Well this is the only blog that forecast something like this would happen (see post below) and now former NOTW reporter SEAN HOARE has been found dead. He was the first man to reveal Andy coulson knew about phone hacking  and  in turn the NOTW  said he was an alkie/druggie….which will no doubtless  be given as cause of death. Cops first say ‘death not suspicious’ then ‘unexplained’ and are now pushing ‘suicide’ to reporters.


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  1. Anonymous

    Tom Alexander (senior executive of Orange / T Mobile) has suddenly quit this afternoon, he’s left to pursue ‘other interests’, presumably those ‘other interests’ do not include assisting News International to by-pass Orange’s mobile phone security systems … not that he ever did that of course, just a satirical comment arising from the coincidence of his resignation coming at the same time as revelations.

  2. Dora Kaplan

    If Mulcaire’s not shitting himself, he should be. The knives are out. Suicide, depression, alcohol, or a convenient accident? Odds on for ‘suicide.’

  3. smithy

    ‘hacked’ down?

  4. Anonymous

    this is turning in to a full on tony gilroy flick

  5. Claws Four Razzler

    Many reasons for the death of a working class “clause IV” socialist who made the big time & then blew the whistle when he was fucked over by Coulson….


    ‘Was seriously ill’, had ‘drink and drug problems’, cops say death Not Suspicious…Despite his recent allegations of NOTW using mobile masts to track people, ‘pinging’ they call it…


    “Hoare also told the New York Times about the practice of “pinging” – whereby journalists would pay police officers to “ping” someone’s phone, in order to track down someone’s precise location. “Pinging” was intended to be used only by the police on high-level suspects, rather than celebrities.”

  8. Tough Love

    ………….Or he lied and just coudn’t face the police enquiry.
    Any death deserves mourning rather than hyping up to a conspiracy.


      So, no conspiracy theories then, let’s just mourn a Big Fat Liar -seems fair and respectful enough, I suppose…and any relationship between a timely death and scandalous revelations will all be forgotten, like leaves in the autumnal wind…


      Yeah, and corporations work for the public welfare, military invasions are humanitarian interventions, the banks haven’t received a penny of public money, David Cameron’s an honest guy, and David Kelly and Hilda Murrell are dancing their way up the yellow brick road with Jesus H Christ and the band of the Girl Guides.

  9. Anonymous

    Could you post up this weeks lottery numbers pls?


      4…..Knock at the door
      9…. Doctor’s orders
      13.. Unlucky for some
      15.. Young and keen
      18.. Now you can vote
      40…Blind 40
      Bonus ball- 30.. Burlington Bertie

      There you go, with topical bingo calls to match…(Shame 49 never came up)

  10. Responsible Citizen

    Been sent the following short statement. Friends of mine also seem to have received copies.
    Many people have accused me of a gross error of judgement in hiring Andy Coulson and suggest that I am considering my position as Prime Minister.
    Nothing could be further from the truth.
    I have every confidence in Mr. Clueless, and despite the fact he worked for the Conservative Party for 4 years I have never met him. The same goes for Ms. Virginia Wade, the “flame-haired temptress” who has delighted so many fans at Wimbledon with her “wapping hits” (©K. McKenzie). I offer them nothing but my best wishes in their retirement from public life.
    As for “top cops” Stephenson and Yates, I feel I can say nothing while they are investigating themselves. It will be a sad day for democracy when a senior police officer cannot declare his own innocence.
    Finally, I must address rumours that my staunch friend Boris Yawnson has failed to support me at this trying time. As Loud Mayor of London he has a full agenda, from trying to find one working escalator on the Jubilee Line to talking to the Evening Standard, and one can only sympathise with his delightful wife Noris as these distressing symptoms of executive fatigue overwhelm her spouse. I am sure all of us join in offering them both a happy period of much-needed retrenchment in Tierra del Fuego.
    I have every confidence in myself. No more need be said.

    — Dave.


  11. james walsh

    one law for then as the Four Skins would have said ‘- “Pinging” was intended to be used only by the police on high-level suspects, rather than celebrities.” isn’t about time some rich bastards got some of the treatment they meet out to good honest working class criminals (and the bad ones). The ruling class know it’s a first class and second world class and want to make the difference as large as possiable.

    • eek

      ‘We’ve been warned of rivers of blood
      See the trickle before the flood
      Pretend nothing happened, make no fuss
      One law for them, One for us ‘

      Hmmm. not exactly a lyric to quote on a site such as this, try the EDL site next time. I particularly like their use of the word paki in this clip.


    “As English booking agency reports, “David Cameron’s odds of leaving the Cabinet have been slashed by Ladbrokes. The bookies have taken a steady stream of bets on the PM leaving office with the odds dropping from 100/1 to 20/1 and now 8/1 in a matter of hours.”

    Gotta go viral with this….

  13. Benny Rudeboy

    The British police – who are up to their necks in this – claim that his death is not suspicious at all…yeah right and David Kelly killed himself after blowing the whistle on the British government dossier on the WMDs in 2003. Pull the other one mate.

    Also let’s not forget the comment from Blair’s former press officer Lance Price, “the third most powerful figure in the Labour government”, after Blair himself and Gordon Brown…

    Not to mention that Gordon Brown also invited the Murdoch press to the funeral of one of his children who died after a premature birth…he was as chummy with that mob as all the rest of the politicians in the UK.

  14. james walsh

    Shocking that Aussie Class War used it for a poster then.

    Go to football, throw a brick,
    Get no mercy, months in nick
    Riot in the ghetto, red alert,
    Guilty free, innocent hurt

    We’ve been warned of rivers of blood
    See the trickle before the flood
    Pretend nothing happened, make no fuss
    One law for them, One for us

    One law for them, One law for them,
    One law for them, and another law for us

    No fun, no homes, no job, no use
    what else is used as an excuse
    Families fighting, familes looting
    next theres death, then theres shooting

    One law for them, One law for them,
    One law for them, and another law for us

    Riots in London, blame Old Bill
    We’ve been lucky no ones killed
    Violence on the streets, more to follow
    Freedom for those freedom fighters

    One law for them, One law for them,
    One law for them, and another law for us

    What shocking lyrics- I better just listen to Chumwambamba from now on. As to the BBC it’s the Daily Mail for liberals. Though John Peel talked sense in that documentry.

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