OK – let’s compile a TOP 20 chart of most looted shops everyweek then we’ll be able to detect subtle changes in consumer preferences and doubtless be able to flog our expertise to some retail giants. Here’s my best guess TOP TEN  so far of who should be in the mix but incomplete, not in any order, and need your help for regional differences:


Being very old I’m not very good on clothes shops so you trendy youngsters let me know………and in the meantime here’s the first bit of poetry on blog


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12 responses to “LOOTED – TOP OF THE SHOPS

  1. Greg

    We really shouldnt be glorifying this wanton theft and sheer criminality.

    Helping themselves to luxury goods from Debenhams, John Lewis, and they STILL sit smugly in the House of Commons

  2. internet meme

    Bang & Olufsen

  3. internet meme

    Poundland – Manchester and Leicester shop of choice, this is true.
    Oxfam – Manchester and Ealing, this also is very true.

  4. Thanks for the Gerry Potter link Ian, bloody brilliant.

    Here’s a voice that finally hits the nail on the head and cuts through the predictable, empty, pointless rhetoric of both the left and the right… mostly coming from people seemingly unaware of – or unwilling to admit… – their own complicity in the situation we now face.

    As Gerry himself says:

    “[W]e have problems in this country deep rooted and difficult and they don’t go away if we do nothing. They certainly don’t go away when we erode what little we are hanging on to … We have to be bigger than the media and violence. We have turned our back on enlightenment. It can’t be about fuck all anymore it has to be about something. We have to recognise the wider reasoning behind this awful situation. We have to invest in all our people and in all our futures. Peace…I hope. Gx”

    A quick glance at the history books will reveal that rioters are always heavily condemned as ‘criminals’ (in this country poorer kids were considered criminals long before the events of August 2011) and somehow less than human, but slowly a pattern of inequity, voicelessness and a lack of hope emerges. Sometimes this leads to positive change… with more people like Gerry this could be one of those times.

  5. Wonder what the cops were protecting whilst working class areas went up?

    “Metropolitan Police had multiple police vans parked in Oxford Circus, including three parked directly in front of the Apple Store flagship on Regent Street” — 3 to protect one Apple store! So much for lack of manpower


  6. Argos got proper done round here.

  7. al

    Businesses affected included:

    About 157 Tesco stores in London, Liverpool and Bristol were closed overnight or shortened their opening hours as a precautionary measure, while 26 stores “suffered varying degrees of damage”
    Sainsbury’s said 16 stores had experienced “serious incidents” and three convenience stores remained closed
    Argos said some stores would be closing early after 18 of its branches had suffered various degrees of damage
    JD Sports and Carphone Warehouse both said a number of stores were looted or damaged
    The chief executive of Greggs, Ken McMeikan, told the BBC that the company’s Peckham branch, which had been set alight, looked like it was “pretty much a write-off”. A branch in Ealing was also looted
    Debenhams said that it was working with the police and that its Clapham Junction store remained closed after it was looted on Monday night
    Ealing Broadway Shopping Centre and several shops on the High Street all closed early on Tuesday
    Sony said that UK deliveries of CDs and DVDs could be affected after a fire hit its warehouse in Enfield
    All the major banks said that some branches were closed all day, while others closed early, on police advice

  8. Grumpy Bootboy

    Wasn’t Bargain Booze one of the main targets in Salford, good to see some rioters have got their priorities straight.

  9. Dora Kaplan

    How long before Primark are forced to hire looters? They must be desperate. Nobody wants their clothes, even when they’re freely available in the middle of a riot..

  10. Tough Love

    I don’t want to hear any more crap about looters angry at “the cuts” especially to EMA, as I notice there is no looting of academic bookshops, or indeed any bookshops. These kids are poor, in the main, because their parents have never “stepped up the plate” by having support from biological fathers, having a job, encouraging/forcing their kids to take education seriously and instilling some sense of respect and responsibility instead of filling their heads with entitlement and rights.
    We would all benefit from a social contract that ensured no rights without responsibility.

    • Gitane

      Far too simplistic Tough Love. Areas of deprivation are touching 3rd world statistics for infant mortality and life expectancy. Where I live in the west country the difference between life expectancy on our estate and a little hamlet one mile away is 12 years for males. The literacy rate is 60%of the national average, some school classes have an exclusion rate of 30%. Women are the bread winners on 30% of the national average take home. No social clubs and no pubs. Absolutely little or nowork for male locals when the post code flags up on recruitment sites. Innapropriate training programes for the unemployed; everyone round here has done electricians, plumbers, chippy and bricky courses and there’s no job or work at the end of it so the tools go in the one of many car boot sales in the region. By the way our local council is hard line thatcherite tory beancounters, we’re so surrounded by blue rinse tories even the local labour councillor we elected sounds like them.
      Maybe we should be talking to Oxfam and Medecine sans Frontier ‘cos from what I know we’re more third world than British.

  11. Armitage Shanks

    “The Revolutionary is a doomed man. He has no private interests, no affairs, sentiments, ties, property nor even a name of his own. His entire being is devoured by one purpose, one thought, one passion – to own at least two pairs of Adidas Porsche trainers. Heart and soul, not merely by word but by deed, he has severed every link with the social order and with the entire civilized world; with the laws, good manners, conventions, and morality of that world. His unapologetic choice of footwear is its merciless enemy and he will continue to inhabit them with only one purpose – to have happy feet.” Imelda Marcos, 2011

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