The blog goes in serendipitous bridleways sometimes. Freely Associating mention the Troggs tapes….I tell a story Reg Presley told at the Bristol hippodrome about the village of Faccombe………Ned tells me I spelt it wrong (I did)………..Ned tells me the most extraordinary story about land ownership and that the whole of Faccombe is owned by one man………which takes us back to the question of feudal land ownership in this country I was talking about ten posts ago………….


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4 responses to “FACCOMBE ALL!

  1. “which takes us back to the question of feudal land ownership in this country”

    All feudal land ownership resulted from the forceful occupation of land that was once held in common – i.e. it was stolen. That land either remains in the possession of the thieves descendants, or else it has been sold on to new landowners. There’s no getting away from the fact that ALL landowners are guilty of HANDLING STOLEN GOODS!

    Why are the police wasting their time harassing Slutwalk organisers, when these REAL villains still at large? 😉

  2. Ned

    It’s a very nice part of the world round there – you’ve got the Chute Causeway (a Roman Road that, unusually, is ‘C’-shaped rather than straight), the Iron Age hillfort at Fosbury, a stone called the Devil’s Waistcoat – good for rambling, I’m sure…

    • Ned

      … guerrilla rambling? Think “guerrilla gardening” and go figure… There’s so much needless litter in “the countryside” (the very term evokes the sight of tweed and Barbour) that could be tidied away, like “NO TRESPASSING” and “PRIVATE PROPERTY” signs, traps for birds-of-prey employed by gamekeepers on behalf of their huntin’, shootin’ masters, and so on… A prelude to land occupations, perhaps…

  3. Warneford

    Having just taken a virtual tour of Faccombe (if they can’t take a joke) on Google Roman-Lane View, I would conclude the residents of Faccombe probably regard feudalism as being a dangerously left-wing experiment and in flagrant interference with their ancient human rights (rites) to sacrifice witches; the Daily Mail on Sunday is probably regarded as a weekly supplement to the Communist Manifesto … I could go on in the same rather laboured vein of course … mind you, having sneered all that, it’s Curry-Club at the Jack Russell ‘pub’ ever other Friday night apparently

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