“Fuck The Tories. Fuck every single one of the selfish, nasty bastards. Fuck The Lib Dems. Fuck The Coalition. Fuck David Cameron and his fucking Trust Fund. Fuck Eton Public School. Fuck George Osborne. Fuck Nick Clegg and his phoney “conscience”. Poor fucking lamb. Fuck Vince Cable, the fucking weasel. Fuck The Big Society con. Fuck Danny Alexander, the fucking mediocrity. Fuck The Square Mile. Fuck The Banks. Fuck Goldman Sachs. Fuck Ian Duncan Smith and his brain dead patter. Fuck Oxbridge cunts. Fuck no big tax on second homes. Fuck throwing poor people out of their homes. Fuck Westminster School. Fuck Thatcher and her idiot son and ugly bitch retarded daughter. Maggie? Why you keeping us waiting? We’ve got a fucking party planned bitch! Fuck Tebbit. Fuck Nigel Lawson and his unbearable fat arsed daughter that can’t stop fucking eating. Fuck Keith Josephs. Fuck the deficit and the fucking markets. Fuck the IMF. Fuck selling off the Post Office. Fuck flogging our family silver off to their fucking rich mates. Fuck the House of Lords. And the Commons too. Fuck The IRA. Fuck The UDA. Fuck The Taleban. Fuck Al Queda. Fuck Religion. Fuck Channel 5. Fuck Ian Wright. Fuck The Gate and every horrible fucking bar in it. Fuck The Daily Mail and every evil hate filled cunt that reads and writes for it. Fuck The CBI. Fuck The Institute of Directors. Fuck the TUC. Fuck Murdoch and his shit telly. Fuck the cuts. Fuck The FTSE. Fuck the war in Iraq. Fuck the Bank of England. Fuck the idiot George Bush. Fuck the US Republican Party. Fuck Cocaine. Fuck Stone Island. Fuck the memory of Ronald Reagan, the fucking half-wit. Fuck Tory Tony Blair for sucking US cock. Fuck empty-eyed pointless consumerism. Fuck New Labour and its lack of ambition. Fuck X Factor and other infantile entertainment. Fuck the Royal Assent. Fuck the civil list. Fuck Jimmy Tarbuck. Fuck Jim Davison. Fuck the cunts in ermine. Fuck the ridiculous brain dead logic of opposing a NE Assembly. Fuck the Olympics – two fucking weeks of archery and other shit sports no-one is interested in for £8bn for fuck’s sake. Fuck Public Schools as registered charities so they pay less tax. Fuck The South. Fuck Sports Direct. Fuck taking EMA off the bairns. Fuck the extra shit with University tuition fees. Fuck the shite about public sector pensions. Fuck Phillip Green reviewing how Government spends tax-payers money from his tax haven. Fuck Lord Ashcroft and his Non-Dom status. Fuck Dame Shirley Porter. Fuck The Sun. Fuck Geoffrey Archer the lying cunt. Fuck the racist cunts at the Daily Express. Fuck Neil and Christine Hamilton. Fuck Duck Island. Fuck the Countryside Alliance. Fuck The BNP. Fuck The English Defence League. Fuck Talksport. Fuck The Telegraph. Fuck Phil Collins. Fuck Coldplay. Fuck Wembley Stadium. Fuck Sunderland.

Angry Brigade, Wallsend

Taken from Newcastle United fanzine True Faith.

.thanks to Norfolk Community action for spotting it.


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  1. scherben

    Fuck Modern Football
    Fuck the greedy cunts who’ve made it what it is
    Fuck the Glazers
    Fuck the Biased Bullshit Corporation
    Fuck bland hypocritical corporate hijacking of fucking everything
    Fuck that cunt in Syria
    Fuck that other cunt in Libya
    Fuck all them royal cunts in Saudi
    Fuck Mladic and his fucking supporters
    Fuck the internet
    Fuck me

  2. alan back on tyneside

    Fucking hell.
    Would have missed out the fucking ‘fuck sunderland’ bit mesell, but True Faith is fucking class. In every sense of the word.

  3. alan back on tyneside

    Ian, can u post link if u have it? Can’t find on true faith site.


    …and fuck one of the original AB members who accepted a MBE!
    Blow it up, burn it down, kick it til it breaks!

  5. sharpe

    Yeh, fuck the south, with its total lack of working class people, revolt and history of struggle!

  6. Gitane

    Fuck my partner & I’ll fuck you, fuck me and that’s me fucked. All this fucking is worth fuck all. Now fuck off!

  7. 27past1984

    now that’s what i call anarchy


    oh yeah….. 🙂

  8. Danni

    Fucking brilliant.

  9. upfrombelow

    …for fuck’s sake!

  10. dave

    Fuck the South? Where does Ian Bonio live? Where do I live?? (West Midlands). FUCK THE BORDERS AND THOSE WHO SEEK TO MAINTAIN THE SEGREGATION OF HUMANS BY MADE-UP GEOGRAPHICAL DIFFERENCES. The ‘south’ is as relevant to class war as ‘north’, ‘females’, ‘pakis’, ‘polish’, ‘gay’, ‘blacks’ and every other prejudiced generalisation. If the ‘norf’ has such a strong history of “working class people, revolt and history of struggle” then why is it as fucked as the rest of us??

    • Canary boy

      Dave stop being such a miserable bastard and take it in the spirit that’s it meant. I’m from the south from but those words were mighty.

  11. Walker

    Fuck everything


    Maybe ‘the South’ was an obscure reference to a fear of a return of the KKK and a resurgence of segregation (y’know, like they have in Oldham, Bradford etc…) ?
    If not, then it must be because all of us ‘Southerners’ work in the City of London, drive Porsches, eat caviar for brekkers, bathe in champagne every night aand keep northern lads and lasses as domestic sex-slaves in the basements of our millionaire mansions… Fuck me!?

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  14. Warneford

    … and f*ck all the former squatters and anarchists who, when they got council flats, then exercised the right-to-buy like the unlying Tories they always were, utter scabs, and they’ve never been properly condemned for it so far… in fact, while we’re at it, f*ck anyone who has ever exercised the right-to-buy … Tory thieves of working-class socialised property … well, that’s how I feel about it anyway 😦


      Bravo, and don’t forget the shits who were cracking squats and then selling the keys to homeless families- Filthy scum.

  15. Anonymous

    “Fuck Neil and Christine Hamilton”

    Rather you than me mate.

  16. The South does have a higher proportion of rich right wing bastards than up north:)

    Its a rant that can entertain the Geordie nation – nothing to worry about, nothing to see here, move on….

  17. Black & White Flag

    Fuck The South: it’s a football thing. Notice how it is followed by Fuck Sports Direct: a reference to Mike Cashley, owner of Newcastle United Football club and leader of the “Cockney Mafia”. It’s also, possibly, an anti-Tory South reference, a generalisation by many of us Geordies but not meant as an attack on those who live south of Watford who have a social conscience or hate the Tory scum and their banking chums as much as us proles up north.

  18. cerebralpaulc

    Far Canal

  19. martin

    Fuck poiotics, fuck religeon fuck the lot of you!!!

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