The mayor of Tower Hamlets is calling for the EDL march on september 3rd to be banned. Here’s the response from Tower Hamlets ALARM:

‘Ban the EDL march. The current chant right now of the Left. They are insane.
Some people are getting into the old rhetoric “We are proud of Tower Hamlets, a vibrant multiracial area, which has along and proud history of resistance to racism & fascism. From Cable Street in the 1930s, to Brick Lane in the 1970s and to Millwall in the1990s, the people of Tower Hamlets have come together to see off racism and fascism before. We will now stand united against the racist and extremist EDL.” Reads a letter from Hope not Hate in which they repeatedly ask for a ban.
In the 30’s they did not ask for a fucking ban they stopped them. The answer to Nationalist right wing nuts is never State oppression. The EDL must be defeated on the streets. There is no other solution to them.
All the EDL have to offer is a paranoid partially twisted dystopian future, one shared with people like Anders Behring Breivik who’s grotesque actions in Norway are fuelled by the same hateful ideology of anti-immigration hysteria. They rub shoulders in the same political world alongside a plethora of religious bigots. They may claim not to be an explicit fascist organisation but they fail to realise that they are igniting a political vacuum that allows and even encourages it’s behaviour. Is there a chance of EDL activists turning down this path of lone wolf bombs and gun attacks? Yes, London has seen an example before with David Copeland the nail bomber. This EDL is where their politics ends, with violence.
Banning their march’s only further legitimises their arguments. A tiny tiny tiny minority of orthodox Islamic followers do need to be criticised and protested. If their march’s are banned their narrative of victimisation, that all Muslims are a problem and that the Left are willing to allow this country to fall into this minority hands becomes more acceptable, despite lacking any proof. If their marches are banned it makes them seem right, their numbers will grow, this is unacceptable. They must be stopped. And they must be stopped by the only language they know. On the streets.
The only thing that is certain is that a ban on the EDL march in Tower Hamlets will be a nightmare. Without the EDL on the 3rd to protest, our community will be attacked by another invading army, the police as seen before on June 20th last year. The groups that turn out to oppose the absent EDL will have the shit kicked out of them by the police. Kids will be rounded up beaten, arrested and months later sent to jail.
The EDL can be defeated politically (just not by Newsnight’s Paxman) because their ideas are mental. They want to pit us against our neighbours. We live here and we know for a fact that “English” and “Muslim” people can and do live side by fucking side in shit cramped housing and get along just fine.
And if they do head down to Tower Hamlets on the 3rd they will be defeated on the streets. And this is what NEEDS to happen. We don’t need a ban on the EDL, we need to stand against them. Not walk away to Weaver’s field, but to stand in front of them. Stop them marching, show them that they cannot not intimidate, divide and batter a community.
If the EDL are not beaten on our streets they will never go away, if they are not smashed to atoms – physically and ideologically – then they will continue to grow and infect. If the EDL are banned and go underground without being definitively defeated on the streets we will never be able to operate without a fear of them. They will become the bogeyman to radical politics.
State intervention is a worrying turn, the State stepping in and banning EDL protests is not a sign of a left wing section of the State acting, or even an Islamic element gaining strength, it is a sign of a further move to a totalitarian State. We already have the camps in Yarlswood, thug police that get away with murder and an ever watching State gathering information on us. We don’t need to campaign for them to ban political groups. Today the EDL, tomorrow us.
We don’t need the State to stop the EDL. We need to do this ourselves. We need our communities to work together, overcome divisive elements and tackle the threat of fundamentalism in whatever forms it takes. This is the only way the working class can stand strong in the Governments onslaught of public service cuts. United we stand, divided we fall.’



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  1. Walker

    Bang on 100% absolutely right comrade.
    Banning the ‘march’ panders to the EDL agenda- they’ll go on about no freedom of speech etc.
    Also their views need to be out in the open so that they can be challenged and dismantled by more rational minds.
    The EDL need the chance to see what real people are like, real working class ‘British’ people, whatever their cultural background- decent , not a bunch of hate fueled paranoid twats.

  2. Craig Shrimpton

    So true. We can’t expect and shouldn’t want the police and state to act in favour of anti-fascism.

