More heavy handed policing by Bristol cops tonight:

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Unbelievably given what happened in Stokes Croft, the police have once more been behaving heavy handed trying to close down an open air community cinema screening in Mina Rd Park in St Werburghs – presumably because the films being screened was citizen journalism coverage of the Stokes Croft riot – and despite several film screenings having been shown in the park before with police agreement.
Apparently a road block was set up, a police helicopter circled overhead and the film cameras confiscated.  The police then informed the audience (who had been quietly sitting waiting for the film to start) that the event was a rave!
Some of the crowd decided to leave the park to watch the film in a nearby house, so the police decided to establish a perimeter around the house refusing to allow anybody else in, and threatened to arrest anyone leaving or entering the area.
Eventually, after about 1/2 hour or so of the police throughly annoying a whole new bunch of people they give up and leave having achieved absolutely nothing except further alienation of the local community.
Are the police on a mission to spark a second riot?


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  1. moocher dog

    Seems very much like it, course that’s a hat trick of own goals from these idiots over a short period.

  2. Dora Kaplan

    I reckon the cops have designated Stokes Croft residents as ‘enemy combatants’ and declared the whole area a ‘free fire’ zone. The community doesn’t want Tescos, so Tescos have ordered a full scale counter-insurgency operation against the ‘criminal scum’ getting in their way. What next? Water-boarding? Drone attacks? Nick Clegg on top of a meat wagon declaring ‘mission accomplished?’

  3. A. Worker.

    Yea. They probably are.
    I am vegetarian and often dabble in the odd dish with a tofu ingredient but I can’t help wonder how it feels for Werburghs residents to get a feel of how it is to be working class and have to put up with this shit day in day out. This is how it feels to work for Tesco. Welcome to our world.

  4. ‘The Police’ are now seriously out of control, unless their routine and heavy-handed abuse of both their authority and the law is in response to orders from their superiors, and few can have any doubt that they think of the general public as their enemy. Intellectually weak and morally cowardly politicians are allowing them to create a police state and when the people of England finally take back power ‘The Police’ must be brought to heel as a matter of urgency.

    • I beg to differ.

      The police are not out of control. They are perfectly controlled by ACPO Ltd, the private limited company that is in an equal partnership with our elected government. ACPO of course is a self perpetuating oligarchy as it is ACPO members who sit on the selection panels for new appointees to ACPO grades. Being a company limited by guarantee, it is only answerable to its members who are those ACPO grades appointed by more senior ACPO graded staff.

      The police are perfectly under control.

      [By whom is a different question!]

  5. anon

    One thing about paranoid personalities is that they create the very conditions they try so hard to avoid. In this case, the authorities are becoming obsessed with stamping out all opposition and all protest – provoking massive public resentment along the way.

    Police state tactics don’t fail instantly – they might even work for a while – but they undermine confidence in the State in a far more corrosive, long-term way than just about anything else they could do. If you want to see a strong state, look at the Nordics or Switzerland. Liberal, wealthy, and generous – it’s no coincidence that the three go together.

    I tell you man, this last few days has radicalised me more efficiently than any number of poxy demos or anarchist bookfairs.

  6. More control, MORE CONTROL!

  7. Let’s see them cordon off YouTube…

  8. Guy

    Lets not forget the ‘one week on’ street party happening opposite telepathic heights tonight. Despite being ‘officially’ cancelled many will return to the streets, no doubt many of the mainly peaceful hippy types from werburghs will swell the numbers.

    Like the school bully who has been stood up to and embarrassed in front of their mates, the police know no other way to save face than to keep on trying to intimidate and using progressively more force each time.

    All eyes to the South West tonight.

  9. Moocher dog

    Quite right, there’s a few down here with the same conclusion, never to old to join the up for it movement. Frankly, it gives a new lease of life, what an inspiration to see off the latter years seeing off these Bastards.

  10. Hilton Gray

    10 years ago we were warned about the UK sleepwalking into a libro-fascist police state, but everyone was sooooo in love with phoney Tony they didn’t take any notice. Well people – wakey, wakey, and smell the coffee.

  11. john

    @ Derek…..’ditto’ mate,tory conference in manchester this october….bring it on.

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