Thus asks Andy Newman on his Socialist Unity site.It’s not really a question ‘cos he knows the answer. His excuse for running the piece is the egging of Brendan Barber at Goldsmiths last night.Thus he elides a trivial incident with an egg on a union bureaucrat to portray anarchists as enemies of organised labour movement. Cunning Fox that he is.This has given Newman –  a supporter of Ed Balls, Galloway,Livingstone,Cruddas,Searchlight, Abbott,Sheridan  etc etc – an excuse to re-run his hoary old stalinist anti-anarchist lies. The egging is compared to Class war’s assault on Neil Kinnock in Hyde Park in 1983.Good. In the build up to March 26th we can expect much more of the same from the Left as they see their tired old formulaic A-B marches and Vote Labour aims discredited.A clear attempt to frighten the punters on the march from taking any action promoted by these ‘enemies’. It might have worked in the past Andy – Spain 1936 – but this time the horse has bolted with a red and black flag on it’s head and thousands of punters failing to accede to Brendan’s pleas to GO HOME at 5pm from Hyde Park. You’ve been rumbled Andy – I’d check the flights to caracas if i were you.



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  1. historian

    heh, looks like their website is fucked at the moment anyway

  2. Anon

    Ha ha! The site has suddenly gone dooooowwwwnnnnnnnnnnn!
    Must be those Kronstadt bastards again.

  3. the comments are racing into meltdown as all the bile of the stalinotrots against anarchists comes pouring out. Swappies and counterfirers, respecters and labourists all finding at last a point to unite over- hatred of Anarchism!
    Long I have argued against the old lie that somehow despite our differences we are on the same side, taking different paths to the same essential promised land, that leninists are comrades too, if misguided.
    They are not. They are our implacable enemies, who whenever they gain even the slightest taste of power turn their guns immediately upon those who refuse to put the struggle for liberty and human dignity under the iron grip of their party dictatorship.

    • Peter Good

      Excellent post Darren

      • thebristolblogger

        What Darren said ….

        I’ve recently been arm-twisted by comrades into working with Trots, trade unionists and secretive Labour Party members within unions in the name of “unity”. I knew it would be bollocks and it is.

        Meeting actions don’t happen – if they involve anarchos – because it’s “undemocratic”. Agreed rank and file union meetings are cancelled without explanation by union bureaucrats posing as being “on your side”.

        Everything is run by Trots and nothing happens. Except that is, the best speaker available at our recent march in Bristol was Patrick McInnally, whose dad is John McInally of the PCS – who also happens to be chair of the local anti-cuts alliance!

        This is blatant fucking nepotism of the kind we slam in the boss class. why’s it alright on the left? Fuck ’em – they’re bosses and cops and not to be trusted.

  4. It was only an egg… FFS!

  5. Samuel E K


    National Shop Stewards Network?

  6. James walsh

    Not sure I’m an anarchist but I know an I’m an enemy of the labour party and proud of it. If CW attacked Neil Kinnock I’m proud of that as well. I’m with the miners , the fucker should hang.

    The labour party and any union lick spittles are enemies of socialism and any independent working class.

    Any ‘British Road to Socialism’- is going to be right over the corpse of such bastards.

    The labour party did next to nothing for the working class- there only defence is to claim not to be as bad as the tories. The labour party are the party of middle class professional busy bodies and status quo arseholes (ie most of the union tops). Fuck the labour party.

  7. James walsh

    ps- calling for a general strike- it’s a bit WRP and shit and not in the real world.

  8. there is a telling comment from Newman, having denounced us as enemies of the Labour movement in true stalinist hack style he informs his loyal readers how to apply to become stewards for the 26th march.
    alongside the pigs the trots willbe rehearsing their dream role as stasi.
    fuck the lot of them

  9. 27past1984

    i’ve always said that the left/far left are the uriah heap of politics.

    be ever so humble , we care for you all , we have your best interests at heart ; until they’ve got you where they want you……….!!!

  10. Gadaffifucked

    ….the Queen, the Himalayas, Venezuala, Brian Boru, Abiezer Coppe….YOU are all to blame!…wot is this shit you hallucinogenic kiddies?….stay 41…ummm.. I’ve been around for 42( and counting)…Hellmans Mayonaisse…man with ten gold sovs…boom boom out go the lights!!!!!


    Well, it is the ‘real world’ in France, Greece, Spain -for what they’re worth -But also Egypt, Tunisia…The WRP don’t have an ideological monopoly over the general consensus for some strike action do they?

  12. Dora Kaplan

    In the interests of cooperation with our Leninist comrades can we organize a quick whip round to pay for a mass transit of Trots and tankies to Gadaffi’s bunker? A one way ticket should be all they need.

  13. Turpin

    If being against the stagnant leadership of the organised Labour movement and the whole idea of narrow trade unionism of the left them I’m fucking guilty as charged !

    as the song goes:-
    “You saw what happened to the miners,
    you saw them smashed against the thin blue line,
    and there was no way they could win lead by union bureaucrats to busy saving their own skins
    aint that always the way

    all of our so called leaders
    their just two double dealers
    aint that always the way

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