
    It is a revelation to witness how politicised and radicalized they’ve become. Those Asian kids representing us ‘slum’ communities have done a service to ghetto consciousness..Mainstream polticking does not work, is never viable for people like us because the game is rigged.Thank God this generation has woken up to remind all us compromising lefty fogies that it ain’t over yet. I dare to hope again..charles and camilla? I can’t wait for the festivities at the royal wedding may day! solidarnoc!

  11. Liam

    Amazing to watch and an inspiration to all of us. Just shows that the dead end of marching from an agreed A to B route to listen to a load of boring sellout merchants might be on the way out.

    We have to push the point that this type of direct action is the only type of protest worth having and the only type that can force change. If only the crowds could have broken police lines and got into the Palace of Westminster.

    Discussions on how the break the police kettles need to be had and people prepared for the next battle. At the end of the day the police are always out numbered by protesters. The reason the can successfully kettle is that they are better organised and more prepared to use violence on a wide scale to intimidate and control the crowd. A strategy is needed to enable the most combative sections of the crowd to break the police lines. Smoke bombs, paint bombs, flares, bricks and bottles all aimed at the weakest section of the kettle to disorientate the police before a concerted push forward with shields would be a start.

  12. jasper

    those kids in the interview saying ‘WE COME FROM THE SLUMS OF LONDON’ are from my college, angry bunch on the streets, shouting abuse at the various expensive sports-cars and clean suited drivers we passed on our way to Trafalgar Square

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  14. james walsh

    I feel were doing kids a disservice if we don’t point out that universities are bastard institutions usually run my complete cunts and most of the senior staff are shit bags and middle class tossers to boot.

  15. authority smashing hour

    great stuff, gonna post on our anarchist radio facebook page: http://www.facebook.com/ronnywhyte#!/AuthoritySmashers

    keep up the good work!

  16. X

    This may help also we live in a modern world so let’s fully use it…. What we need is a combined cyber and street attack wipe out the press the local phone network police radio ect then move in well their blind !! THE PRESS will come after when we have made our point!!

  17. X

    To take out radios get hold of one tape down the speak button and hide it … Now it’s a hot mic and will be transmuting so move away but the bill can’t use that network so gets you time to move in!! They work the same as a phone with pre set numbers and I think they run on o2 so block their signal to if poss

  18. Somecunt

    Fuck me! Anarchists “protesting” about cuts being made to the size of the state! Who’d’ve fucking thought it eh?

    We come from the slums of London!

    • Rasta

      Thing is, somecunt, they are not protesting about cuts being made to, say, the armed forces or the police. They are protesting about cuts being made to social programmes that were only established in the first place in response to peoples’ agitation and/or to stave off the threat of revolution by throwing the hungry belly people a couple of crumbs. Those social programmes (NHS, dole etc. etc.) are far from perfect – I believe an educated and empowered populace could collectively come up with much better – but they are the best we have at the moment and they were all established because of pressure from below, not because of generosity from above. Ultimately we want not only the whole loaf of bread, but the whole wheatfield, to manage collectively for ordinary people’s benefit, but we ain’t got that yet and while people are hungry, fighting to keep the few little crumbs that we have fought for in the past is at least a step in the right direction.

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