According to today’s Guardian these are the top ten public schools in terms of enties into       ‘Who’s Who’  ‘ the bible of the establishment’











It would be good to get action at all of these on september 21st. If you live near any of them outside London get in touch. Anyone in london not coming to Eton fancy taking on Westminster or St.Pauls?



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7 responses to “TOP TEN PUBLIC SCHOOLS

  1. bermondseyrising

    sure i know at least a dozen londoners that would be on that, should be able to get more with some advertisment, i guess ammounts will depend on how combatative the action is portrayed

  2. bermondseyrising

    also i dont know if dulwhich college should be considered, students there and students from a nearby rough state school have a history of clashing and it would be cool to explain to these guys what their natural hating of toffs is really about. something for bit further down the line perhaps

  3. Waddon

    What about Whitgift Boys and Old Palace Girls in Croydon? They are charitable organisations yet are owned by the landlord (The Whitgift Foundation) of the enormous Whitgift shopping centre and numerous other pieces of land. Whitgift Boys is right next to the Waddon Estate yet has very few if any pupils from there. Maybe the kids from local Hayling Manor could pay a visit!

  4. close all public schools, now!

  5. bermondseyrising

    I hate whitgift, i smashed that place up! Sadly, it was to rennovate a ravel shop, happily, i got paid, not much though, dread to think how much the gangs of indians i was working with were getting paid.

    Getting paid 35 a day once travel costs are deducted (not to mention food) erradicated any doubt in my mind to what sorta fuckery we live in. And thats probably still in the top 10, 20% of the whole earths best paying jobs or something mad. Shits fucked

  6. Dora Kaplan

    In the interests of transparency and full disclosure BBC journalists should sign off with the name of their public school. ‘That was our correspondent Rupert Hedley-Dervish from Marlborough…..the editor of Today was Barrington Roylance-Smythe, from Eton.”
    MPs should also be forced to list their public school along with their constituency for Hansard. “The honourable member for Brighton and Hove – Westminster then Cambridge.

    It’s also about time that ‘Who’s who?’ and ‘Burke’s Peerage’ gave us a definitive list of precisely who’s fucked who up the arse in these schools. The public have a right to know. The fact that the honourable member for Sidcup once administered a flogging and punitive rogering to the current Suffragan Bishop of Neasden may well have serious implications for both parishioners and constituents.

  7. Ric

    All of them are pure scum.

    …Toff off, you toffing toffs!

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