****MILIBAND WILL STOP JOBLESS GETTING COUNCIL HOUSING!  Remember all those Labour Lefties crowing about how leftie Ed was? remember that great speech at the TUC rally on March 26th – no neither do I.

ED MILIBAND will make a speech tomorrow in which he will equate greedy bankers and benefit cheats as  part of Britain’s ‘take what you can culture’.

Miliband, meanwhile, will attempt to stem growing doubts about his leadership with an assault on Britain’s “take what you can” culture which is open to exploitation by benefit cheats and unscrupulous bankers

Thrre is no way the two can be equated but Miliband will try gto do so. Fucking disgrace.


ED Miliband will today say he applauds wealthy business people and entrepreneurs, as he seeks to cast off his “Red Ed” tag and appeal to the Blairite wing of the Labour party.

Miliband will pay homage to Lord Mandelson, who famously said New Labour was “intensely relaxed about people getting filthy rich”.

“I’m not only relaxed about them getting rich,” Miliband is expected to say. “I applaud it”.


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  1. Roger

    There really is something about fathers and sons. The odious David Aaronovitch’s dad, although a Stalinist, did have some principles. David and Ed Miliband’s dad also had some principles. Whatever happened to produce these 3 putrid, opportunistic,unprincipled turds ?

  2. It’s estimated that benefit fraud costs roughly a billion pounds. Which is about 70 times less than is lost through tax evasion. It’s also a lot less than the amount which goes unclaimed every year because people are not aware of (or unwilling to claim…) their true entitlements.

    I live just round the corner from Miliband’s Doncaster office and I can guarantee that I pay more tax as a percentage of my earnings than this Oxbridge parasite. I can also guarantee that his annual expenses are more than my entire families annual food budget.

    Then we have RBS admitting that they’ve paid bonuses using public funds!

    So there is most definitely a ‘take what you can culture’ – it’s practised blatantly by the politicians and bankers of the Etonian Elite who are taking what they can from the common purse at the expense of the most vulnerable people in society.

    And the only thing that oily bastard has ever given me in return is a dose of man flu!

  3. And I bet there will be NO mention of the biggest fugging scroungers of all time the fugging royals.

  4. flu labour.
    but on a serious note this looks like the blue labour Glasmania agenda, still better than the other brther’s new labour bollocks.

  5. Forza

    “Take what you can” culture e.g. politicians claiming for duck houses, mock tudor beams, toilet seats etc.


  6. smithy

    how can any of the new labour elite equate to living on disability benefits … mainly because we have worked ourselves to a standstill and the benefits system is our last refuge … the fact his his weekly income is probably similar to my yearly one .. and while he will continue unphased by this I have to undergo a second medical examination, have my dla up for renewal, and have to be faced to fight again what I am entitled to… I am lucky because I am reasonably vocal and articulate and literate … I know people who have none of these skills .. what is going to happen to them?

  7. fuck him, he’s just showing how irrelevent the labour party is, even out of power

    fight back against the benefit cuts – come to tomorrow’s atos origin recruitment event at triton square, near euston

    Blood and Bandages at Atos Origin – 14th June 5pm


  8. A. Worker.

    What an electioneering wanker.

    Never saw that fucker at work.


    I nearly had a fucking fit when I saw Millipede announce that if you have no job, paid or voluntary then you’ll be less entitled to a council home- Don’t get me wrong, I hate the Labour party deeply, I’ve never voted, but the filthy bastards have now jettisoned one of their fundamental party principles, and it beggars belief that this bunch of yuppy cocksuckers can still masquerade as ‘socialists’ or even as social democrats, are they looking to stimulate a new market in the return of the flop-house and the ‘penny-hang’, build concentration camps or what? Where the hell are the growing ranks of people on the dole supposed to live, and how, in fucks name, can you get a job without a permanent address? Would they evict people made unemployed by their own cuts? Mental, absolutely mental. Gearing up for the inevitable IMF bailout, down the line, or merely out-torying the tories?

  10. Geoff

    It’s so obvious, the way they focus on benefit claimants in order to divert working class anger away from the rich – and so bloody infuriating.
    It aint good to have so much anger inside – we need to use it, or (eventually) it will just corrode us from within.


      Don’t you worry mate, I’ve been seething my whole fucking life, and it looks like it’ll pay off- Whether the Dollar collapse, Greece defaults / revolts or Japan finally admits it has become uninhabitable, and ceases to exist as the world’s third biggest economy, it ain’t long now. It’s the end game, the house of cards will fall…
      Hopefully they’ll elect that fat Mexican fucker to the IMF, that’ll speed things along nicely…

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