Melanie Phillips The Mentor of terrorism

I wrote a few posts ago that Breivik was ‘Richard Littlejohn  with a gun’ well it turns out that one of the sources most quoted – or directly lifted and cut and pasted -is our very own hate merchant Tory MELANIE PHILLIPS of the Daily Mail…..6 times directly lifted from. So the old HURRAH FOR THE BLACKSHIRTS strike again – well done Melanie you must be very proud to be a far bigger influence  on the Nordic right than the EDL . Look forward to someone asking you about this next time you’re on Question Time.

Melanie phillips on Twitter:

July 21st: Is HMG planning to Islamise Britain?

July 25th: Dozens of writers cited in Norway psychopath’s ravings. So why am I being singled out?

 Melanie Phillips, of the Daily Mail, is quoted at length, including an opinion piece about Labour’s immigration policy which is included in full.

Melanie says preachers of hate should be deported – Norway here you come then Melanie!

Also speaks approvingly and quotes from JEREMY CLARKSON



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  1. Ned

    She’s twittering now about being persecuted by the left about her influence on Breivik:

    She’s yet to condemn the attacks, perhaps we should demand she does?

  2. Dora Kaplan

    How long before Melanie reveals who’s ‘really’ to blame for the Danish atrocity? Will it be:

    1. The new atheists
    2. The old Muslims
    3. Ann Summers parties
    4. Housing benefit
    5. Sex
    6. Charles Darwin

  3. Guy

    When the fuck will people stop insinuating that breivik has a mental illness? He’s not a psychopath, nutter, madman, sociopath etc etc. He’s sane and deserves to be treated as such.

  4. She’s probably a far bigger influence on the EDL than the EDL spokespeople for that matter…


    I don’t know why she’s whining- he was pro-Israeli after all! I mean honestly, if it’s OK for the IDF to slaughter an unarmed Palestinian father and son in the glare of the world’s media and get away with it, then killing 70 odd ‘cultural marxists’ ought to earn you the status of being one of the ‘Rightous Goyim’, surely!

  6. Gitane

    Dear Mel, the only reason that you’ve been cited as an influence to a mass murderer is that only a nutcase would take you seriously. Obviously you only influence dangerous minorities. Put down the pen pick up a revolver and go play russian roulette with your apostles. Preferably live on Question Time.

  7. j

    @ Guy

    People will never stop saying Breivik has a mental illness, until we are all dead and forgotten, because the most ill thing of all is to have no empathy for others, such as allows someone to shoot children per Breivik. Arguably one of the major functional benchmarks of mental health, is a sense of humanity.


      I object to that- you are saying that a defining marker for people who suffer from mental illness is a lack of a sense of humanity? That statement itself lacks humanity, and displays an incredible depth of ignorance about mental illness.
      I’d say a benchmark of being human is an ability to empathise, but that doesn’t make Breivik an animal either…At best he could be described as having a personality disorder, itself not classified as an illness in and of itself…
      How can we really differentiate between the sane and the insane in a world like this?
      “It is no measure of health to be well adjusted to a profoundly sick society.”
      We have bigger murderers, namely our political and corporate classes…

    • Guy

      ‘people will never stop saying breivik has a mental illness’ becuase they are lazy and by labelling somone as such provides all the rationale needed to explain such a terrible act without further analysis.

      Also, lets be clear that mental health and mental illness are not the same thing, just as being physically unhealthy doesn’t necessarily mean you are physically ill.

      As for the ‘sense of humanity’ comment, you really should be ashamed to voice such prejudice based purely on a personal value judgement. The functional benchmark of mental health is the ability to function within your own chosen lifestyle. Breivik functioned exceptionally well in his chosen lifestyle, spending years planning this atrocity with great focus and determination.

      At danger of being repetative, labelling someone as a madman, psycho, nutter etc. serves no purpose other than to distract from the brutal realities if this tragedy.

      • gabs

        Well said, Guy. The left wing majority will increasingly wish to label him as insane – it takes away the responsibility of the media to look at the reasons behind his act

  8. dave

    Fair play, she’s an utter cunt.

  9. Gitane

    Sometimes comrades people like Brievek get to convince a whole country. Lessons of history and all that. Melanie Phillips may go down in history as misunderstood as Nietsche or Stalin! Another Daily Mail headline “it was the Mail wot dun it” as hundreds of traveller’s are killed fighting against eviction.

  10. Anton

    In the Guardian Melanie Phillips writes in her defence:

    “The supposed beliefs of Norway massacre’s perpetrator has got the left in general wetting itself in delirium at this apparently heaven-sent opportunity to take down those who fight for life, liberty and western civilisation against those who would destroy it.”

    It seems even in her defence she cannot resist apocalyptic hyperbole seeing herself as ‘fighting for life, liberty and western civilisation against those who would destroy it’ – what utter crap! Such a sentence might have been lifted straight from Breivik’s manifesto.

    The continuous drip, drip, drip of that sort of hyperbolic ranting are what feed and nurture conspiracy theories. Breivik was a man who took such crap seriously.

  11. Dora Kaplan

    I suspect Brevik’s deeply psychotic. Most political terrorists, whether nationalists, sectarian fanatics, or whatever, pick targets that are likely to mobilise their constituency and result in some kind of strategic gain for their movement.
    Brevik’s a bit more like the kids at Columbine – wiping out his own peer group for his own bizarre reasons. A rational right winger (if that’s not an oxymoron) would have attacked a target with some symbolic value for his constituency – a mosque, the Danish equivalent of the Commission for Racial Equality, a branch office of the UN, an immigration centre, or something. And a serious paramilitary activist would not have been captured without resistance or injury.

