The Wise Brothers pamphlet ‘LIKE A SUMMER WITH A THOUSAND JULYS’ is still the best guide to the summer uprisings of 1981. Similarities with now are many like the spread round the country but I’m going to explore the differences.The riots of ’81 were always in the areas where the rioters lived – mainly the old  front lines like St.Pauls and Chapeltown. In the last spasm of rioting in 1992 it was the peripheral council estates that rioted – Hartcliffe,Stoops – but again never transgressing the boundaries of the locality. Tottenham this weekend started like a 1981 riot but ended up a very modern 2011 riot.. What is different and so perplexes the cops is the new Retail Shopping Centre riot whether local like Tottenhsam Hale or City centre like Oxford Circus and the Arndale. The Wise brothers lamented the  fact that the Toxtethe rioters never made it to the Shopping Palaces in the city centre. In Newcastle in 1992 the rioters of Scotswood hovered all day like Visigoths on the margins of the city centre. There was panic in the town – shops closed early. The rabble inspired fear and loathing – they were coming to get what’s theirs. But they didnt. Yesterday’s painicky mood all overLondon was like that – rumours, boarding up, finish work early. But now the mobs do dare. They are no longer content to press their faces to the plateglass shopping palace windows or mooch around picking fights with a fiver an hour security guard.The flashmob model harnessing BMB technology is no longer in the mood for dancing – but looting. The Visigoths can descend and loot at will. In Manchester yesterday the police had full prior knowledge of what was going  to happen and couldn’t stop it. 14 year old generals are ouwitting senior cops with all their technology. It might be  a Purley Way outta town centre or an Arndale. it might be Bluewater. The Holy grail is Westfields. The locusts are gathering – one day they’ll swsarm over Westfields. In the meantime they’ll refuse a rematch with the Met. Which boxer gives a loser another chance. 16,000 wankstained cops sitting in riot vans all night bankrupting the government. I’ll pass on that one guv. England’s dreaming -of cabot circus, the Arndale, bluwater, Brent Cross……..Westfields. ‘They’re only in it for the money’ disillusioned anarchists tell me……..’.unlike the TUC marchers for gold plated pensions’  I reply. There’s more than one way to redistribute wealth comrades.


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  1. killamangiro

    Your blogs are a riveting read, i know absolutely nothing about you but i guess you ain’t a young man, so you should be proud of yourself that your writing comes across as angry, ruthless and to hell with society.

    For what it’s worth I find a lot of comments here sickening, ‘oh we can’t condone this, you can’t do that’,i say to hell with anarchy, communism, socialism, society, every political ideal is as hypocritical as the next, this country has needed a helluva shake up by whatever means necessary for a long long time. You may not agree with the motives or the means but my word it is brilliant to watch and if people are angry enough they can do whatever the hell they want.

    The main people to suffer here are not the innocents, they are by a million miles in the minority, the ones suffering are shops, businesses and the bastard tories who are scared out of their wits at any sort of uprising. I could not care less about individual shopowners and cornershops, these con merchants are just as bad as the big businesses with their overinflated prices and egos. Death to all commerce is a good start.

    I have seen so many anarchists hosting myspace groups and baking bleeding cakes for sale, are you telling me they are still on the right road, no chance. I am not blind enough to think these youths are political, and to be brutally honest nor would i want them to be, they have done more in 4 nights to have a go at society than all these far left groups could ever dream of.


    • Margaret Hilda Thatcher

      Bingo. That nail has bent double, you hit it so hard on the head.
      These “local” shop owners are very very rarely local at all. My nearest local shop. Yes he was born working class, but he has a bigger more expensive house and car than anyone he serves in his shop. He isn’t a local in any shape or form, not by a long way, he lives miles away, has never lived in the area and had never heard of the area until the shop came on the market. He doesn’t give his customers (all poorer than him) credit even though he is more than aware who they are as they use the shop everyday, they are LOCALS after all.

