The Sun is  alleging that Ed Miliband’s media advisor TOM BALDWIN is ‘ a heavy cocaine user’………which in turn raises questions over the long rumoured cocaine use of the Chipping Norton Sect including Snooty himself. We are still waiting for toxicology reports on Snooty’s dead mate in the Glastonbury bogs – cocaine the best bet – and the toff was of course a pillar of Chipping Norton Sect. The Sun would know about Baldwin’s cocaine use of course cos Tom baldwin used to work for News int at the Times – where his cocaine use was just the norm. This is going to get dirtier and dirtier – unprecedented for such a fall out among the power elite.


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  1. martin

    hahahahahaha sorry ian thats just ace hahahahahaha….

  2. Tough Love

    Snooty….surely you mean Snorty??

  3. Dora Kaplan

    It’s all unfolding rapidly. It may have spread to America, which could be a real problem for the Murdochs. The Corrupt Foreign Powers Act, or whatever it’s called, allows prosecutors to charge senior executives of US registered companies for crimes committed abroad, particularly if those crimes involve bribes to public officials, i.e. Mr Plod. They’re all gonna need some bugle at News International!

  4. Anonymous

    Is that why Ed MIliband sounds like he does, because he has a kilo of coke shoved up his hooter?

  5. 23 hour party people

    Dave’s wife, Sam. is an ex-crackhead. Her old best friend, Dave’s sister Clare (who I have met many times at squat parties), is on record as being well into her crack and smack. Malicious gossip from the less well-off, non-public school survivors (those who couldn’t afford expensive rehab at The Stapleford Clinic or Clouds) of that scene say that Dave was always partial to a pipe of crack himself. There has to be photo’s.

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