    To what extent is the UAF synonymous with the SWP does anyone know? Their placards look very similar to me…

    • S-J

      About as synonymous as it gets! Run from the same office, all the ‘leading memebers’ tend to be on the SWP central comittee and any UAF event is always, ALWAYS used as a way to push paper sales and try to get people to join the party. It’s basically a front group for the Trots – christ knows it’s bloody useless as anything else!

      • Sauf

        Not sure how useless it is, considering they are the activists that are doing the most legwork to get people on the streets against the fascists.

        But front group is a fair description. Who gives a fuck?

  3. Craig Shrimpton

    Guardian radio programme about this is shit, predictably asking ‘why have the police not got powers to stop the march’, and ‘why haven’t the government proscribed the organisation’.


    Nazi Knickers in a twist-
    “As we will never tire of saying, extremism cannot be fought with extremism.”
    (and that we are MASSIVE LYING CUNTS.)

    Shit and giggles all round!, With any luck EDL factions will get busy battering each other after a protracted period of pub-kettling…


    Here’s a happy prospect-
    ‘Army officers could be fast-tracked into police’
    and this is what the cops say-
    “Get them in there! I say, at least when the fucking lefty unwashed scum that take to the streets to fucking cause mayhem, and attack the Royal convoy and generally wreck the place, then maybe someone might have the bollocks to deploy baton gunners and hickory sticks. I would take great pleasure in mincing a few student skulls with hickory. No fucking danger”

    Just how close to fascism are we ? Next thing you know the EDL will be used as Special Cuntstables…

  6. Gitane

    Like bull terriers on the beach they’ll be chasing their tails for a long, long time. The spectacle is not the situation. Move on and organise comrades.

  7. Dora Kaplan

    It’s a bit disingenuous from the Trots. Where have they been for the last month? Asking the police to decide who can march and who can’t is effectively asking News International to decide on the public legitimacy of political organisations.

  8. Spot on. Was just debating with someone from facebook about this very issue. Very well said Tower Hamlets ALARM!

  9. Break EDL trolls

    Agree with the article. Allowing the state to ban the EDL gives the state more power over all political groups, us and the fash scum. We need a strong unified working class (of all shades and creeds) defence against the EDL, knock them back once and for all. Time to put asidesectariansim and useless counter marches halfway across town and oppose them head on. I’ll be heading down that day.

  10. It is worth remembering precisely whom anti-fascists had to fight in Cable Street. It wasn’t Mosley’s Blackshirts…

  11. ALARM are correct, of course, but as Marie Marshall points out above they still operate within the general legend of Cable Street. The battle of Cable Street was a battle against the police who tried to clear the route of the Blackshirts’ march.

    ALARM say:

    “In the 30’s they did not ask for a fucking ban they stopped them.”

    Who are “they”? Lots of people, such as the Jewish People’s Council, wanted the march banned, and collected 100,000 signatures on a petition to that effect. Both the Communist Party and the Independent Labour Party wanted a ban, only supporting direct action when a ban was rejected.

    In the end, Mosley was told by the police that his march couldn’t go ahead. So it was still a State decision in the end, though it was the blockade which forced that decision.

    And the outcome? BUF marches in the East End were I think banned from 1937, but Mosley continued to march, including in London, several times, apparently seldom met by serious opposition. There was one just a few days after Cable Street.

    Cable Street’s biggest political effect was the 1936 Public Order Act, which introduced controls on public political demonstrations. It was likely the Public Order Act that made life most difficult for the BUF, not least because it banned political uniforms. But they still got a quarter of the vote in the 1937 London County elections. The Earls Court Rally was 1939.

    The lessons of Cable Street are not simple ones.


    Article in Guardian about anti-terrorist police asking the public to report people they know as anarchist.

    (Sorry don’t know how to do links – ‘scuse techno ignorance).

    Home page, 8 articles down, left column.


    Never mind the history…I can see the owners of all the Balti, curry and Tandoori houses sending out an army of chefs and kitchen workers bristling with Sabatiers and Henckels…The loss of a days trading won’t go down too well…You think the chickens cut themselves up? Time to slice and dice bhai…?!

  14. There is of course a certain irony in the Mayor of Tower Hamlets, elected by the block vote of East London Mosque, calling for a ban on a march ostensibly against…………..Islamic extremism.

  15. Pops!

    censorship IS fascism.

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