      Ealing – Rioters targetted the wanky part where the wankers congregate and live. Small shops and restaurants not owned by locals, did you hear their plummy accents when they were interviewed? People I know from Ealing don’t speak like that. The local MP called Ealing a tranquil oasis and that Ealing people are nice and it was probably outsiders. No mention of the shithole estates hiden away beyond the Broadway, no mention of the homeless hostels and grotty B&B “hotels” where the real born and bred Ealing people live. To her Ealing people are the wanky interlopers who invaded the areas around Ealing Green.
      Clapham – A genuine long standing, working class owned local business there is Dub Vendor. Guess what? untouched by rioters, the shop next door and most of the others on the street were targetted.
      Local rioters know what is or isn’t a fucking locally owned business believe me.

      All this talk of hard working, honest, ‘straight up guv’ local businesses being forced to close, don’t make me fucking laugh.Who cares. In majority of cases they are outsiders leeching off the real LOCALS.
      Tensions in Birmingham are directly related to this. Certain areas where all the shops are owned by non locals and percieved as leeching off the community they sell to is a massive issue there. As events overnight have shown.

  2. Kelly

    I think I belong to the old disillusioned anarchist brigade… This Hackney woman puts it right when she says “…if we’re fighting for a cause lets fight for a fucking cause you lot piss me the fuck off …coz we’re not all gathering together and fighting for a cause we’re running down footlocker and thieving shoes…”

    Now if were stealing the shoes and throwing them at the bankers….

    That said the impoverished society created by capitalism and empty banal consumerism creates the gap that materialism fills, as it is designed to do, so collective shopping with broken glass and fire is better than just shopping….

    A little part of me however is sad about Reeves as my mum bought the bed I was born in forty odd years ago from there as they would always haggle the price she said and it’s where I met my mates as a teenager so a little sniff for Reeves corner without Reeves…

  3. internet meme

    The Arndale though. Please. Come on. So low rent. Especially when they had Deansgate and the Locks just round the corner. All those swanky shops frequented by Premier League footballers and their WAGs not to mention their million pound appartment blocks. They could have had Harvey Nicholls yet chose Miss Selfridge. No ambition todays kids I tell ya.

  4. internet meme

    Thank fuck the days of pointless stand offs with police are over. They chuck something, the police retreat. The police then charge, rioters retreat. A shit cautious dance of we’re scared… no we’re not…. yes we are. Back and forth all night long until the rain or boredom of the whole sorry farce kicks in. Now there is no caution, the real hardcore are off elsewhere getting what they can and fucking off home, job done. Yes a few idiots are still content to waste their time throwing shit at a line of armoured police. Police who love it all anyway and are actually getting paid for their adrenalin rush. It’s win-win for them. Their attitude is ‘throw what you want’ it’s literally water off a ducks back and just bounces off them while they laugh in some spotty kids face before clubbing them to the ground. Standoffs aren’t even photogenic enough for TV news crews nowadays. Which says it all.

  5. b

    Torygraph print edition today – on the theme of ‘ordinary people come out to help keep order against the mob’. First, they mention “communities” and tell us that Sikhs gathered to protect their temples. Message: ‘we’re not racist, you know’ – of course they are talking mainly about the landlords and other scumbags who are the bosses in the Sikh community, but hey, mustn’t mention that.

    Oh, and what do they mention second? Yes, it’s a “large group” who gathered in Enfield to help “keep order”. Hello EDL, but the EDL isn’t mentioned by name. As I keep saying, the bourgeoisie are spoiling for a massive fight.

    We might think this is the vanguard of the working class (if ever the word ‘vanguard’ is justified, it’s at times like this, when one section of our class puts itself at the forefront and people in it stick their necks right out); but if the bourgeois media get their way, most of the rest of the working class will see it as a matter of an army of halfwitted black degenerates attacking Britain.

    And I mean ‘degenerates’ – just look at the photos on most of the front pages, chosen and processed to make half of the people look like aliens, with faces contorted, odd effects on their skin, etc., reminiscent of the anti-RAF photos in Germany in the 1970s. See to how David Cameron talked about punishing kids. Tories like nothing better than attacking the weakest in the working class – single mothers, working class children, the sick, the mentally ill, the unemployed, the homeless, tenants, debtors, etc, whose very existence is like an insult to Tories everywhere.