  12. Walker

    There is no such thing as madness, insanity, mental illness. They are all constructions that are used to oppress.

    • scherben

      Try telling that to my partner, who’s brother is a sociopath, and is a destructive, vile wanker

      The oppressor is him

  13. Anarchist Worker

    Walker you have obviously never suffered from mental illness or been close to someone who has. Your statement is both ill informed and unhelpful. As someone who has worked in this area I can tell you that mental illness is a very real and debilitating illness. But I suppose you would just suggest that I am an oppressor.

  14. Keith

    Saaz & others who pushed the myth of mental illness in the 60s & 70s often had a right wing agenda & generalised from particular circumstances such as the branding & incarceration of opponents of Stalin as insane, or the pathologising of minority sexualities. The truth is that through all the ham fisted responses by the authorities to mental illness, it still remains a pertinent fact & disablement to millions of people & their families & friends. There may have been Bedlam with its penny peep show, hospitals like Whittingham with its own railway terminus a la Auschwitz, early sodium-based medication & their distressing side effects such as permanent diskinesis, & a continuing power relationship within community care, but medication & the support that is usually not enough can help.

    • Walker

      Keith- surely opposing the ‘pathologising of minority sexualities’ (you mean treating being gay as an illness?) cannot have arisen from a right wing agenda?
      And the modern ‘antipsychotics’ are just as damaging as any antiquated treatment- Clozapine knocks ten years off your life expectancy!

  15. ianbone

    Mental health discussion is now concluded!

  16. Anonymous

    Interesting info on Jody McIntyre blog:

    Possible motives for the Breivik massacre began to emerge. Images of the Norwegian ruling party’s youth camp on the island of Utoya were published online, where, just days before the attack, teenagers had met with Norwegian Foreign Minister Jonas Gahr Stoere. They had demanded the government recognise a Palestinian state. One photograph shows the Foreign Minister in the foreground, with a banner held up in the background reading “Boikott Israel”. Boycott Israel.

    A manifesto, written by Breivik, was also discovered. The 1500 page document, entitled “A European Declaration of Independence”, reveals a troubling ideology. “Let us fight together with Israel,” Breivik writes, “with our Zionist brothers against all anti-Zionists.”

    • Walker

      Blimey! sorry, he IS nuts!

      • INCUBUS

        He’s not nuts cos he supports Israel- the extreme right, in their various manifestations, are now torn between traditional anti-semitism and islamophobia. Some cling to a ‘judeo-christian heritage’ ethic whilst others want to complete the holocaust and sympathise with the Palestinians….Just as in the US where you have fundi-christians supporting Zionism…

  17. 27past1984

    be careful what you wish for !!!

    the end result of all this is going to be greater powers for the surveillance state in the name of combating extremism . prosecute him as a mass murderer , go after any accomplices he may have had but i think it would be wise to forgo this opportunity to ‘bash the fash’. forget the politics , the guy’s nothing more than a murdering scum bag . .

  18. Col Mustard

    Sorry to rain on your parade chaps but the writer most quoted in the manifesto is an anarchist – the Unabomber. Hoist by your own petard, what what!


      Not true, or rather, there are no attributed quotes to either the ‘Unabomber’ or Ted Kaczynski…Plenty of old bollox from dead Popes and Tory Journos though…

      • Keith

        THe unabomber had a primitivist agenda, quite at odds with the free society that many anarchists are working for; if Breivik had been quoting Kaczynski, he would not have been quoting someone from the mainstream of people who value humanity.

  19. Walker

    others want to complete the holocaust and sympathise with the Palestinians…. what a terrible thing to say.

    • Keith

      Hi Comrade Walker,
      To complete the Holocaust there are reactionaries prepared to spew hatred & violence variously against gays, disabled people, Jews, Moslems, Leftists, East Europeans & there are prominent people to encourage them. There seems to be increasing hate crime, including murder, against disabled people across Europe. The one X Factor finalist to have Romany heritage has been singled out for openly racist vitriol online. The list goes on

      • INCUBUS

        Yes, but then there is also a new holocaust brewing, percolated by the likes of Melanie Phillips and the egregrious Niall Fergusson, the so-called historian who is bemoaning the decline of the west in the face of Islam and rah-rahing the banning of the Burka (He of the new private university in London)- the same sort of scum washed to the surface in Germany, paving the way for the Genocide of the Jewish people, only nowadays it’s all aimed at muslim people (think Thilo Sarazzin), not that I am in anyway a fan of any revolting religion, but I draw the line at mass murder, unless it’s a popular uprising against the priest-class of-course…

  20. proletarian

    It’s no conspiracy to recognise EDL links with Isreal, be it ‘intelligence’, waving flags or the naming of the organisation. I don’t think it can be ruled out the EDL is a tool of one or more states, perhaps indirectly. But of course this requires facts not mere speculation.

  21. Zarina

    Should we deport Melanie Phillips as a ‘preacher of hate in order to preserve liberty and western civilisation? Her rhetoric was described as worse than that of Hammas .Pure vitriol -mostly directed at the muslim world .

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