DSG Official Guidance for TUC “March For The Alternative” Demonstration, March 26th 2011


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  1. Dora Kaplan

    March in circle, chant a slogan, vote Labour….er…that’s it.

  2. sit git

    the correct/incorrect cliff richard/rat pamphlet somehow springs to mind….oh! crappy days

  3. Ashe

    Now’s the time to start planning for what to do immediately after 26 March – previous experience suggests that all these set-piece demos leave people feeling disillusioned and powerless when they fail to make any impact – and the only turning point they mark is a decline in resistance.

  4. sit git

    I stand corrected, it was a wolf. My pet rat(sorely missed) was called Cliff.


    If the TUC don’t pull their collective ideological finger out, and actually call some strikes that have a real impact, they will be shown for the cowed collaborators they are, and shed members like dandruff…They are now caught in a damned if you do, damned if you don’t situation, what with rumblings on the right about more anti-strike legislation and a mooted ‘abolition’ of collective bargaining in the public sector by the Institute of Directors (is it any of their fucking business, you may ask…). As the Greatest Depression drags on, and the dole queues stretch to over 4 million I can’t see the moribund trades union movement being willing to have a major confrontation with the state over the cuts or new laws, bolted as they are to a Labour victory 5 years from now… Massive trouble on the 26th might change the playing field a bit, but by the look of it, the TUC are gearing up to do the Tories Stormtroopers job for them…Roll on a long hot summer in the cities- unmediated, extralegal working class spleen coming to a town near you…

  6. Hannah kay

    They’d love this wouldn’t they? A cheering obediant army listening to the windbags who love the sound of thier own voice

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