If I was producing Tiger Aspect’s ‘Ross Kemp and the sumer of discontent’ I’d be thinking ‘where now?’. Well there’s only one option on the table at present – the possibiliy of a one day strike by some public sector unions on June 30th. I say ‘possibility’ because other hot air schemes for the great ‘co-ordinated action’ from RMT/PCS have failed to materialise – as may this one. I have to say that the university teaching unions organising a one day strike on June 30th is laughable – any student or parent of student will tell you they’re all long gone home by then.No one will notice if they are on strike or not. The prospect of a day’s delay in the production of doctoral theses all over the land may not quake the corridors of power. I can just imagine the emergency meeting of COBRA  as despair prevails at the news ‘Prof. Callinicos book on the Arab Autumn hs been delayed’ followed by uproar on hearing that Prof.Rees long awaited ‘How I ripped off Christopher Hill with my new Leveller book’ is announced. Stroll On.


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  1. Harry White

    More likely the suggestion there’d be a new book by Callinicos would result in the summoning of COBRA in fear of a wave of ennui which might sweep across the land.


    Yeah, all the minimal hot air that was put into ‘concerted strike action’ happening in June, specifically over pensions , has evaporated, word from my union rep is that ‘something might happen around September’. As if. If you ask me the union leadership has been, or is, waiting for the coalition to fall, doinf sweet FA in the meantime, knowing full well that Labour would whip the axe around just as brutally as the Tories, if a bit slower, to keep their mates in the City happy. The TUC won’t do a damn thing to risk their symbiotic relationship with Labour, while not giving a shit about their membership…

  3. Dora Kaplan

    I’m surprised the TUC aren’t organising a ‘national pride’ day with the CBI and Goldman Sachs. Strikes. You gotta be joking. Though maybe the odd Leo Sayer on a bank holiday. Get ya little hammer and sickle flag out and march around like a twat.
    For anyone interested, it’s a long way down before we hit the bottom. If you want to know just how much shit a population will suck up without objection take a look at Latvia: Zero tax on capital and property, 50% flat tax on labour. Bankruptcy forbidden for wage slaves. Nobody’s raised a fucking eyebrow. Another decade and what we’ve got now will look like fucking utopia!

  4. Geoff

    Is it possible that thousands of years of the most courageous activists getting the chop, has produced populations loathe to stick their heads above the parapet? After all, they were ( obviously) less likely to pass their genes on to the following generations.
    I think people will eventually resist, but it’s incredible the amount of shit we’re willing to put up with.

  5. 27past1984

    softly softly catchee monkey

    the irresistable force will take time to build up speed.

    ‘keep calm and stay dangerous’


      …I’d like to think so, but look at Greece too-all waiting on their marching orders from their version of the ‘labour police’ which never comes. The Anti-authoritarians there make much sound, fury, and resistance, but the wider population…Nothing. I guess that’s what we paid for with the banking bailout- long drawn out misery and angst, rather than a quick fall of a cliff….

  6. alan back on tyneside

    I don’t like to see comrades disconsolate, so here’s a couple of clips to cheer you up! The first is Mr. Seeger pointing out that ’twas always thus:

    The second one is from the St. George in Soho Sq. series. It’s the improptu speech from the masked up comrade that makes me punch the air.

    “Whether we manage to do it in this summer of discontent or whether we need a decade of discontent, they will fall, the people will be free. Long live liberty!!”

    Makhno Medal to that man.

  7. 27past1984

    looks like our friends from greece are at it again 😀

    who said the revolution was dead 😀

    the only trouble with the current protest movement is that it always ends up like oliver twist asking for more. quiet moments like we have here now should be used to push the message and teach people how to take steps towards becoming autonomous from the state and how to create a functioning free society in practical as well as ideological terms.

    protests just confirm the symbiotic relationship between the rulers and the ruled. to break the cycle we need to get out there and do it ourselves, whether it be permaculture, sustainable communities, the brixton pound ,workers co-ops or whatever. take on the mainstream media in the propaganda war. get on the forums , radio chat shows and newspaper letters pages, and do it in a way you aint gonna scare the living daylights out of mr@mrs average; all the riots and protests in the world wont change anything unless you get these people on board .

    hard revolution along with soft revolution.

    i hope that makes sense :-S

    i hope that makes sense :-s

  8. Brutalist Archetype

    What, are you actually surprised that Students aren’t out protesting during the most important months of the academic year, that teachers have decided not to shoot themselves in the foot by striking during same, or that anarchists, hippies and other scroungers have decided that 3 early mornings in a year is enough thankyou very much.

    Most regular people realised that the majority of cuts which were going to really bite are coming from councils who wont slash the non-jobs for the boys, not the coalition.

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