There’s a folk singer called Frank Turner. He’s like WOODY GUTHRIE or BILLY BRAGG. He likes the DEAD KENNEDYS. He’s going to be big. He sings a song about atheism – except last week whem he sung in Liverpool Cathedral so he didn’t sing it. He’s the man who put the hobo into boho. HE WENT TO FUCKING ETON WITH PRINCE WILLIAM. I can’t recall Woody mentioning that in Bound for Glory. But Eton’s ok – ‘cos he was a scholarship boy. Have you noticed everyone at Eton’s now a scholarship boy?



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  1. Dora Kaplan

    Talking of Rock & Folk Legends (Total Cunts), the clip below just say’s it all about Bono. Warning – this clip may cause serious nausea and suicidal ideation.

  2. Eric Blair

    I must admit I don’t get your latest call for hatred and violence. Why base it on wether they went to oxford, cambridge or a public school? Why not base it on what they actually do and say in their day to day lifes? Why not base it on the decisions they make and how they reinforce class based society?

    So I dug out my old copy of ‘Unfinished business’ and turned to the back to look at the recommended booklist. That way I might be able to at least read what has been presented as the theoretical base of what used to be your pet group (Class War). I got a bit of a shock.

    All the English writers appear to have at least gone to public schools and generally went to Oxford or Cambridge. Take E. P. Thompson for example. He went to a public school and Corpus Christi College cambridge. Perhaps that is why he maintained the labour party was the key to winning working class power and protestantism was the basis of English culture. Then you have Christopher Hill. he went to boarding school and then on to Oxford.

    I’m confused. Is it what someone says and does that counts or is it where they came from that over rides everything? If it is the former then why are you attacking people for their backgrounds rather than their politics? If it is the latter then why are you basing your politics on the writings of a load of toffs?

  3. A. Worker.

    Fuck me Ian; you do make I laugh. Well done for spotting that fraud.


  4. Mr. Angry

    It’s not folk music. Folk music is music for the people by the people – the music of the working class. Not music for the people by the super-privileged. Like Laura Marling, another ‘great’ ‘folk musician’. My arse. She’s the daughter of Sir Charles William Somerset Marling, who’s a fucking baronet. Plus, their songs are inane and vapid. Here’s some examples of folk musicians and proper fucking folk songs:

    shame they performed for the US president but the song’s about being miners getting fucked over by Ed Pickford, from Durham. A proper folkie. Here’s another of his songs sung by dick gaughan:

    How’s that for fucking lyrics.
    Another great one sung by Dick:

    This one gives instructions on how do deal with police brutality.
    Here’s one of Laura Marling’s – Rambling Man: and here’s the lyrics for it.
    I’m assuming it’s about a rambling man. There’s basically no content to the song whatsoever so could be about fish fucking fingers for all I know.
    Now. Here’s a Andy Irvine song about actually being a fucking hobo, fascism, politicians being gobshites etc – written for and about Woody Guthrie. and here’s the lyrics:
    It’s laughable to imagine Frank “daddy went to Eton too – what? really? what a surprise I’d never have thought that” Turner and Laura “my mother and father bankrolled my career but it’s ok because I sing songs about nothing and I’m pretty” Marling being members of the IWW like Guthrie and Irvine or being travellers/hobos or actually knowing anything about anything about the working class apart from the fact that they were born above it.
    So they’re not folk musicians, they’re cunts. And their music is shite.
    Apart from that, they’re great and I highly recommend them.

  5. Best Guthrie lyric was the famous original fourth verse of ‘This Land is Your Land’ which was cut from later recordings. Can’t imagine why? 😉

    There was a big high wall there that tried to stop me;
    Sign was painted, it said private property;
    But on the back side it didn’t say nothing;
    This land was made for you and me.

  6. woodsy

    From Frank Turner’s Wikipedia entry:

    Turner attended Eton College where he was educated alongside Prince William, and later went on to attend the London School of Economics where he studied History. His father Roger Turner, is the son of Sir Mark Turner, formerly chairman of high street retailer BHS and had himself also attended Eton before becoming a City investment banker, while his mother, Jane, the daughter of a bishop, is a primary school headmistress.

    Hardly a horny-handed son of toil is he?

  7. Forza

    He’s a cunt who has been banging around the music scene for a while touring dives in the hope of gaining credibility & authenticity because of it.