    Therefore we cannot say it strongly enough – the immediate need is to spread the resistance to other parts of the working class, and to encourage the understanding that loads of different struggles can unite against the shit they make us all eat, starting with the cuts they’re imposing across the board. I.e. it’s crap to limit ourselves to say ‘support the riots’. It could be absolutely disastrous if we don’t get beyond that. It has to spread to include resistance that isn’t violent as well. It already looks as though by the end of the week there’s going to be a fair bit of blood on the streets.

    On another note – I’ve been thinking about spreading dissent and seditious thoughts on arrse, the squaddies’ site. No point in just saying hey guys, if we get sent in to put down the riots, let’s think for a moment about whether we should obey orders. I’d get chucked off in 5 seconds flat. So – anyone got any ideas about what I could post that would help undermine hierarchical authority in the armed forces in these, er, momentous times?

    • Ned

      Squaddies were generally traditionally anti-police, ie the fierce fights that used to erupt in garrison towns, don’t know how feelings stand these days, but considering one of the arrestees of the riots had applied to join the army, feelings prob haven’t changed that much, so could try an anti-police approach?


      Imagine if-
      You, or your mate, are an ex-squaddie, you joined up cos there was no work, you got sent to Iraq on a complete lie, you were poorly equipped and led by idiotic braying toffs (the yank army calls the brits ‘the Flintstones’), you had fuck-all support on discharge, you have psych damage , your relationship fell apart, then homelessness and drink-drug problems. The army is being cut to the bone, army family accomodation is shit, there are no jobs for you civvy mates or family, no improvement in supplies (boots, flak vests), then you’re expected to beat, ‘slot’ or baton-gun people just like you, in areas just like home, with people just like your people. Would you, could you, follow orders, to treat your own like the coppers treat them?

      • Ned

        Brings to mind that film from 1989(?), For Queen And Country, starring Denzel Washington as a South London ex-squaddie (Falklands veteran) of St Lucian birth, who falls foul of the immigration authorities on his return, unemployed, to his estate. Massive Broadwater-type riot scene at the end with police shootout. He did a much better job than Dick Van Dyck on the accent. Saw it when it came out (based on a true story) – the Daily Mail absolutely hated it, running a campaign against it as virulent as the one it ran against Alan Bleasdale’s The Monocled Mutineer. Neither film nor Bleasdale drama has appeared since on TV or in video/DVD form (correct me if I’m wrong). I loved that film.

  6. Internationalist

    We should not “condemn” these riots as they are signs of the breakdown of capitalist society. The people to condemn are the politicians (of all parties) and the ultra-rich.
    But we should not romanticise them as revolutionary acts either.
    The victims seem to be by and large working class members of the same communities as the rioters.
    The rioters are not attacking the ruling class but local branches of retail chains and small shopkeepers.
    If there is any redistribution of wealth going on, it is therefore the strong taking from the weak.
    This is not a matter of being “disillusioned” it’s a matter of not entertaining daft illusions in the first place.

    • Anonymous

      sorry ‘Internationalist’ but ANY action that attacks the status quo whether its retail branch, bank or police IS revolutionary.
      there are no rules to riots.
      riots are self justifing.

      im old enough to remember StPauls in 1980, Brixton, Toxteth,Mosside et al 81, Handsworth 86, Blackwater Farm,St Pauls again 87,Hartcliffe 92 etc etc
      the causes are still the same, the nature is different. sadly the most disheartening (yet predictable) aspect is the extent and volume of outrage of the reaction. (Job well done SKY,Beeb) This for me signals the post thatcher malaise thats exist in this sorry land. when you get 20+ year olds demanding water cannon etc (the dont remember the ‘bring back the birch’ mantra ) it shows you how truly divided this country is.
      this is class war fellas! simple as that. You just need to decide whose side you are all on?
      im with the ‘looters’ whether they realise/care or not.
      Pray for London? let it burn!
      (great post Ian!)

