To the Grosvenor pub in Stockwell last night for the anti-fascist benefit. ….and  the laugh out load review act of  ‘SHIT THEATRE’ – two women as funny as fucking fuck. They did an extended manic romp which had Fox News covering the fox scare stories of last year  – y’know ‘fox stole my baby and ate it’ – with increasing build up of panic as new fox stories came in – ‘they marry each other’ – brilliant. Other highlights were the Ugg  boots song …’Ugg boots – ugly like a feminist’ and the paen to the health work done by religious groups in Africa – ‘Thank heavens for Christian Aids’. Probably heading to the Edinburgh festival I should think but catch ’em if you can.


 In the pub window was advertised a gig by rockabilly outfit ‘ Prince Monolulu and the Royal Ponces’ – what a top fucking name – sure beats ‘Hatfield and the North’.


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3 responses to “‘SHIT THEATRE’

  1. Dora Kaplan

    Proper entertainment. Did anyone ever see ‘Stars up their arse’ when it was doing the rounds? I still remember it well. Probably the best live show I’ve ever seen. Unfortunately the whole scene is now a vast magnet for greasy, ambitious, nasty little shysters.

  2. May

    Feminists are beautiful. 🙂

  3. Duncan

    Joking aside, I think they’re right about the foxes.

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