This really is a disgraceful post from Andy Newman on his Socialist Unity site: Almost an exact replica of the Searchlight smear on Class War in the 1980s.

“Tommy Robinson has offered to help the police to smash the left off the streets”

I suppose that might involve such things as heckling and disrupting trade union meetings, throwing eggs at TUC leaders, etc.

Comment by Andy Newman — 24 February, 2011 @ 11:02 am

Imagine if we anarchists were to use this quote from today’s socialist newsspaper The NewsLine to attack all trots:

‘We urge the Libyan masses and youth to take their stand alongside Colonel Gadaffi to defend the gains of the Libyan revolution, and to develop it.

This can only be done by the defeat of the current rebellion’



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  1. rab c nesbitt

    are these people mentally ill……or wot.armed love rab.

  2. Danni

    I appreciate i’m a Trot, so probably Public Enemy No 1 (especially at the moment) but I fucking hate Andy Newman and his shit blog. Whatever these ‘comrades’ think of Brendan Barber being egged, it’s impossible to deny that he deserves it, the treacherous bastard.
    At a Coventry Against the Cuts rally, the Labour council leader was speaking, and had the cheek to deny that he had made any cuts- he was heckled by the crowd, including Labour members, and one trade unionist – not a Trot – stormed the platform, grabbed his microphone and gave him a piece of her mind. Some of us went to the pub later and I’ve never seen so many people coming over to buy her a drink. Except the SWP, who didn’t even mention the incident in Socialist Worker, preferring to work with Labour cutters uncritically.
    Over the coming period, the hostility towards Labour reformists and limp trade union bureaucrats is going to grow, and we’ll see a lot more of this stuff. Good!

  3. Voice from the back

    The reference to the WRP’s newsline was intriguing. I couldn’t believe that this tiny Trot grouplet are really supporting Gaddafi until I remembered that the old WRP of Gerry Healy received substantial funding from Libya. Could it be that some things never change? The website seems to portray a bigger organization than the WRP really is. Gaddafi has been duped I fear. My personal opinion is that libertarian socialists and anarchists can work with the “left” (what does that mean anyway?) but clearly some groups are beyond the pale. The WRP of old and new are amongst the lowest of the low.

  4. Al

    he he! If the trots are calling us fascists now, I wonder what they will say about us after march 26th! Anyhow I guess they’re pissed of Uncle Ghedafi isn’t financing them anymore

  5. Andy Newman is a Cunt

    lol at that Tommy fucking Sheridan loving Andy fucking Newman. Anyone who dares criticise the sad cunt on his sad blog is automatically branded a “right-wing” troll. lol

  6. Gitane

    In the late sixties hitchhiking south through Morrocco I got a serious case of the trots. An old moor lady gave me little balls of kif mixed with charcoal from her fire. I was spaced out for a bit but woke up the next day trotless. Never had a recurrence; so there is a cure.

  7. Dora Kaplan

    Another Stalinist hatch – it job. I suspect Newman will be attending this years ‘Tolpuddle Martyrs’ TUC non-event. I suspect those desperate, hard-boiled, Anarchist Eggstremists scrambling to engage in a frank exchange of views with the Commissar/Witch finder General will shell out the cash to attend and really lay it on. I think it could all be ova for Newman. Though never count ya chickens……

  8. Ray

    Dead right Gitane. It was well known in the 60’s that getting really stoned was a sure fire cure for the trots, both varieties.

  9. Gadaffifucked

    You cannot make an omelet without breaking eggs, well said hen! As hard boiled poachers cast off the yolk of oppression, the huevos rancheros of the coop, unbounded cockiness, an and to latterday vic feathers…..chickenshit

  10. As a ‘Trot’ I’d like to say that I – and my comrades if they stop to think about it – have far more common ground with anarchists in the anti-cuts movement than Labour hypocrites or unreconstructed Stalinists.

    I’ve tried to say something along these lines on my own blog:

    In genuine solidarity

  11. Antother 'trot'

    Andy Newman is not even remotely a ‘Trotskyist’.

    Regarding the WRP, how many members do they have these days? I’ve never met one at any meeting or protest. They represent ‘Trotskyism’ about as much as you do.

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