      • Internationalist

        I was at the Brixton riots.
        These current riots are certainly symptomatic of the breakdown in capitalist “normality” but they are not class war. On the contrary they will produce division and confusion within the working class.
        That is because the victims are for the most part themselves working class, some of whom have now been killed, while many others have seen their flats or the shops they use burned down.
        There is nothing “revolutionary” about burning workers out of their homes.
        The looters are overwhelmingly strong young men engaging in a kind of gangsterism. Everyone else has to get out of their way.
        Gangsterism does not challenge capitalism but rather reinforces capitalist values and morality.
        What’s more we will end up with more police on the streets and it will be the working class that picks up the bill.
        If you think this is the start of the revolution, you are seriously deluding yourself.

    • M

      Really?The local shop owners are just local workingclass people? Part of the community? You dont think, you know, owning a private business makes them different from the others? You see, Capital in all its shapes and forms are the enemy – not just the big “evil” multi-national corporations and banks. And in those communities, these businesses represents Capital, and so attacks on them are fair game as far as im concerned.

      But i can understand that it is harder to accept among some people, because this actually shows the real human face behind Capital – unlike the big faceless corporations and banks. These are real people who looks like you and me, but that doesnt change the fact that we have different material internest that conflict every time social clashes arises.

      • Internationalist

        I didn’t claim that shopkeepers are “working class”. However, I do see a difference between Mr Patel who works 14 hours a day to keep his corner shop afloat, or some franchisee of a retail chain, and Sir Philip Green or Sir Richard Branson.

        Added to which current economic realities mean that many workers now “own” private businesses … even if their capital is no more than a white van and a ladder or (as in my case) a computer and a telephone.

      • Kelly

        I think Internationalist makes good points. We should be cautious as anarchists of romanticising any ‘uprisings’.

      • M

        Well, the point is that the difference is irrelevant in times of social conflict because, again, our material interests are not the same. There is a reason why they are targeted, as this situationist classic reminds us of:

        The Decline and Fall of the Spectacle-Commodity Economy

  7. b

    Here’s a nice (ish) post at the squaddies’ website.

    “I hear about the riots back in England and I think what did the government and the rich expect? There’s so much discontent, it’s unreal Wall-to-wall ripoffs, cuts, people being sh4t on all over the place, lies to start wars, etc. etc. My brother’s thinking of signing up to the same regiment as me next year and he was down the city centre taking part last night. He texted to say how the hell else working class people are supposed to resist.”

    “The Tories would like nothing better than to drown this in blood right now so Philip Green can keep on getting his money from the High Street and the Olympics can showcase Britain to the world in a way that totally ignores how most people actually live in Britain and what we have to put up with.

    These people are us, just not in uniform, in conditions slightly different, but no two parts of the working class are identical. The companies that own the High Street are the real criminals, anti-social, tax-dodging, profiteering scum… Maybe London and other British cities are waking up at last?

    • M

      This fuckwitted drone would happily follow orders to shoot on rioters if told to do so, even if it was his equally fuckwitted brother. If he was truly class conscious he would turn his gun on his army superiors or leave.. He’s a cock, as all soldiers are. Why are you visting their websites anyway? do you have a thing for soldies?

      • Ned

        M, you obviously have no clue as to the fact that squaddies are generally economic conscripts… mugs, maybe, some complete bastards for sure, but don’t write them all off.

  8. Obliterator

    Right on the money Ian – as a 14 year old my vision of the world was crystallised – I always felt the the kid on the crowd calling time on the emporer’s new clothes.

    All power to the 14 year old generals for confounding the consumerist spectacle and waking all of us up to practical ways of shaping a reality that we can create and not simply consume.


    To all the doubters-
    ” One man said: “Hampstead, bruv. Let’s go rob Hampstead.” Another, looking at his BlackBerry, said: “Kilburn, it’s happening in Kilburn and Holloway.” A third added: “The whole country is burning, man.”

