7am – sporadic rioting stil going on off Tottenham High Road. Looting still going on. Hatred towards cops has not dissipated. There are many people on the streets now giving cops severe verbals and shouting at them.Have not seen a riot like this with so much hatred, property damage and lasting into daylight since Toxteth 1981. A community united has given the cops a complete and well justified hammering.After years of getting away with murder and useless IPCC inquiries people have finlly had enough and let it rip. We can hope that other places follow Tottenham’s lead. While Cameron and osborne live it up on holiday Britain burns. The Met sare a useless bunch of corrupt fuckwits. At last the working class have re-entered the arena. BIGTIME.  THE REDISTRIBUTION OF WEALTH IN TORY BRITAIN HAS BEGUN!


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  1. Warneford

    “Britain is an oasis of calm” – Vince Cable, 5th August 2011

  2. croydonclasswar

    whats more revolting, people queing round the block for the doors of a new flagship Primark to open? Or the mob smashing the windows of comet and running off with the goods???

    im with the mob all the way.

  3. Guy

    My qoute of the day so far from a very angry local on radio 5 live

    ‘ how can you make 1 million youth unemployed and expect us to lay down?’


      And don’t let us forget the cutting of the EMA…Apparently the ‘silent vigil’ turned riotous because a copper batoned a young woman during the demo…Are people expected to take that laying down as well, and wiat for another fucking IPCC enquiry?

  4. y

    “Meanwhile, two Mail on Sunday photographers were viciously beaten and robbed by masked youths armed with crowbars and other makeshift weapons and reporters on the scene were threatened by looters in balaclavas.
    The photographers said there was ‘total lawlessness’ in the area with the contents of shops strewn across the streets and the police unable to gain access.
    One said: ‘It is utter carnage out there. We have been beaten up quite badly and had about £8,000 of equipment stolen. We were quite discreet but as soon as we got a camera out we were set on by youths with masks who were armed with crowbars.’
    In a separate incident, a Mail on Sunday reporter was chased down a side street and struck on the back of the head with a rock.

    Read more:

  5. Davis Walsh

    Sorry – better off-field quote from the headline from Nick Cohen’s column in the Observer – “No riots in Britain – just deep anxiety”

  6. Lo

    You are so ignorant. The head of a gang shooting at the police is dead. Don’t carry a gun and don’t shoot at police. He got what he deserved!!

    • Marc

      You shoot a police officer, you deserve what’s coming to you.

      Law abiding people don’t carry guns.

    • Harry White

      I suppose you know that he was the head of a gang the same way we all knew that Jean Charles de Menezes was a terrorist: because the police said so.

    • Internet Hat Machine

      Well it turns out he didn’t shoot at the police. Feeling silly? Maybe you shouldn’t put all your trust in what the police say, it’s naive and makes you look stupid when the truth comes out.

    • GeorgeM

      if he had a gun and threatened or shot at the police then yes he did deserve to be shot. I am glad he died not a police officer. Police are fathers and mothers with children as well. I wonder how those slagging off the police on here would feel if an armed gang broke into their home and the police refused to attend in case they were accused of violence? – grow up.

    • Beau

      GeorgeM: “I wonder how those slagging off the police on here would feel if an armed gang broke into their home”

      The only people who have ever done that were, wait for it, the pigs themselves!

  7. trev

    This is surely the start of the ‘autumn of rage’. Its likely to carry on and spread to other cities.

  8. ok

    Best thing is that BBC/Sky have hardly any proper footage at all thanks to clued up people kicking the police informant, media filth off the streets.
    Also the scared white middle class media types exposing their fear and closet racism all night on twitter was very interesting indeed.

  9. ok

    Laurie Penny, spokesperson of uni rioters and fake revolutionary, (remember how she was self appointed leader of young uni toffs who were going to start a revolution last xmas? lol) now tweets how she is frightened by prospect of more riots and this has shaken her up. You couldn’t make it up. Hilarious.

    • ok

      She’s also lamenting her former road going up in flames. What the fuck does she think revolutions involve? politely asking your ex oxbridge chums to relinquish power forthwith? What a fuckwit.

