Looks like a second wave of arrests is underway tonight to keep people out of the way tomorrow. Chris Knight and Camilla arrested for breach of the peace at house in Brockley where Patrick was also arrested in full executioner garb!  Whole farcical police operation captured on you tube. I think all three are being held at Lewisham police station till wedding is over.

Patrick Macroidan – known to many as THE EXECUTIONER on anti-royal events and arrested on the M’AM action in 2002 – has been arrested  tonight by police. Patrick phoned me to tell me of his arrest and cunningly left his phone on during the arrest – so i have the entire arrest on my answer phone message. Anyone know how to get it online? As far as I can make out patrick has been arested to prevent a breach of the peace – with his executioner’s outfit as main evidence. it should be pointed patrick is an actor, Who’s next?


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  1. Chris Knight & Co, according to twitter

  2. Dora Kaplan

    If it’s a message left on an a ‘ land line’ you’ll probably need to play it directly into a computer microphone and save it as a .wav file, push it through a ‘noise removal’ filter to tidy it up, and then save it as an mp3 for download.
    If you need an free sound processor try audacity:
    Sorry I can’t be of much help. Good luck.

  3. pete

    can you record the message as it plays on your voicemail, using a sound recorder on your phone? Other way, record it using the microphone on your laptop etc, (phone on loudspeaker)….and use sound recorder in windows accessories. If you can record as a file onto your computer, you can send to me via email and I will upload. 🙂

  4. kinyak

    Chris Knight and Flopsy have been arrested for potential breach of the peace, being held at lewisham nic for 24 hours

  5. Smoke Bomb

    Whatever you do, Ian, don’t unplug any of the connections (phone line or power) – answering phones have a habit of deleting the messages when you do that.

  6. Anarchofem

    Record a youtube piece? Let it go global. Fuckin cunts.

  7. Eve Masson

    Now I’m no solicitor but I didn’t think you could be arrested on a conspiracy to breach the peace because it is not a criminal offence. As far as I was aware you could only be arrested for a breach of the peace as it was occurring or if it was imminent???

    • Toadstool

      Breach of the Peace is a handy catch-all which is wide open to interpretation. For instance, a conviction for Breach of the Peace was upheld on the occupants of a remote farmhouse for playing loud music even though there was no-one in earshot for miles around save for the passing cop car.

      Anything involving “conspiracy” is notoriously difficult to prove; and conspiring to breach the peace is legal non-entity; the furtherest they could bend this would be “behaving in manner likely to cause breach of peace” but as Eve says it would have to be imminent. The coppers love this one because just by being present somewhere minding your own business you could be “behaving in manner likely to cause breach of peace”.

  8. Sound Engineer

    If it is a land-line answering machine with remote access you could dial-in from say some sort of “studio” and record the message from there; it might provide better quality than using a computer microphone and answering machine speaker to record it.

    • AnnOnit

      If you have skype there are addons available to record skype calls, then you’d just ring the number… could also search an app for a smart phone and use that when calling the machine.

  9. Essex Steve

    From what I can see conspiracy to breach the peace is not an offence. It would have to be conspiracy to commit an offence ( and there are plenty they could pluck out of the air) under the criminal law act 1977 or the common law conspiracy to corrupt public morals or to outrage public decency. The wikipedia entry is quite decent: .

    Either way the decision has obviously been made by the police to do whatever it takes and to have little care for the law.

  10. Bob Bobbins

    Theres a website called AudioBoo kinda social networking element to it.

  11. T

    If (as above) it’s a landline answerphone which lets you dial in to check your messages remotely, here’s how to record it to computer:
    1. Get a piece of software (like Audacity, above) that can record sounds.
    2. Set up your computer’s Sound control to record from ‘Stereo Mix’ (if it’s running Windows)
    3. Test it by playing some sound (like a YouTube clip) and recording it in your sound software (Audacity)
    4. Install Skype and get a bit of credit.
    5. Hit record, Dial your landline answerphone from Skype, and get it to play you the message.
    6. Save as an MP3 and upload to Soundcloud.

    Circuitous, but it’ll work…

    • Rover

      And even those new-fangled mobies that the yoof use can do fancy tricks like remote access too. Using Skype to dial in is great idea; using a mic with a tinny speaker would be barely audible. Sorted!

  12. terri

    I call it an abuse of power good luck with the phone recording 😉 this kind of stuff needs to seen or heard by everyone!

  13. b

    I don’t think this decision was made by the police. Their past record for almost exactly this kind of action, when they had to pay out compo, indicates that they’re only doing what they’re told. I doubt they’d have have a leg to stand on, proving they had reasonable grounds for suspecting any kind of offence was being planned.

    Conspiracy to cause a breach of the peace is simply not an offence. Anyone arrested for it is being held unlawfully.

    Get onto a fucking proper lawyer and make a habeas corpus application. FAST.

