Boris Johnson on radio 4 this morning. Reminds me of a racist chain gang  boss initially, then a Tally Ho toff after a fox then I realise it’s both those……..and winston churchill’s instructions to police about the tonypandy striking miners ….’DRIVE THE RATS BACK DOWN THEIR HOLES’.  For fuck sake this is what Johnson and the Bullingdons think of us….our class. Looters are being demonised and turned into subhumans in the media…all the old Chav shit coming out……’looting from Poundland’……how common and stupid we are compared to the Sara and Tom mop armies of Clapham. Johnson would send the hounds after us if he could alongside the water cannon and baton rounds. This is naked Class war comrades.And which side is Comrade Ken livingstone on comrades – the side of curfews, rubber bullets and water cannon of course.


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    “It’s us versus them, the police, the system,” said an unemployed man of Kurdish origin in his early 20s, sitting at the entrance to a Hackney housing estate with four Afro-Caribbean friends who nodded in agreement.

    “They call it looting and criminality. It’s not that. There’s a real hatred against the system,” he added, listing what he saw as the police prejudice, discrimination and lack of opportunity that led him and his friends to loot shops, torch bins and hurl missiles at police Monday.

    “There’s two worlds in this borough. More and more middle classes are coming and we’re being pushed out. The shops are pricing stuff like it’s the West End, we can’t afford the rents. We’re the outcasts, we’re not wanted any more.

    “There’s nothing for us.”


    • Ned

      Maybe the next step for the poor being priced out of ‘up-and-coming’ areas like Hackney and areas like Battersea is the ‘reappropriation’ (cf Class War no.4) of property being put up for sale for the use of the local community rather than more posh incomers

      • Ned


      • Warneford

        Millionaire spiv Grant Shapps from the ‘UK Tea Party-Dem’ Coalition has quietly scrapped regulation and changed the law so as to allow (indeed force) housing associations to start evicting their tenants and then put the empty flats and houses onto the open market so young tories can snap them up cheaply and gentrify east London. And its no coincidence that it was Notting Hill Housing Trust’s mega rich CEO and board who, before the election, demanded the ‘right’ to charge tenants full market rents, and sell off their social housing assets whenever they needed new bonuses. Perhaps this the real reason why the Coalition wants rioters to be evicted, to speed the process up? That last pledge by the way gave the game away for me, from the start this whole riot hysteria has been an excuse for London home-owners, and buy-to-letters to vent their hatred at London tenants without whom their properties would be worth more. Anyone who owns a house within Zone 4 is a class enemy as far as I’m concerned … there, I’ve said it!
        (By the way, Cameron is ‘hugging a hatey’ and wrapping himself up in the EDL’s football scarves in the frantic hope of deflecting attention away from the NOTW scandal, as the rumour is that the evidence against Coulson is so overwhelming that he will be both charged and then easily convicted of running a vast criminally corrupt operation with senior police, intelligence officers and Tories, both whilst at NOTW and whilst at the Tory Party HQ).


    “They were not your typical hoodlums out there. There were working people, angry people. They’ve raised rates, cut child benefit. Everyone just used it as a chance to vent,” L said, referring to government austerity measures the poor say have hit them hardest.”


  3. Geoff

    You’re so right Ian – their utter contempt for working class people is now on show for all to see. Really makes me feel sick and angry.
    One radio reporter ( think it might have been Anita Anand on radio 5) spoke sneeringly of seeing a looter with a pack of burger buns ” for goodness sake”. Well, i’m sure she and her middle class friends never have to worry where their next meal is coming from.
    Thanks Ian, you’re the only person who’s making any fucking sense.

  4. Warneford

    The media (backed by the intelligence services ) are ramping up extraordinary hatred, it’s like listening to ‘Radio Libre des Mille Collines’ in the build up to the genocide in Rwanda.
    The Today Programme on Radio 4 this morning carried an utterly uncritical and admiring interview with members of the supposed ‘Enfield Defence League’ , without once questioning why this made-up group’s name so closely resembled that of the Breivikist hate-group EDL (who they obviously really were). Channel 4 news then included another loving tribute to the “locals of Enfield who’d ‘had enough’ and decided to ‘make a united stand’ to defend their communities” , this less than a month after a former EDL-er carried out a terrorist attack on Oslo citycentre and then murdered over 70 children in cold blood.