  10. alan on tyneside

    A highly satisfactory night’s work imo. Targets generally well selected from both a political & a practical economic point of view; everything apparently well executed & some imaginative new tactics, including removal of unsympathetic press & the use of fire extinguishers to create a ‘smoke-screen’ so that ppl could get close enough to brick da bizzies, (according to an eyewitness account in the Guardian comments). Oh, and a wicked mix of ehtnicities amongst the participants – the EDL ain’t gonna like this one little bit.

    Anyone planning on going to bed early tonight?

  11. Anonymous

    Yeah! Small businesses robbed, public services destroyed! That’ll learn ’em!

    You were hijacked by local thugs looking to make a quick buck and smash some windows and you havn’t even noticed.

    Redistribution of wealth starts here? Autumn of rage? You’re deluded. If the damage was kept to the police you MIGHT have made a point, but you’ve just gone and alienated the people of Tottenham. All anyone is going to see now is a thug got shot by the police and his mates trashed the place.

    How hard is it for you people to separate your protests? If you trash a shop when it’s supposed to be about a killing, all anyone sees is looters taking advantage of the situation and that’s all the story becomes. You’ve got such a hard-on for rioting that all you’ve ended up with is noise, again.

    This riot will change nothing because you fucked it up.


      “Small businesses robbed, public services destroyed! “- are you sure you ain’t talking about the super-rich Bankers fucking us into the ground?
      You’ve obviously NEVER been skint or signed on, or been treated like dogshit by the Feds-You expect people to be ‘reasonable’ and ‘separate’ their protest, when a man has had his face blown off with a sub-machine gun- a man who was a dad of four, who has now been smeared in the press as a ‘gangsta’ with ZERO PROOF- and even if he was, did he deserve to be executed in the street? Police lie and cover-up all the time with media conivance. Riots are an expression of anger- so plenty has been achieved.

      • Well done

        Oh out come the ad hominem, clutch a straw, baby!

        A local shop keeper is not a rich banker, i’m not talking about Aldi and CPW, they wern’t the only shops robbed by a long shot. What about the man who walked out his front door to find his car on fire? He’s a rich banker too?

        What has him being a dad of four got to do with anything? He exchanged bullets with Police and lost. You think he fired his gun AFTER he got his ‘face blown off’? Maybe it’s all bunkem, the Police are bullshitting and eye witness accounts were falsified in a time not thought possible by science. How do any of you know that yet? It’s barely been a day but no, you don’t want to try and get the truth, you just jump straight to “someone got shot by Police, he must have been executed”.

        FYI I’m skint right now and i’ve been on the dole many times. The difference is i don’t think it’s a badge of honor. Nor do i think ‘the man is getting me down’. You all talk like the world owes you something and it doesn’t. If being hard up is so important to you, we can have a competition on who comes from a poorer background, actually why bother, i’ll win, so you can fuck off with your bullshit strawman “he disagrees with me, so that means he’s a rich banker”

        When all anyone see are chavs with trolleys robbing H&M, that isn’t an expression of anger, is an expression of opportunism.

        This will become about the damage and the locals pissed off that you trashed their shit to make a point. Well done.

    • ok

      Free goods wins everytime you prick. This riot has got you so irate so that’s a success in my book. Now run along you tool and fill in that PCSO application form you have lying around.

      • Well done

        Brilliant counter argument. I’m glad the future of the country will be in the hands of such an intellectual power house.

  12. Anonymous

    I am so outraged at the shooting of Mark Duggan (a man I’ve never heard of) that I need to demonstrate my anger by helping myself to a 51″ plasma tv from Currys

    • Are you the same sad wanker who wanted us to give Ed Miliband a chance and listen to what he has to say cos he’s “on our side”? or was that a different anony mouse? PS nice use of the word “chavs” by your alter ego “well done”… y’all are afraid to say “nigger” now so you say that instead about your “lower ranking” white compatriots… but you probably say “nigger” too, just not in public. Go and fuck yourself.

      • Well done

        Haha, oh wow!

