Watching Tony Blair give evidence to Chilcott enquiry. He came out with this statement. ‘People think of WDM as concrete things like tanks or rockets but they can be in peoples minds – in the intellectual capability of scientists to develop them’. So there were WDM after all then and Blair was right.They were just in peoples heads not existing in findable form. Incredible no one picked him up on it.



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  1. Guy

    That’s one fucking clever scientist who can progress from the imaginary concept stage to the destruction of the world stage within 45 minutes of Saddam giving the order. Good job we killed them all.

  2. hypd

    Those tanks and rockets made from concrete sound like fun though.

  3. Blair is a slimy bastard – a lying Murderous Cunt.

  4. scherben

    Isn’t that the type of delusional thinking that would get you sectioned usually?

    Or maybe he’s watched Scanners?

  5. yes

    What he probably means is it’ll be great to kidnap all the Iranian scientists, and their families, and lock them up somewhere, because of the potential that’s in their minds.

    That’s what they were thinking of doing to the scientific community in Iraq in 2003. Here’s an article from 2003 about it. They even knew which hotel they were going to use.

    Blair comes across as trying very hard – and I mean EXTREMELY hard – to please his masters. Older readers will remember that he did the front-of-stage stuff promoting the invasion of Iraq, on the false basis that Iraq had “weapons of mass destruction” able to be launched within 45 minutes. That didn’t mean ideas in people’s heads. It meant nuclear weapons or biological or chemical weapons able to kill just as many people. After all, if it did mean ideas in people’s heads, what defence would he have against the charge of being a war criminal? Absolutely none whatsoever/ God, I hope I live long enough to see this cunt in the dock at Hague in a war crimes trial.

  6. yes

    I forgot to mention: the hotel that they were going to use to lock the Iraqi scientists and their families in, in 2003, was in CYPRUS.

  7. martin

    Just his pseudo american bullshit makes me think he actually believes the shit that dribbles from his mouth is actually real. He was so desperate to be part of the Bush’s christian crusade he would have bombed Ben and Jerrys if he thought it would have scored him points with Bush and his side kick Lon chaney or is it Dick!!!!!!

  8. Greg

    His whole’Journey’ has been on the back of an incredible act. Articulate tricks learned at Law School, like most in Parliament.

    The childkillers latest testimony (I had to turn it off), – a combination of strategic ”I’m misunderstood” pauses, and pathetic justifications, from an effete, weak conman, only interested in making money for him and his horrible family.

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