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Andrew Burgin very generously gave me the King Mob ‘Luddites 69’ poster designed by the Wise Brothers and featuring Andy Capp. As a model for workers  dealing with the bosses this proclamation from Genral Ned Ludd is unbeatable:

‘I ham going to informe you that theres six thousand men cuming to you soon and then we will goe and blow up all afour us. Labring people cant stand it no longer. Dam all such rogues as England governes but never mind NED LUDD but when genral Nody and his harmies cums we will soon bring about the great revelootion  when all these greate mens hedds goes off

Yours Genral Ludd  Yorksheer

Suck on that Vince Cable! 

Enoch the sledgehammer THE ENOCH

 200th anniversary of Luddite uprisings this year. The hammers used by the luddites were called Enochs and the biggest Great Enoch. When the approached a target the cy would go up ‘LET GREAT ENOCH TAKE THE VAN’  (go in front). Bi-centenary details here:  Luddite Bicentenary



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  1. Dora Kaplan

    I think I’ve just seen Cable’s future…..

  2. All the Ludds in Hudds are meeting tonight at the Albert Hotel at 7 p.m. for a meeting of Huddersfield Anarchist League, with speaker and author Alan Brooke.

    For all up to date news about commemorations for the bicentenary, plus reports of the key events on the 200th anniversary of their occurence, see Luddite Bicentenary

  3. jameswalsh

    Have you heard Ned Ludd by Robert Calvert?

    That the LP ‘Freq’ wasn’t considered as up there shows what philistines the british left are.

  4. Ned

    This is a recent Radio 4 programme on the Luddites and folk song, done by John Tams.


    There’s an important correction to this programme… One of the respondents mentions a Captain Swing song – “The Owslebury Boys” – from a village outside Winchester which he calls ‘Owlsbury’. It’s not fucking ‘Owlsbury’, it’s Owslebury (pronounced ‘Ozzlebury’), derived from ‘ousel’ (an old word for blackbird), and nothing to do with owls (go to Athens, or watch Bagpuss – nice story about the owls of Athens).

    As a line from the song goes:

    ” And a mob, such a mob, you never did see before,
    And if you live for a hundred years, you never will no more”

    Hopefully not for the last time, surely?

  5. Anarchofem

    Oh Mr Bone, that’s a real tonic. Can’t wait for some greate mens hedds to go off. Now wheres me enoch….

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