        Firstly, I’m the one who called them chavs, but i did not write the post you’re replying too. Anonymous: 101, dude.

        Secondly, what has anything you have to say got to do with his actual post?

        Regardless, it’s good to know that when faced with a counter opinion you can come out with hyperbole. I love that from the use of the word ‘chav’ you get “MUST BE A FUCKING RACIST TOO!”. Now i could hark on with ‘some of my best friends are (insert ethnic minority)’ but why bother? If i said the grass was green you would write a post complaining that i don’t like dogs.

    • td

      yeah and the fact that he’s a drug dealing gangster makes it all the more sad 😦
      But what is incredibly ironic is the police offered a reward after this guy’s cousin was stabbed to death (no riot after that funnily enough!)

  13. anarchofem

    *stands up and applauds Incubus*
    There’s a pint at the bar for you, comrade.

  14. Guy

    Eye witness says police setting upon a 16yr old girl sparked things off

  15. Urban Underclass.

    @Editor; Could you please delete my last post and add this version of it instead as the last sentence in the paragraph before the last should contain the phrase “urban deprivation” and not “urban depravation”. I don’t want to get burned because people think I’m calling the working class ‘depraved’. Thank you.

    The language which the establishment, has, today, chosen to address the Tottenham Riot, i.e., the accusation of every rioter as ‘criminally intent’ and attempts to portray the insurgency as only specific to the black community in retaliation to a ‘shoot out’ between ‘gangster’, Mark Duggan, and the police, only serves to ensure further riots will ensue.

    Mark Duggan was killed in cold blood. According to eye witnesses he was lying face down and had already been restrained by a number of officers before the shots were heard. Even if the eye witness accounts are in dispute, consider this: What would Mark have done when he was surrounded in a mini cab by the police’s specialist firearms team, CO19, with guns trained on him? Surrender to the police or shoot at them? The police did not afford Mark the opportunity to surrender. He was shot at point blank in the knowledge he maybe armed which is why no police officers were injured in the ‘shoot out’.

    Now, it is of no concern to me if every government building and retail park consortium in the UK is looted and burnt to the ground in reverberation. However, what is of concern to me is reports of the torch of people’s homes, the premises of independent retailers and charity shops and the infiltration, at a stage in the riot, of a criminal contingent who intruded into ordinary people’s homes and physically assaulted ordinary people in the street in acts of burglary and robbery. The enemy are the capitalists and its state and not the people.

    Behind the immediate outrage of the murder of Mark Duggan and the pernicious harassment of the black community by the police; there festers the multi ethnic, both white and black, experience in inner London of poverty, unemployment, lack of opportunity and social mobility, prejudice, disease, frequently as a subsequence of the degradation of the habitat by environmental pollution (London has the highest cardiovascular, respiratory and allergy mortality and morbidity rates in the UK) and either substandard or unaffordable housing. Add to this context, the ‘cull’ of us as cattle herded into areas of urban deprivation, as in the case of Mark Duggan, and you have a Tottenham Riot.

    The capitalist establishment will continue to fail to address these issues because it is capitalism and the establishment, who have, and continue to, cause them. The gauntlet is there for the anarchists to pick up. No justice. No peace

  16. Ned

    If the establishment decide to cover their own embarrassment, as well as drown out the voices of those ‘wanting answers’ and ‘justice’, in a wave of retributive repression (implied by the menacing TV announcement of Home Office Minister, Lynne Featherstone) then they are utter fools. If they had any sense they’d show some humility. They’re asking for trouble… more fool them.

  17. Alasdair

    Yeah, power to the people! Let’s all go loot Curry’s and JJB Sports, symbols of the fascist state! The redistribution of wealth starts here!

    …Idiot. These rioters aren’t the vanguard of the revolution, they’re just greedy thugs looking for a fight and grabbing a new TV in the process. I bet if it was your street that had been smashed up you wouldn’t be cheering them on.