    Ian – I really hope your audio file has the cops saying they’re arresting people for ‘conspiracy to cause a breach of the peace’. If they wanted to contest a compensation claim, they’d have to explain who put it into their heads that they could arrest people for this. Because it fucking won’t be in Moriarty’s, Butterworth’s, or whatever the fuck the book on police law is called nowadays.

  14. Well at least we can be thankful that they haven’t employed the methods of their fellow royals (and royal wedding invitees) in Bahrain and shot him dead in his sleep!
    Anyway, Patrick, bruh – congratulations in advance on the big pay-out you’re sure to get… and look forward to seeing you in a Damian Marley video some day 🙂

  15. thebristolblogger

    Alternatively, fuck all that techie shit and write it down.

    I thought you were arrested to prevent a further breach of the peace? ie. it’s used to stop a potential crime occuring. Surely this is what they’ve been done for?

  16. Video of the Chris Knight arrest:

  17. b

    ie. it’s used to stop a potential crime occuring?
    The cops admitted they were in the wrong and paid out £80K in compensation.

    They’ve got no lawful power to arrest people to stop a crime occurring, except in the context of suspecting that people have already committed a crime, e.g. they’ve conspired to commit a crime, or they’ve had information about a planned terrorist act and haven’t passed it on, or shit like that.

  18. b

    Did he say “Detective Inspector Welsh”? Is this the guy who was or is the head of the “Child Protection Command Major Investigation Team”?

  19. A. Worker.

    I wouldn’t have went that easy. Would have at least sent one of them to see the dentist. Come on!

  20. This arrest is outrageous. Up to this moment I have been quite inactive (always verbal) towards the police in this country, but it has all changed now and I want to get physically involved. The police are doing this on behalf of an unelected monarch and the rest of her privileged royal free-loading spongers. Their unwarranted and unecessary action is decidely undemocratic. Obviously we now live in a police state. Damn the royals and damn the police. We must NOT tolerate this sort of aggressive behaviour from a police force who should be acting for the people who pay their salaries. There action has created yet one more person who wishes to be active against them, the royals and this blasted government, including the ridiculous House of Lords. Every member of the royal household no matter where they appear MUST AT ALL TIMES be the subject of protest. I will be writing to Scotland Yard about this, but clearly they have shown that they are so ignorant of the situation as to not understand my objection to their belligerence. Thanks Ian.

  21. jeeezuz h christ

    Well, that operation must have cost a fffuccckking fortune!

    Then double it for the compo.

    What twat authorised that little fiasco?

  22. If it’s a mobile answerphone – take that wired hands free thing that only Jason Bourne uses – cut of the ear speaker, attach a jack plug (from that computer microphone you never use) and connect it to your computers microphone in – start with the volume low (on phone) and increase till the signal is sufficient.
    Audacity is a free wav recording program – as is Reaper (which is a tad complex for the layman).


    Ridiculous arrests- but it’s pretty obvious that the Bill and their masters are, in effect, happy tp pay out fat compensation in return for a no-show of dissenters. In short, they couldn’t give a fuck …(didn’t somebody here humourously say that Knight ought to be nicked?…Ooops!)

    • Something that is very easy for them to do – because it is not their money.
      Paying out taxplayers money is something they seem to see as an occupational hazard.

  24. Eve Masson

    This message has been posted up by the Morning Star to facebook. I believe the orgainers of Reclaim the Royal Wedding may have been arrested (but this has not been confirmed) and an attempt at a lawful assemble of republicans in Trafalgar Sqaure this morning suppressed by the police:

    “Morning Star Readers & Supporters Group”

    “This morning about ten anti-monarchy protesters, students and young workers who are mostly socialists and anarchists, were stopped by the police outside Charing Cross station, searched and handcuffed. When we left to write this report, they had been held outside the station for about an hour.”

    “Trafalgar Square was tightly controlled, with the help of the police, and it was not actually possible to protest. The group of comrades were preparing to leave to attend the Republic street party in Holborn when the police stopped and searched them. Another thirty police were then called in, arriving in four vans, and surrounded them.”!/pages/Morning-Star-Readers-Supporters-Group/168413956519025


  25. alan back on tyneside

    Not sure where to post this, but here’s a list of the FB pages known to have been taken down today; there’s sure to be others. This happened to the Hyde Park Occupation page of course & FB messed in a similar way with the Gaza Youth Breakout manifesto that started the year on such a bright note.

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  27. Ian, just a thought. There maybe some potential in a Republican coalition that specifically attacks the Queens Jubilee next year, that contrasts the cuts with the money spent on the monarchy and their wealth, crown estate etc and which is also very ‘Defending the Right to protest’.

    It should set out to be as inclusive as possible, and focus on building events around the country, confronting the Roayls wherever they go & with a big one for the ‘big day’. The key to success is clearly mobilising on an anti royal theme, but which is not tied to any ideology, it should demand nothing of people in advance of involvement and just be very ‘can do’, ‘should do’, we must defend the right to protest by showing that we can target the Royals that the police want to protect at all costs.

    This is not so much a case of wishful thinking, the political situation demands that we break through here and protest otherwise they have got their way and protest has been effectively banned.

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