  5. 27past1984

    the levels of inequality are so great these days everyone is just out to protect their piece of the pie. i can’t get over the amount of people i know that are cummin’ in their pants at the thought of water cannon and plastic baton rounds being used.

    now is the time to get out and win the ‘propaganda’ war.

    the people on the street illuminated the way with their brilliant use of tech and guerilla hit and run tactics. let’s expand upon it for next time.


  6. Dora Kaplan

    The pig headed intransigence of the British establishment has reached new heights of denial and stupidity. Rubber bullets, internment, water cannon, eviction. What next? Shoot to kill, H Blocks and paramilitary death squads? Cameron and the coalition are like a colonial plantation class: occupying islands of privilege in Chelsea and Chipping Norton they view the rest of the country with a mixture of avarice and suspicion, with one eye on the loot and the other on the hostile natives.


    @Dora- beautifully put, yet again!
    Interesting to note that the ‘law abiding’ seem to to be waking up to the fact that the cops concentrated on protecting ‘corporate entities and businesses’ rather than on local communities (Sikh guy on Sky used this expression)…Another rip in the social fabric.

  8. lee

    I thought ‘riot’ was the name given to the state smashing the shit out of striking miners, in this country at least. Like a joke, you know? how dare they organise!

    This shite you writing? and supporting? you might aswell admit it now man, you fancy the bloody blackshirts. Actually, you are bald and middle class like mussolini. Burning working class homes, attacking working class people, intimidation, might as well draw swatstica on the wall too eh!

    Orrrr pour out the tea and crumpets for the lord and ladies like your dad.

    you fucking phoney.

    Workers Councils now!

  9. Keith

    Comrade Salmond sounded particularly reactionary today; he needs a touch of insurrection in Glasgow, Dundee, Inverness.

  10. Gitane

    The police have said in the past that there are thousands of guns circulating on the estates of London. How long before they start turning up in house searches and how long before they are used against the cops? The Cobra talks must have touched on the possibilities of such events and given the make up of Cobra and the cops record of shoot out fuck ups and the recriminations to their so called responsible approach special forces as in the military must have been considered. Only then could the killing of civilians be justified and the cops left free to patrol the streets. The Trident operation must have gathered enough intelligence to locate the probable areas of firearm concentration and who was likely to use them. The choices are a gun amnesty or the possibility of carnage. This is ABC machiavelli comrades very popular in Eton, Sandhurst and Oxford.


      “special forces as in the military must have been considered.” Yup, that’ll be the CRW (Counter-Revolutionary Warfare) Squadron of the SAS, based in Hereford, on 24hr stand-by, if CO19 (Mark Duggan’s killers) can’t cope…

  11. Craig

    A former teacher of mine has written an interesting piece about the riots that I copied and pasted onto my blog


  12. Trumpton Rioter

    Watch this vid of inarticulate Black thugs* a few days before the riots started:

  13. Mick Travis

    Ian – I probably haven’t thought much about you for 20 yrs, but last week I went to the Home of Metal exhibition in Birmingham and saw that you had loaned some copies of Class War (ones I had in the 80s), and this week you are the only ‘media’ voice that isn’t making me vomit – you have made me happy! I’m reading you every day from now on. Onwards!


    “We believe as a result of our enquiries, that the raw material for rioting is made when young people are left, rightly or wrongly, with the impression that they have nothing to gain from established society, particularly where they have hitherto not yet gained any stake in it. Where this grievance is underlined by disappointed hopes, a belief that they are, and will continue to be, discriminated against and that they are continually surrounded not only by the affluence of others, but also advertising pressures to engage in material aquisition, their resistance to lawless conduct will be that much weaker; the situation will deteriorate further if the habits of enforced idleness bring them into conflict with the police”

    No, 1981, the Hytner Report on the Toxteth riots.
    Everything changes but nothing. Class persists.

  15. Kelly

    I can’t listen to the cunts anymore, i just keep getting really angry at the stream off shit that appears from the radio…evicting people? stopping benefits? the complete equation of benefits with criminality…the call for police to beat people up more? what the fuck is wrong with people?

  16. Kelly

    And just for the record ian no one looted from Poundland in Leics, they just smashed it up…

  17. Greg

    Concur with the above. Constant stream of Oxbridge BBC patronising shit combined with a barely veiled EDL supporting agenda. Boris ‘Bullingdon Gimp’ Johnson saying it’s ok to use weapons on people damaging property in the Independent, Corporate propaganda in full flow now. Riot justifiers given the same stigma as football supporters post Heysel, – and thats by my Union colleagues…..

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