I’m interviewed about 1 hour 47 minutes into Steve Nolan show saturday night


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13 responses to “RADIO 5 LIVE INTERVIEW

  1. FruitFace

    Fuck me, you destroyed Steven Nolan!

  2. rab c nesbitt

    never liked taxi drivers.nice one ian.

  3. daggi bodenbelag

    Why do you use electricity, and the internet, and mobile phone, you’re such a hypocrite. Come on, you probably even speak on the radio on a land-line telephone in the middle of the night, to some BBC git with a regional accent who is only there because they need people who think exactly the same as all the rest but hope people won’t notice it because he has some kind of vaguely common voice.

    Hypocrite Ian Bone, that’s what you are.

  4. anonymous_coaward

    I heard it last night – a fantastic interview! It’s not easy to get one over on Steven Nolan, well done Ian.

  5. Dora Kaplan

    Good interview. The government have already made it clear that the TUC were wasting everybody’s time: ‘March will not change cuts plan,’ says Vince Cable today. The financial markets are reassured, the TUC and ‘law abiding’ marchers are made to look like shower of idiots. Rubbing peoples faces into the dirt while reminding them of their own impotence is the government’s new public relations strategy. It’s enough to make you feel sorry for the plod!

  6. daggi bodenbelag

    Not easy? The man is clearly as thick as pigs shite. But you rattled him by calling him “mate”, nice one.

  7. rab c nesbitt

    you have been censored ian. in my internet caff it jumps from.158–201 mins.onthe playback.what can tjis mean?

  8. Danni

    Saturday’s show isn’t online? :S

  9. Anonymous

    Haha, you owned Nolan. Nice one!

    In the heat of the moment the media get away with so many lies and exaggerations – the basically do the METs dirty work.

  10. Benny Rudeboy

    Ross was good but that cunt cut him off the air…fucking pillock.

  11. farmer giles

    Morning my old mucker. I was watching the vegetables at the weekend and so I have taken a few moments to reflect on the goings-on up in town over some bread and honey. As an unaligned agriculturalist, I am only too aware of the nuisance that blackfly can cause, but I am only too aware that attempts to eradicate them are on the whole futile, and that those who refuse to accept this will inevitably suffer further blight: this is not true of cabbies and radio presenters.

    It would appear that a new generation of rapid moving blight is targetting the more opulent eater which is an interesting and welcome development to the smallholder. However, the older generation are a stubborn and persistent nuisance evidenced by your bellicose and boozed onslaught on Nolan ( has he got any sisters?). This is to be warmly welcomed down the Fool & Badder, where the need for a concentrated onslaught of blackfly, of all ages, on their ‘lords and masters’ is unreservedly agreed.

    Good Luck Mate (if I may be so bold!)

  12. TomC

    again Ian “people like you have spoilt it for everyone” 🙂

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