    Not a bad article for the Guardian, read and see what I mean…

  10. I have been trying to work out possible reason why a protest out side a police station in Tottenham turned into an England wide frenzy of looting.

    My conclusion is there is a direct link to the kettling of student protests earlier this year./ late last year. In particular the cutting of the Education Maintenance Allowance was a kick in the teeth to the students and their families who saw education as a way out of inner city gang/ drug  culture. The cuts have also alienated middle class community workers, teachers, social workers etc who support the aspirations of such ‘respectable’ working class students and families. 

    By kettling/ criminalising legitimate protest, the seeds were sown for a nihilistic outbreak of illegitimate  and genuinely criminal protest through mass looting. The mass media coverage of the student protests also informed thousands of young ( and not so young) people about police riot control tactics and how to evade them.

    The brightest and the best/ hard working / aspirational  of young people were treated like criminal scum a few months ago. Now the kettle has boiled over.

    To defuse the situation, the safety valves/ escape routes (EMA etc) would have to be put back in – but instead the ‘criminal scum’ rhetoric is prevailing.

    With no chance of reform what is the alternative? Clue- it also starts with an ‘r’…

  11. be a noone or a dosser

    To mock and even blast these rioters is pathetic. Sure they do not have any political motives but why the hell should they, they are angry young people and they are still doing a helluva lot more than any of you lot. You are never going to change anything by watching your tvs or living through your internet, you got to make things happen and the right way or not these kids are putting the fear and embarrassment right into this rotten country.

    I cannot believe anyone buys the store fire, there’s an insurance job if ever there was one, ‘riots + fires + shit business = business opportunity’.

    Enjoy the chaos people and stop whining!

  12. JonM

    Well, at last. After living (or should I say existing, or even suffering) in Britain through M Thatcher and then the succession of Thatchers in disguise (so-called Labour), and then finally escaping to France for some sanity, I was beginning to think that ‘Great’ Britain was a lost cause. But there’s hope yet, keep up the good work and the excellent analyses (and Gerry Potter is absolutely spot on) … Although France has its problems, social mobility and justice are far better than in England; you only discover that when you move away from GB and see that effective social systems do exist elsewhere.

  13. climate action

    For anyone still thinking this is not a class war, Boris this morning on radio 4: “They may have gone to their earths but the hounds are persuing them down!”

    Many people who are proud of our freedoms don’t know how we won them. We need to publicise the roll of riot in English working class history. Like today, in the 1920s riot was part of a strategy that also included strikes.

    Protest uses tactics that avoid arrest because the Tories have cut legal aid.

  14. wally

    hatred in the hearts of the young poulation, riots in the streets of the civilised nation,.was it the poverty?was it the police? no its the british disease.the inbred snobbery,the patriot law,violence and robbery,the state declares war. the youth of today with a broken voice have got something to say,they aint got a choice,racist police backed by the state wipe out the ghetto,build up the hate.all the wrong answers,all the wrong ideas,the riot lasts a day,but the problem lasts for years. the great british public they cant underst and,why should there be riots in this civilsed land?why is the country being pulled to its knees? ignorance is a british disease,ignorance is your disease,ignorance and apathy,ignorance and bigotry,you found it all so easy to ignore the people who complained and let their anger rise in flames,you thought this country was so great that nobody could ever hate the way the system treated them,and then you wondered why the burnt your buildings down. that was written by dick lucas and subhumans back in 1985 alaways knew anarcho punks were seers of the truth.

  15. alan on tyneside

    Ask any town planner & you’ll be told that the main reason for the decline of our Traditional English High Streets with their assembled Sacred Small Shopkeepers is the proliferation of out-of-town hypermarkets, shopping centres and retail parks. Been an issue for a couple of decades at least, but nobody has done anything about it; the Arndales & Metrocentres & Cabot Circuses had to be built to satisfy the needs of corporate retail and any independent shop suffering as a result could get stuffed. So really the targetting of these places can’t be doing anything but good for small shopkeepers can it? Just saying.

    ps had a brief discussion about the riots with an old biddy in Tynemouth this morning; apparently ‘those youths’ were out last night on the seafront at Cullercoats pulling the plants out of the flowerbeds. Watch this space?

    pps the brutal repression and 874 arrests in Santiago last week doesn’t seem to have intimidated the school students there. 150000 out on the streets again yesterday.

