Just received sad news feom Sean Keating from Salford:

R.I.P KEN KEATING. 24 01 38 .28 06 11, Legend, Friend, Father, Granddad. My dad Loved by many, hated by authority but respected by all. Safe journey to mum old timer x

Ken was the prime mover in Ordsall Class War in the 1990s and i think it would be safe to say none of us had ever seen the likes of Ordsall Class War! there are others who knew Ken far better than me and i hope to be publishing their thoughts when they are ready. In the meantime best wishes to Sean and family.

See picture of Ken and his ‘Grasswatch’ van here:

What did Ken think about the Lowry Arts Centre:

Oh yeah in an interview with Ken Keating I asked him about Lowry: He gave me a contemptuous look and said “Lowry he was just a f******g rent collector.”

Here’s an account from Practical History of Ordsall Class War in July 1992:

On the Ordsall Estate in Salford (near Manchester), in the space of several days in the first week of July, fires were started at a council neighbourhood office, a housing office, a careers office, a Department of Health office, a MacDonald’s restaraunt, and several other buildings. Shots were fired at police vehicles and a petrol bomb thrown at a police station. Also in Salford, eight people in balaclavas attacked a police car that they had lured into an ambsuh by setting off an alarm. Local youths complained of police violence, with one saying: “There’s people who can’t pay for electricity. And they’re at home in bed, in the dark, and the door’s kicked in and all they can see is big torches coming up the stairs and the Bill [the police] is saying ‘Stay where you are or you’ll get your heads blown off’”. Another said: “It’s just like Belfast. The police don’t relate to the kids. Why are they dragging them in, beating them up?”


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17 responses to “KEN KEATING R.I.P.

  1. Dave

    Informing Can Seriously Damage Your Health

    Picture of Ken and his famous Grasswatch van..

  2. Dora Kaplan

    Top man. He saw the surveillance state coming and had the cojones to resist.. Some people are just born with an indomitable spirit. I suspect he was one of them. What a contrast to the human shit that dominates this society at every level.

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  4. Anonymous

    rip ken, our comrade and friend. i had the honour of knowing ken for a ten year period from the late 1980’s. he was a great man, a staunch class warrior and a legend in his community and way beyond, i’ve just learnt the sad news of his passing and it pains me greatly. there is much to say and learn from him and when i gather my thoughts i hope to add to this.
    my thoughts are with sean, dawn and their families.
    love t xxx

  5. Darren-Australia

    I always wanted to meet Ken Keating after I’d been told of the escapades of Salford CW,the most militant Class War group I’d heard of.
    Respect to him from down under.

  6. Its all been said, I’ll add ‘A rebel to the end’ 🙂

  7. Darren-Australia

    When is the funeral,Ian;he deserves a shot fired over his box….from the true revolutionary working class….

  8. ianbone

    Ken’s funeral is on Friday July 15th – anarchists are invited to join the procession from Ken’s house at 11am

  9. Darren-Australia

    Someone has to step up and let it rip for Ken Keating.
    It has to come from the anarchists.
    One shot from one of us…
    We are all going to be like him one day, if we are 4 real.

  10. Darren-Australia

    He reminds me of the original,undiluted,Class War agenda;
    Strength in numbers,
    fight back,
    don’t grass
    the working class is your ally,NOT your enemy
    A text book education in revolutionary politics will only distance you from the class you wish to liberate…
    The more words spoken,the weaker the chain;
    The more the action,the greater the gain.

  11. Anonymous

    The Passing Of a Warrior

    I first came across Ken when we noticed very large bulk orders for class war going to an estate in Salford. Local contacts were dispatched and reported back that a one man class war group was practically running the Ordsall estate: they were armed, physically punishing burglars, stopping smack dealers, intimidating the cops and spreading class war propaganda around like there was no tomorrow.
    We had never seen the like of this before, it felt more like the Bogside than Moss side. For Ken class war meant fighting back in your own community not the lofty isolated analysis of obscure political theory, and Ken was unstopable. Ken soon became a friend as well as a comrade and over the years that followed there was never a dull moment around him (which is putting it very mildly).
    Many of the stories and events of that time are still too recent to be told now and will have to wait for another day when its safer to discuss them, but it is safe to say that such was the influence of Ken and the threat that he posed, that eventually the full force of the state was mobilised against him and those he influenced in his area. The mid-1990’s became a very interesting time in Salford. It seems that nothing focuses the attention of the security state like armed criminals becoming political and turning on the state. This pressure could have brought a lesser man down, or at least warned him off, but not Ken, he carried on fighting right to the end. But there are some events that can be safely told though – my own favourite was him blowing up the steam boiler house in the borstal he was in as a child; ‘the whole fuckin’ lot went up! you should have seen it’ he would gleefully tell. Other events have been reported elsewhere and need no repeating from me.
    For many, espically younger comrades, Ken was an inspiration, a staunch, self taught, working class warrior who had been through the sneering, sterile and futile experience of the middle class organised left in Britain and who had at last found his true home in anarchist and libertarian politics.
    If libertarian politics are ever to achieve a real base and influence in this country it will be by putting in years of hard graft in our communities, Ken did this, he did it well with boundless energy and enthusiasm, day in – day out, and always with a fantastic sense of humour and a mischievous twinkle in his eye… he will be greatly missed as a person as well as an activist.
    I remember well a meeting of CW activists in the early 90’s talking about Ken and what he had achieved in Salford, someone said that with 1000 activists like Ken we would be unstopable, someone else said that we would be unstopable with 100 like Ken, in the end we all agreed that 10 would be enough…
    Fairwell Ken, you will be sorely missed and impossible to replace. A fighter to the end. And, with the risk of sounding like a crap DJ – respect is due.
    love T .

  12. John the Hat

    Certainly known and respected by Anarchists and people without the education to even think of themselves as being political, while having a riot.

    • John the Hat

      If all activists had the determination that Ken had, not to put up with the bullshit, there’d be no need for a revolution, we’d be on the other side of one, now.
      Much love, Ken.

  13. alright ken, i knw ya lookin dwn on us all mate, hope your happy up there, got no where to go for my chats now mukka, but im doing alright mate, ill see ya wen i see ya fella, nuff love mate, from ya pal, leroy x

  14. Dave hates politicians

    Top Bloke . True Class Warrior . Example to us all . RIP Ken .

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  16. Class Warrior .

    R I P Ken .
    A true legend .

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