John Loughrey, 56, from Wandsworth camped outside Westminster Abbey on Monday night John Loughrey, 56, from Wandsworth, wore a T-shirt stating “Diana Would Be Proud’
The BBC are describing him at present as a ‘Royalty Superfan’ –  I wonder what they’ll say when the Fixated Threat Assesment Unit  leads him off?  This man is clearly a greater threat to the Royal family than the entire anarchist movement…….and there he is in the front row.
Here’s a bit more on our likeable Royalty Superfan ( cheers Gill):

Yep. Nutjob!

Poor sod – he’ll camp out for three nights then get cleansed before kick-off.


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  1. BBC reporting 60 people banned from central London on the day – mostly those arrested in recent protests.

    Does this mean no royal stalkers are banned from the area -only Anarchists?

  2. Stink Bomb

    As far as I am concerned anyone in the queue to see these gold-plated scroungers taking the piss is a fucking nutter.

  3. Kat

    My grandpa told me never to deign to anyone who drops their knickers/boxers on the toilet pan 🙂

  4. Guy

    What a fucking twat.


    Is it me, or does he look like the character Locke of the TV show ‘Lost’…? Sadfuck.

  6. Dora Kaplan

    I wouldn’t take the piss too much. The poor fucker. Obviously not much love in his life, or anything else of interest. He’s the kind of poor bastard the Met enjoy fitting up when some celebrity numpty buys the farm under violent circumstances, a la Jill Dando and Barry George. I bet he used to be a Bay City Rollers fan.

    • Shang-a-Lang

      It is almost as if this poor bastard is being set-up beforehand as some sort of contingency lone-nut, whacko, loner, fall-guy with a fixation on the Royals and the BBC is complicit in it. I wouldn’t like to be in this poor bastard’s shoes if a stink bomb goes off in the crowd. It would be Bye, Bye Baby… for a long time.

  7. The Voice

    How very sad! But some aspects of this wedding are really pissing me off. For example, why is it that British Embassies abroad are organising parties to celebrate the wedding at a time when people are facing cuts across the board. I’ll be boycotting my local junket although I suppose it would have been a first to be thrown out! I fucking hate the parasites and their lackeys!

  8. Gitane

    Exactly Dora! We should not mock the afflicted but praise them or somesuch. Please lets not confuse eccentrics with the the real nutters in the house of windsor, the aristocracy, the houses of lords and parliament, the swp and so on. For fucks sake mental health issues or what!
    Please lets not confuse those with poor mental health and politics or we’ll end up talking like Nazis. Shut this post for fuck’s sake Ian.

    • moocher dog

      Take your point I’m a lot older then him and just briefly I thought where the fuck has he been all his life but then as you say he’s been used so I take some of it back.
      All the best

  9. anonymous

    What makes me angry is the way it’s another opportunity for them to steal from us while basking in fawning adulation.

    In days gone by, royalty would have at least shown some generosity and bought people off by giving them some cash – – but now we actually have to pay for them to get hitched. Sort of adds insult to injury really.

  10. Robert

    Dear Dora, Don’t be silly. He was’t a fan, he was in the group. Without him Les McKeown harmonies would never have worked. This sort of publicity in the past was normalley reserved for anti monarchist or mad anachist. Of course he might have personal or mental problems himself ( who has’nt) but if this is the media image of the fans of the wedding then bring it on. Maybe he yet has a surprise up his sleeve. Since he seems to want to go down in history. Perhaps its a conspiracy from the pissed off and bored reporters on the BBC who are on our side after all. Are the chosen ones from Syria in London yet?.

  11. anonymous

    Ironic, isn’t it, that the very ass-kissing culture of deference and submission they’ve engendered actually causes as many problems for the elite as resistance…

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