Tamworth Two: Aged around six months, Butch and Sundance fled an abattoir and spent a week on the run before the Daily Mail rounded them up, bought them and removed the threat of the bacon-slicer

Remember  THE TAMWORTH TWO – the young pigs that escaped from an abattoir, swam across a river and went on the run for weeks foraging for food in back gardens and evading a huge search operation. Sad to report that Sundance died yesterday after his sister Butch died six months ago but living for 13 years after they avoided the slaughterhouse.I feel a chorus of ‘Beasts of England’ would be apropriate:

Pull the rings from out your noses
Tear the saddle from your back!
Bit and spur must rust forever,
Cruel whips no more shall crack.



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  1. Pigasus

    It really does bring a tear to the eye. Wallow in Peace.

    I think a rendition of Set Your Chickens Free by The Hub City Movers would be equally appropriate:

  2. martin

    Is it really 13 years ago fuck Ian im old!!!

  3. A piece of animal trivia: in my grandmother’s village in Guyana people used to have a close relationship with their donkeys (no, not in that sense). They would be given names like “The Duke of such and such” and people would give them instructions (not sure how the communication worked precisely) and they would go off and do the required task unsupervised and return when it was over (say “tek this cart full of sugarcane over to Auntie Bess house” etc.) But if they decided that they didn’t want to do it that day, they just weren’t going to do it, and no amount of beating or cajoling would make them.

  4. Geoff

    Sorry, in response to this story, about the Tamworth Two, i cannot refrain from commenting – animal fucking liberation now!

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