  16. Trumpton Rioter

    When the Ruling Elite (both Tory and Labour) took away the powers of trade unions and caused the fragmentation of the working class into those with supposed middle class aspirations and those who had to endure the shit conditions of run down estates and low income jobs then how else are we supposed to hit back but by attacking the protectors and sites of free market, consumer capitalism. This has become the only available form of protest for many.

    The idea that it’s all down to criminal gangs organising the riots and looting in order to further their own selfish interests will be trotted out in coming days by the Government and their media lackies, totally ignoring the fact that those involved are both imitating the capitalist controllers and putting into action the lessons learned from past riots and protests.

    The media spotlight will be focused on the minority involved in the riots, who obviously carried out disgusting acts of violence against people, and ignore those who used this as a way to vent grievances against a corrupt and immoral social order.

  17. Jamesie Cotter Esq.

    I got a letter from my insurer today telling me exactly how to claim from the police under the Riot (Damages) Act 1886. I live and work miles away from any town centre! Presumably the insurance industry, having collected our premiums, would love the police and their funding council taxpayers to pick up the bill, leaving their shareholders sitting pretty next year with increased profits guaranteed against a minimal outlay in damages.

  18. Fuck me, the Scottish police are now calling their opportunistic scramble to earn some quick overtime ‘mutual aid’…

    What is the world coming to? 😦

    • JonM

      The world’s coming to… now the Scots need to start!!! French papers fondly refer to the police as les “bobby” (The French media worships la Grande Bretagne, with the emphasis on ‘Grande’ when pronounced), if only they knew how the public really felt about the Robocoppers…

  19. Degenerate lout

    Couple of brilliant videos in my opinion, particularly the first one:

  20. Wat Tyler

    You (incubus) and those like you are so naive as to verge on the deuded if not downright psychotic. Unlike many on here I am working class, and live in a working class area (east Bradford) and I don’t think I’ve met anyone (that’s ANYONE) who doesn’t think the rioters are scum and doesn’t think the police should get stuck in. And away from the 0.01 % of people who support your views (most of who are middle class anyway) you have absolutely no support.
    Believe me if ‘anarchy’ ever happens out of touch lefties like you will be the first ones mob rule (and that’s what wil happen it’s human nature and nasty always rises to the top) turns on and deep in your souls you even know this – you have nothing to offer and nothing in common with any meaningful definition of the working-class.
    For some reason you still believe in a silly romantic wankfantasy of the working-class which most middle class ex-students like you grow out of before they reach 25. How can you jerk off over a bunch of people who detest everything you stand for?

    • Ned

      Whoever you are (police troll?), you’re taking the name of a great man in vain. People, look up ‘Wat Tyler’, ‘John Ball’ (not the ex-Playschool presenter!), ‘Jack Straw’ (not the ex-Labour minister!) and the Peasants’ Revolt of 1381, one of the highlights of which was the destruction of the Savoy Palace (where the Savoy Hotel is now).


      If we are such an out-of-touch minority, why are you so worried? Wat Tyler got his head cut off by a soldier didn’t he? Lolz!

    • Guy

      At risk of starting a different debate again, could we please stop using terms like ‘psychotic’ in a generalized way. Dick.

    • citizen smith

      Very easily. Tarquin and I love to patronise people who hate us, just like our chums in the SWP suck up to jihadist nutters. Like religion, ideology makes a confusing world seem more certain and less threatening – and it’s just so edgy!

  21. proletarian

    Did that fella on Democracy Now just call for an International, what do comrades make of that?