    If it is true that youth invaded peoples homes to rob and attack them, then I say this is down to the predatory ‘dog-eat-dog’ values implicit in our society, a lack of self-esteem and a poor sense of morality engendered by a world oozing with hypocracy and contempt for the ill-educated- and I say this as someone who has been burgled five times (and caught ’em in the act x 3 ) and nearly mugged on several occasions…If it isn’t true, then it’s just more shit to smear a working class community with, just like the mythical ‘ammonia bombs’ on the 26 March demo- pure propaganda/disinformation.

    • Warneford

      With you all the way Incubus, I’ve just heard Borough Commander Adrian Hanstock of Scotland Yard (prop. Rupert Murdoch) on BBC and he used the self-same terminology: ‘peaceful demo infiltrated by a criminal contingent intent on burglary and violence … people’s homes attacked …no support for riot from the local community etc’, worryingly he added that the Met has also been ‘monitoring social media all day to correct misinformation and rumours appearing on it’.

      God strike me down for typing it, but so far Sky News (prop. James Murdoch) has been less critical of the rioters, and has interviewed more local people speaking in defence of the riots and of Mark Duggan, than many of the posters on this bl**dy website (unless the posts on here are Cmdr Adrian Hanstock in disguise of course!)

      • INCUBUS

        Standard counter-insurgency technique gleaned from years of colonial military experience, split the combatants from their community base..Straight out of the ACPO Public Order Manual- Have to say that if you read the comments on the webpages of ‘The Voice’ they are filled to the brim of Daily Mail type comments (not that it is’nt a rag, or that there aren’t right wing, christian afro-caribbeans), but some of them use suspiciously cop-type language ‘Scrotes’ etc..(Oh, and apologies if I’m coming across as a bit of a gobby blog-whore, by posting too much!)

      • Undercover Urban Underclass aka Commander Adrian Hanstock of Scotland Yard

        @Warneford: I heard the reports of burglaries and robberies of people’s homes and of people in the street from listeners telephoning into London radio stations from the Wood Green area and not from police reports. I don’t claim the reports to be factual but definitely a cause for concern which has to be investigated further by the rest of us.

      • alan on tyneside

        First I’d like to know the extent of the muggings, burglaries, burning of people’s homes & looting of small independent shops last night. This is a theme that is being pushed quite hard by the right/establishment, but there’s no figures or even specific instances which makes me suspicious that there were anything more than isolated instances.

        Not good of course, but to be expected. Add the “look after No.1 & fuck everyone else” ethos to what Incubus has said above & you’re just about there, (but as I said before, it looks as though most of last night’s targets were entirely legitimate). There’s another point; gang culture, stabbings & shootings – the urban poor fighting amongst themselves. Maybe if we come together to fight a common enemy more often then this will diminish; or maybe I’m being hopelessly naive & optimistic? I guess there’ll be a suspension of hostilities in the East End on 3rd September at any rate.

        There’s also consumerism; we are constantly bombarded with clever propaganda to convince us that we need this or that piece of designer
        crap to bolster or prop up our own feelings of self-worth, (new trainers or a new kitchen or a Lulu Guiness handbag or a new BM with personalised number plates). And we are suckered in by this because most of us are denied many, if any, opportunities to achieve that in more fulfilling & socially purposeful ways.

        @Urban Underclass: this is a response to your post not a crticism of it; I thought it was excellent & thought provoking.

  19. alan on tyneside

    Police reinforcements in north London this evening from Thames Valley, Essex, Surrey, City of London & Kent. And this, from commander Adrian Hanstock, (via Guardian live blog), is fucking amazing:

    “I would encourage people to look for official Metropolitan Police websites and appeal to…anyone intending to commit further criminality today to let us know so we can protect the community,”

    Righto Guv.

  20. ok

    Hello too all the filth officers reading this blog. No real criminals to be chasing after? Thought not.

  21. Dogman has been told unto me that there is the widespread possibly of very clement weather, and, for this very reason i have relocated myself and the government to Mother Shipley’s Cave, wherein I shall seek appropriate guidance. In the fullness of time, and after suitable repast, I shall return to the struggle to find out where the rest of those buggers are who reckon they are running the fucking country….

  22. martin

    Burning Britan bring it fuckin on!!!!

