Here’s what the Telegraph is reporting:

Maybe not quite as dramatic as at  first sight.It appears that cops have hastily   arrested six more people  in the last week  identified from photo evidence from March 26th so they can issue them with banning orders from central London. They are using ‘anarchist’ here to mean anyone identified causing trouble on the 26th….all are on bail. Anyone know any of them?  More such arrests can be expected soon.


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  1. Geoff

    Hmmm, is it safe to even leave a comment on here. shit – too late.

  2. Dora Kaplan

    Two quotes from the BBC’s News website:

    1. The Royal Wedding:
    “Ken Wharfe, former royal protection officer to Diana, Princess of Wales and Princes William and Harry, said the police were well prepared….The great thing about Scotland Yard is it has this fantastic expertise in dealing with ceremonial events – as distinct from demonstrations we’ve seen recently…So given all that expertise and given almost this bottomless pot of cash that David Cameron said ‘look have this’, there won’t be a problem.”

    2. Tax Evasion. No not Goldman Sachs, the Windsors and TopShop, but:

    “Taxman targets plumbers in latest campaign.”

    There it is, peasants. Suck it up!

  3. Cerebral Scars

    For the £48 million that we’re going to be paying for this ever so ‘romantic’ day and the cost of industry with this day off, people have every right to kick off and show their disgust.

  4. Oscar Lomax's Undercrackers washed and clean for another full day ahead

    The story on the Torygraph about the tory councillor who took offence at having a hitler moustache drawn on a picture of him and the plod’s response is a keeper as well.

  5. Stu Phillips

    Cromwell was right in his opinion and actions in regard to the monarchy and disgusting politicians. I am of the opinion that we should elect a grand jury to engage the sevices of a Captain of the Militia with the brief to raise a militia. Once done we should march on London and throw the bloody lot of them out of their seats and restore the Law of the Land and scrap Admiralty Law altogether.

  6. Dean Talent

    A right Royal Cock-up. Seems our predictions are coming true


    Yup, see today’s Express/Rag: –
    “The Yard is engaged on a “significant covert and overt” operation to identify criminals and anarchists intent on wrecking the celebrations.”

    and this bit, which is quite hilarious-

    “As the Yard prepared to deploy thousands of police officers on the streets, it emerged the last line of defence in the massive security operation are Guardsmen with fixed bayonets.
    Soldiers on ceremonial duty can use “deadly force” to save the Queen and members of the Royal Family from attack if a police officer cannot intervene in time.”

    Those criminals and anarchists, they don’t like it up ’em, y’know!
    Can you imagine it? The army bayoneting the revolting plebs, live on TV!?

    Nothing like a return to traditional values eh?

  8. bluebottle

    i think if anyone tries to disrupt this event the great british public who are already queuing for this event might take the law into their own hands!!

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