A flurry of e-mails, twitters, facebook rumours  late last night saying Margaret Thatcher was dead. Wow – hooray, at last, Trafalgar Square party next Saturday long arranged by Class War, widespread dancing in mining communities, jubilation among lefties throughout the land, get on the phone to spread the glad tidings………………but ….but comrades I didn’t actually feel like that. The absence of joy in my heart was alarming. I slept on it. Here’s my analysis. I realise I don’t hate the 85 year old Alzheimers Margaret Thatcher. I hated the Tory MP and Prime Minister who turned miners into heroin addicts, smashed unions, communities, Stonehenge…….and tried to bring in the poll tax. I wished her dead then in Class War a hundred times – Tory funerals anyone – and would have danced with delight on her grave. I cursed the misfortune of the IRA at the Grand Hotel in Brighton. But now…’s too late …..the death of the old Alzheimers who’s bum has to be arsewiped……….it don’t bring me joy. I’d rather Snooty Cameron and Gideon Osborne had met the grim reaper..or Blair…….or Mandelson.  Isn’t that it. We are so used to defeat  that we can only disinter a corpse from 20 years ago to get a victory…to dance in the streets. Don’t worry comrades I’ll feel better soon and delete this post by this evening.


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  1. smithy

    She is a very elderly lady who probably smells of piss and lavender water. But that is no reason to go dewey eyed. Just hate her for what she used to be not what she has become. And don’t do a Jack Straw / Pinochet thing. Just because they are old and alzheimers ridden doesn’t mean they aren’t killers any more….

  2. wally

    your right ian but the way she trashed the wonderful peace convoy at nosstell priory and the beanfeild,using spg squads on women and children is one of many reasons to rejoice her demise


    Thatcher was’nt/ isn’t a person, she’s an idea, she’s an ‘ism’, and since she derided the idea of ‘society’ we should have no qualms about rejoicing in her death, since humanity was the last thing on her mind when she was in power. Dead or not, long may she rot.

  4. Dora Kaplan

    The political personalities are irrelevant. The evil old cunt simply put the neo-liberal process on full speed rinse-repeat. The ‘labour’ party would have instituted the same measures, just more slowly. You’d have to be a fucking Trot or Billy Bragg to kid yourself otherwise.

    • Nah. Don’t kid yourself. There’s no such thing as the’ inevitable sweep of History’. Personalities do matter. Personalities are crucial. And this one was a father-wounded snob who slathered her personal psychosis with the spittle of her sychophants and the blood of the weak.

      Be prepared for a State Funeral second only to Churchill’s and up there with Franco’s.

      Never forgive. Ever.

  5. anon

    I for one will be cracking open the bubbly! PS Don’t forget that Murdoch’s getting on, too…

  6. Ned

    I understand your equivocal feelings, Ian, but the current regime are not going to allow her passing to go unmarked… Prepare for a nauseatingly in-your-face state funeral which would goad anyone into taking a loud, celebratory gesture against what she stood for. My money’s on her lying in state at the Admiralty Chapel at Greenwich (the Falklands factor, the Greenwich meridian, the Empire of measured time, etc.). They wanted us to grin and grovel for Kate’n’Bill (or else) and I’m sure the blue meanies would hanker after the same thing for their ‘Iron Lady’. They won’t get it, though…

  7. Harry White

    I seem to recall that MA’M had a t-shirt urging the Queen Mum to ‘hurry up and die’. The Queen Mum was at that point in her late 90s. While I appreciate your opinion, Ian, the evil that woman (Thatcher) did will live on after her. But if it was good enough for the Queen Mu, I think it’s certainly good enough for Thatcher. It would be good if something like what happened to the Polish government happened to our own lot though.

  8. smithy

    dora kaplan, you bring a spring to my step and put joy into my heart even when i don’t agree with you …

  9. Alex

    This after your piece condemning the dibble for not being tough enough on the kid who attacked Chas and Camilla. Where’re you holding the real Ian and what are your demands?

    • Sorry, what was that??? I didn’t read anything of the sort – did I miss it? I’d still be breaking out the spliffs and the roots tonics if queen Bathory, sorry I meant Thatcher the vampire, was 110 years old and memory-less when she died, but I could see Ian’s point about it not being worth getting that excited about in the present day and age. I don’t always agree with Ian – I thought the uncritical support for the Libyan rebels and western intervention was stupendously naive, for instance , despite having a good friend who shares those feelings – but my friend has the excuse of actually being from Libya and having family who have been victims of Ghadaffi – but it’s hard to imagine Ian “condemning the dibble for not being tough enough on the kid who attacked chas and camilla.” Can we see the evidence for this?
      The best thing that could’ve happened to do with the chas and camilla stick-poking would’ve been if the pigs had opened fire, accidentally killed chas and camilla, and just slightly injured the protesters enough for em to sue the met for a fortune.