  22. Darren Australia

    Brilliant analysis Ian,reminds me of your introductory statement in the ‘Decade of Disorder’ book, which was the best thing you ever wrote.
    If anyone out there is dellusional enough to think that any insurrectional situation in the 21st century is going to follow the guide lines of manifestos written 100 years ago-then they are the ones living with their heads in the clouds.Vicious,tactical and non compliant to any ideology other than pure stripped to the bone,naked Class Warfare,is the future of working class fightback.Union,student marches and similar complaint parades are only good for hijacking and hit and run escapades thru the city centres.
    The strategy ain’t changed for 20 years for me.Take over the territory where you live.Is internet meme right?are those tit for tat stand-offs with the police a tactical non starter?These riots are a tactical extension and progression of the 1992 riots in Newcastle,which divided a lot of political people over whether or not those riots were political or not.All riots are fucking political.
    We ain’t got a share in their world so why should we abide by their rules.
    A Class War styled ‘Tour of the Riot Zones’ would cause drama,debate and more mayhem-if anyone had the bollox to do it.

  23. John Serpico

    Totall agree with Darren Australia’s comment: “If anyone out there is dellusional enough to think that any insurrectional situation in the 21st century is going to follow the guide lines of manifestos written 100 years ago-then they are the ones living with their heads in the clouds.”
    No riot can be managed. No riot can be controlled. No riot can be made to adhere to rules. No riot can be the way the way that any idealist might wish it to be. A riot means ‘out of control’.
    For all the ideas that anarchists peddle, for all the talk, the meetings, the endless discussions – when things start to really kick off it’s not going to be how anarchists would like it to be – in an ideal world. When it comes to the heavy stuff of social upheaval it’s not gonna spring from anarchists, socialists, activists etc. It’s gonna come from those who don’t give a fuck about anarchists. Who don’t give a fuck about the G20 or Stopping The City or Reclaim The Streets or Class War or whatever.
    This is the future.

  24. Keith

    Yes – this minority (who attack ordinary people & not the established powers) are like a miniscule mirror held up to the prevailing social order reflecting the violent repression of the majority & promotion of an elite. Without rejoining with their roots the gangs have the potential to be the state’s Janjaweed in any escalated conflict.

  25. mark

    Online text I just looked up.

    I notice far better analysis on Ian’s blog than on Indymedia….Excellent circle a radio discussion

  26. Victory to the reactionary sky news! 😦
    Victory to the pofaced BBC British Bullshit Corp!
    Victory to the Daily Mail.
    Victory to the Police.
    Victory to the so called ‘Law and order’
    Victory to moral majority.
    Victory to little englanders.
    Victory to the EDL.
    Victory to the ignorant.
    Victory to the small minds.
    Victory to hypocrites,Who are now shocked at violence,shops/homes destroyed and the ‘negative’ affects to the so called ‘economy’
    This same UK created by violence &war.
    This same economy maintained by war,violence &inequality.
    This same UK that sends troops to murder muslims for oil and wants them to come back from murdering the muslims in afghan &iraq to come home to shoot at the muslim,black&white youths in this UK.
    This UK whose gov and economy has made more property millionaires and homeless than any other.
    This UK economy that STEALS your more of your money than anyone else yet has no face (no hooded youth grabbing a TV or trainers)
    This UK economy that allowed millions ofworking classes to lose their jobs and livelihoods.
    Victory to the bankers.
    Victory to Etonians.
    Victory to Boris.
    Victory to Cameron.
    Victory to Maggie T.
    And all those who either forget her or still cherish her!
    Victory to our so called ‘communities’
    Victory to our so called ‘classless Britain’
    Victory to our so called ‘society’
    Victory to the status quo.
    Victory to ‘more of the same’
    Victory to your country.
    God save the Queen!
    This revolution HAS be televised and has been condemned…for now.
    ‘This is not a riot, this is an insurrection of the masses, the nature of the historical moment’ Darcus Howe.
    More to follow 😉
    Class War! whose side you on? 
    The rebels or the babylon?
    Pray for London?
    Let it burn! Let Babylon burn!

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