Civil disobedience: Demonstrators throw a road sign at a window of the Ritz Hotel


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  1. falilv1971

    Hey Ian, long time follower here who met you at the Rioters Reunited meeting last year in Trafalgar (guy with the mohawk).
    Anyway, can’t believe that smug bastard Milliband addressed the crowds in Hyde Park. How could he even think that was a good idea? Fucking idiot. People need to realise our Political system isn’t a fucking theatre-act with goodies and baddies. They’re all the bad guys! Organise, rise and expose their lies! Someone should have taken a slingshot to him.


    All in all, a grand day out…

  3. Ray

    A jolly nice day in town I thought. Of course by the time it all kicked off in Trafalgar Square I was tucked up in bed with cocoa and Radio 4 – quite right too.

  4. Dora Kaplan

    A ‘Bastille’ moment for the Ritz regulars! It must have put a few of them off the old canapes and champers. I haven’t laughed so much since the bombing of the Baltic Exchange.

  5. black bloc grandad

    On the Bash the Rich marches in the 80s we could only dream of doing this …



  7. Jon

    What I don’t understand is why are the anarchists fighting to preserve big government? The protests are all abut preserving big government, and I thought anarchists wanted no government. Have they changed their doctrine from ‘no government’ to ‘the bigger the better’?

    • Dora Kaplan

      Not this old canard, again. Anarchists want to see ‘government’ replaced by genuine democracy. Most anarchists also want to prevent children being forced into slavery, they want people to get a free education, to keep their homes if they’re laid off, to receive free medical care, to have some dignity at work, etc. It’s government that currently provides social welfare and ensures people have some of these rights. So anarchists ‘support’ big government when it’s extending social rights and enforcing laws that limit corporate power.
      In the same way, most anarchists would like the wage system to be abolished, and replaced with something that gives people more control over what they produce. But we support attempts to improve wages and conditions. It’s really not that difficult to understand.

      • Jon

        That’s not my definition of anarchist. That sounds more like communism, socialism, or fascism. Anarchism is the extreme form of libertarianism. I am a libertarian and I support a much smaller government rather than no government. Dora it does not sound like you are an anarchist at all, it sounds like you think anarchism is some sort of big government position. I’m tired of big government controlling our lives, taking away what we’ve worked for and giving it to the bankers, fighting wars with it, paying people to live in life threatening places, and paying them not to work.


    @ Jon- What you fail to understand is that the present manifestation of government is aiming to utterly destroy the concept of society, or rather the idea that health, housing and welfare can, and should be socialised- The gains the working class has made in this country since the second world war, to offset the depredations of the free market, are being targetted for predatory and cannibalistic privatisation. We have no wish to go back to the dark days of the workhouse, dying for want of the price of a bottle of pills, and being reduced to industrial serfdom. Anarchists and anti-authoritarians not only fight to preserve what we have, but also to attack a political economy which requires a welfare state in the first place, which is the root of the problem. Ultimately we want to democratically redistribute all social wealth, to destroy the class society that ensures the material and psychological exploitation and impoverishment of the majority of the people. To build a society founded on humanity not material accumulation, for people’s needs, not the power or profits of a bloated, corrupt, elite.

  9. Hannah Kay

    We got lifted on Saturday on sus laws on our way to the squatt on Curzon Street. Took my phone, my clothes and a load of my kit. They didn’t believe me either when I said that the marbles were for the Oxford Circus tournament (as advertised on Ian Bone’s blog!) 😛 Got bail until June. Keep up the fight


    Bad luck Hannah! Solidarity!

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