    While at school with Prince William he formed an anti-monarchy group, which he later dismantled after discovering ‘ol William was “upset” by it.

    In reply to Eric Blair, EP Thompson and the like were genuine who made obvious, vital contributions to the working class. Turner is not genuine. He actually damages and discredits our movement by being such a massive cunt.

  8. Guy

    People always seem to talk about folk music in the past tense?
    For serious class politics put to (acoustic) music try:

    David Rovics
    Robb Johnson
    Attila the Stockbroker
    Ed Ache
    Sh!t Theatre
    Captain Hotknives
    Jessica Delfino
    Chumbawamba (so much better now)

    To name but a few… You won’t hear them on the radio but they are all touring and releasing music either for free or on independent labels. Those of you living in London (and now the shameless plug) can check out these and others at a monthly club in Stockwell called ‘Acoustic Insurgency’:

    Last month the Police showed up to threaten the landlord about our Mayday gig which was a benefit for arrested students. Who said that folk ain’t a threat???

  9. Northern A

    Just read an interview with him where he said,
    “Anyway, so I’ve been getting involved with more political groups recently as well. We had no to ID doing stuff on the last tour, and I think we’ve got the UK libertarian party doing some bits and bobs on this tour as well, which is my political bent. I feel like I’ve got a platform, so I’m going to talk about it.”

    The fucking Libertarian Party?!?! Some working class hero.

  10. alan back on tyneside

    Norma Waterson, ‘Coal not Dole’:

    Off to Newcastle Greenfest now to rendezvous with Crdes. Douglass & Bark. There’s a beer tent, music & quite possibly singing. After that it’s Reggae/Ska dancing at a bar on N.Shields fish quay. Cue another song:

  11. Wibz

    Folk music is what ever the ‘folk’ are sticking out. There isn’t plenty of fascist folk music out there. Much as I hate nationalism, I quite like this one:

  12. Guy

    Leon Rosselson
    The Casual Terrorist
    Steve White
    Commie Faggots
    Dangerous Dinky

    Dunno how I managed to forget them…

  13. Jim

    Agreed with Eric Blair. What’s important about Frank Turner is that he is a shitty whiney cunt regardless of his background x

  14. rab c nesbitt

    nice to see dick gaughan refferd to.his gigs around the time of the miners srtike were awesome.something about that celticsound and rightous words set the hairs on end and the blood a boiling…….all at the same time.braw.

  15. the don

    Another over privileged posh get with a guitar? What is he, the new James blunt or the new newton Faulkner?

  16. Ms.S-Else

    So there’s a class system to music too now then? I’m a peasant who likes a bit of the ode posh stuff now and then..and couldn’t really give a fuck who makes the noise re: any struggles we have going long as there’s noise being made..

  17. Cosmo

    I put on Frank Turner in Cardiff a few years ago and I found out pretty quickly he’s upfront about who he is, where he’s from and what his politics are. He recorded a song called “Thatcher Fucked the Kids” which put him on the radar of the left. Some of them had him down as a “political” singer songwriter, a label which it turned out he’s always resented. He’s since been very clear he’s not of the left and has actually stopped playing the song. Listen to his track “Once we were Anarchists” off his first album for more of his views on these matters.

    He is also very open about his background. It’s not something he keeps to himself for “street cred” reasons. Personally I put him on because I liked some of his tunes (sorry!!) and I admired his work ethic. I had no idea at the time where he stood on politics, and knowing what I know now, it doesn’t really bother me. I have my disagreements with most people whether their famous or otherwise. I guess I won’t waste my time giving him a shout to see if he’d do a South Wales Anarchists benefit, though. (He was up for doing a “Fuck Bush” party I helped put on once, however).

    As some people have rightly pointed out here, Frank Turner’s politics are more libertarian right, although I’d have said with a slight nationalist tinge. You can check this out on his latest album “England Keep My Bones,” or the track “Sons of Liberty.” Personally I reckon any attempts to try and put him down as a folk rebel in the vein of Woody Guthrie is more to do with the machinations of the music industry than anything he’s said or done.

    On a more serious note, it transpires (via the Daily Mail of all places!!) 60% of musicians in the Top 10 are from middle class backgrounds. 20 years ago it was 1%. Which is really a reflection of what’s happening in wider society. I think having a pop at people like Frank Turner is like fighting symptoms not causes. No war but the class war, anyone?


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