  23. Walker

    @ incubus-if it is true that youth invaded peoples homes to rob and attack them, then I say this is down to the predatory ‘dog-eat-dog’ values implicit in our society, a lack of self-esteem and a poor sense of morality engendered by a world oozing with hypocracy and contempt for the ill-educated- well said indeed.
    The looting and stuff is a by product- the real issue is the cops- a rotten bunch of bastards who think they can do as they please. They are the
    enemies of decency.

  24. Wat Tyler

    this has just played into the hands of the racists – the typical and pretty unanimous response I’ve heard from white working class people up here(Keighley/Bradford) when out and about today is that this confirms everything they already (wrongly) think about non-whites – even those not usually known for biggin up the police seem to be taking the police’s side over what they’re calling “scum” .
    I can’t believe how naive you ‘anarchists’ are about how this plays amongst the white working class…

    • Ned

      Your ‘white working class’, Wat Tyler (wot a misnomer), need to get up to speed. Why pander to racists and a deferential forelock-tugging mentality?

  25. y

    can i dispel myths about charity shops etc stated above.. i was there in Wood Green last night and it did not seem like any small businesses were effected.. just the large chains such as H&M, JD sports etc. the kebab take-aways/cafes were still open for business as i remember. I acknowledge that there may have been robbings, domestic burglaries etc during the riots (although i did not see this), but lets face it these go on everyday anyway, especially in an area like Tottenham. You cannot use these opportunistic occurrences to criticise the main bulk of the looters/rioters… that would be a bit like saying “the riot on sunday was wrong because someone got burgled 6 months ago”

  26. Alex Brown

    The sort of people who call the rioters scum, are thick. You can never win them over. So why care what they think.

  27. Defender

    And you honestly don’t think we have informants in the “gangs”? Wait for the snatch arrests this week. “Conspiracy to cause affray”=good for 8 years methinks?

  28. anchoredwunderlust

    May have an insight into the independent places going up.

    Also, I’m amused by the people addressing posters here as the people involved in the riots. The gutter press may have used the word ‘anarchist’ plenty, but this is your ‘normal people’ for you. Not us. Sorry to tell you!

  29. @ Alan – “There’s another point; gang culture, stabbings & shootings – the urban poor fighting amongst themselves. Maybe if we come together to fight a common enemy more often then this will diminish; or maybe I’m being hopelessly naive & optimistic?” I could be wrong, but I’ve seen various things claiming that the Crips and Bloods formed a truce before and during the LA riots in the early 90s. London may be bad, but I’m pretty sure it hasn’t reached US levels of gang violence yet, so if it can happen there…


    To one and all, I suggest you read the ‘inspectorgadget’ blog, where serving and retired coppers, plus ‘fellow travellers’ vent their spleens- Read and see the cross section of opinion, from the proto-fascist (‘use maxim guns on rioters’) to the downright mutinous and despairing-expressing utter contempt for the senior Police management, government ministers, and politicians of all stripes-some of it verges on class anger (I kid you not!)…
    I find it extremely amusing that while there are fuckheads posting here claiming to be cops and trying to intimidate people- their colleagues are pouring out their disloyal hearts and basically caught with their knackers hanging out…Ha—ha—ha

  31. Defender

    Well delighted to see that some diners in a restaurant in the Northcote Road caught one of the scum tonight…cornered him beside the restaurant. Don’t think he will walk for a long time..if indeed ever. Of course because of the emergency resources being stretched I understand the ambulance still hasn’t arrived. Bless. The majority are going to answer back!!

  32. Smugfart

    This is all a joke. A bunch of shoplifters with added petrol. They will all get long sentences and wail about it, like that lot up in Bradford did a couple of years ago, a few weeks after they have gone away even their friends and family will have forgotten about all this. The insurance companies will scratch their asses and pay out for new stock and windows, and the rest of the country will say ‘Good old Dave and Boris’ and ‘throw away the keys’.

  33. Anonymous

    hope you guys who live in England, has attempted to turn this so called riot into Classwar….NO War but Class War!

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