  10. Guy

    ‘she’s been in severe pain for months’, say friends.
    I’d rather she stayed alive in pain for many years to come. I hope she feels the severe pain for every community she destroyed, every town that is desolate cos she waged war on it’s industry and for every family or relationship which broke because of her policies.

    Long live thatcher!

  11. Mr. Jolly

    I’m kind of half with you Ian, she will die an old woman having had a long successful life, and well, she won, we didn’t. Her legacy lives on wages driven down, job insecurity free market creeping into the minutiae of everyday life.

    But she was instrumental in implementing the political system we see ourselves in now, and for that we need to celebrate the architects passing if nothing else but to disgust the politicians and the media who no doubt will be pouring out platitudes of greatness, and well another excuse to have a fucking good piss up and cause some trouble in London.

  12. martin

    I hate the fucker as we all do but yeah I sort of agree with you its no big deal to me either. Oh fuck who am I trying to kid I hope she dies and drowns in shit for eternity not very nice but fuck her, who cares she was and always will be an evil bastard!!!

  13. Kelly

    Always good to have humanity and compassion but as others have said she is a symbol, a celebration of her demise is a more than good enough reason to gather together to demonstrate resistence to what she and the Tories (all elites) represent.

  14. Eve Masson

    @Ian If she had been working class she would have been left for dead years ago. She doesn’t deserve your pity.

  15. Gitane

    May I suggest that we wait for the old girl’s passing and then run charabang excursions to piss on her grave.

  16. King Of the Anarchists

    Thatcher lost power when i was 4. I’d have a dead Blair over a dead Thatcher anyday.

  17. johnny gray

    she’s a robot
    we all saw this …and it’s still freaky

    may she rust in hell

  18. b

    Is Thatcher dead yet?

    For a decade – the decade when conditions in this country went down the toilet – Thatcher was a main front-of-stage symbol for the extreme ‘fuck off and die, scum’ attitudes towards working class people who weren’t any use to the bosses – the traditional credo of the Tory Party. Whatever we say, there is one party above all the others which really qualifies for the term ‘the bourgeoisie in rosettes’ in this country.

    I will be pleased for a few hours when Thatcher dies, regardless of what she fucking remembers and what she doesn’t. I will be sorry that all the old boys and girls who were in their 70s in the 1980s and wanted to ‘see Thatcher out’ didn’t live to see a reversal in the decline of living standards and community, following the improvement which did take place in many of their lives in the 1950s and 1960s. I will be sorry that she has outlived the majority of the working class people of her own age and maybe a decade or more younger, who knew damn well what was going on, and that it had a unifying theme, and despised every aspect of it. My overall feeling will be one of sadness, but absolutely not for her!!

    Is it the Cromwell Hospital again on Cromwell Road in Kensington that she’s at?

    It’s full of super-rich Arabs in royal robes, fawned over by obsequious types angling for cash tips and maybe quick tours of Dubai. (Goodness knows what George Best thought).

    Who’s paying for her treatment? Weapons-deal kickbacks?

  19. b

    This ‘person’ called men who dig coal the “enemy within“, “a scar across the face of our country“, “ill motivated“, “ill intentioned”.

    The Times reported her as suggesting “that the spectacle of miners going to work to secure their rights represented an astonishing advance brought about by five years of Conservative government“.

    Here are her notes for her speech, plus the Times article.

  20. b

    So they’re going to give Thatcher a state funeral? It might be the case that once they’ve consulted their PR experts, they decide that THEY WOULDN’T FUCKING DARE! It’d be too fucking much. People from what used to be mining communities would come out onto the streets, hopefully with banners from the strike. More than a thousand went to Keith Frogson’s funeral in Nottinghamshire.


    Look out, she must be about to croak- Meryl Streep’s playing her in a new Hollywood vomitothon…Coming to a cinema near you (if you can afford it, if you’d want to watch mythologised sub-feminist dross)…

  22. b

    They’ve probably jumped the gun only slightly with the film promo, having heard something and waiting to shout about the film from the rooftops when the bitch croaks. I’m still doubtful about whether they’ll be a state funeral. Would the royal family want to be viewed by millions doing something so utterly divisive as to parade in front of millions of people mourning the death of the most hated prime minister since Churchill?

    Mind you…Churchill got one…although they played the whole war angle…and they couldn’t do that with the Malvinas/Falklands… Could they?

  23. Brutalist Archetype

    Thatcher deserves a funeral pyre so large you can see it from space, Blair deserves to join Osama in a watery grave, preferably while still alive.

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