Reaction will have it’s day. The slavering blather of Bojo’s attack hounds, the Old Etonians  dehumanising our class, a whole raft of represive legislation rushed through, Sir Peter Tapsell wanting wembley stadium used as prison camp…………but within a week or so such reaction will provoke it’s own reaction.This is truly a rotten parliament and far from being their finest day as they would foolishly  have it it will be seen shortly in a different light. Any young person looking at the composition of this parliament – will they see anyone like themselves there? Will they think this parliament is in any way refecting their world. They will see a panicked and self righteously smug poltical class – many of them super rich. Does anyone there in their suits and ties reflecct their world?

Alll those being rounded up and processed through the night courts and railroaded into prison have mums and dads and friends.I guarantee within weeks the backlash against this rough injustice will start. Then people will look at this pathetic slavering shower and think – who the fuck are they apart from a gang of expense fiddlers and the Oxbridge elite? Liberal commentators will cast aside their mops and be emboldened to ask ‘Is this fair?’  I can see the opinion pieces ‘I didnt like the riots but i didnt like this either’. But anger and courage wil return to our class.Demonstrations, marches, meetings, community actions will be called to protest a hundred injustices, a hundred lies, a hundred Mark Duggans. Then this ROTTEN PARLIAMENT won’t look so fucking good. Self-satisfied, smug, privileged elite bullying and hectoring, representative of no working cla2s people or anyone under 40 not fast tracked via Oxbridge and  politcal party research departments. This lot aint like us. they despise us. They’ve jumped on peoples fears to rehabilitate themselves. The shine will soon tarnish and we’ll see more anger than ever. Comrades turn off your tellys and radios.Don’t watch Question Time tonight. Don’t torture youselves.Go and lie down. You’re going to need your energy.


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  1. Anonymous

    I got a tool(it thinks it’s a mate) I use occasionally “Never underestimate the power of racial stereotyping and social prejudice” is his most often uttered phrase and they want to give him even more license to assault and abuse the public. What we have just witnessed is the result of decades of abuse by the filth, knowing full well they’re immune from the consequences of ignoring the law they claim to uphold.
    As you say, the uniformed thugs will get more power, but eventually we will unite and stand together.Looks like sooner rather than later.

  2. Tough Love

    I note that the three Labour MP’s most likely to embarrass the Milliband position and to partially agree with your analysis of the riots were absent from the chamber – Balls, Corbyn and Skinner – was this intentional?

    Even the chronically deluded Green Party gal kept her powder dry – consensus was the order of the day.

  3. Gusto

    Well said, Mr B. All this reactionary guff is like a hangover after the night before (well, three nights!). You just have to put up with it while it lasts. But it doesn’t mean there will be no more drinking from the foaming tankard of revolt in days and nights to come.

  4. alan on tyneside

    Stomach-churning though it is, I forced myself to look through the Daily Mail this morning. The reward was this story. £270M stolen from us by corporate retail, £50M fine, leaving a net profit on the scam of £220M. And that’s just the tip of the iceberg eh?

  5. Greg

    Too right. I’ll end up putting my foot through my liberated Samsung.
    This sums it up -Nottingham District Judge Tim Devas (yes the same one that gave solace to the serial cop who left his dogs to suffocate suffocator ”poor man, a dreadful error of judgement” ), to someone arrested on the streets of Nottingham
    “Don’t you feel ashamed that you are now counted among the hundreds of yobbos arrested and now considered as scum ?”

  6. DisenchantedBrit

    CCTV Camera-on has the fucking cheek
    To come out and speak
    About criminality and morality
    This is sheer hypocrisy!

    He thinks he’s always right
    That he’s whiter than white
    He thinks he’s won
    But the battle’s just begun!

  7. JonM

    Some good comments on the Great British Police State:

  8. Foaroan

    “This lot ain’t like us, they despise us”. Well said, Ian. Like Crass said decades ago: “We are all just niggers to the rulers of this land”. And it’s not just the UK, it’s the same here in Holland, it’s the same in Greece, the same in Ireland, the same in Syria. And with another recession right round the corner, things will definitely get a lot worse.

  9. climate action

    “A police officer has been injured and a patrol car destroyed by fire after (Washington police station) in Wearside was attacked by youths. Northumbria police said the officer was hit by flying glass when an object, believed to have been a brick, was hurled through a window at 3am on Wednesday morning.Six people were seen running away from the scene of the incident at the Washington police station on Wearside. Two young men aged 17 and 19 were later arrested by local neighbourhood officers. They are currently helping police with their inquiries.”

  10. Anonymous

    Any body see Warsi and Diane Abbot on newsnight? Fucking smiling at each other like long lost lovers. You can tell neither of them gives a fucking shit apart from protecting themselves and there class. Abbot couldnt even bring herself to blame the cuts. How much did these shits skank through expenses again???

  11. random name

    All about Cameron’s favourite Facebook group which he happily praised in the House today. Rumours that Cameron will appear side by side with the brave BNP, EDL nazi defenders of Eltham and Enfield for their 3rd night in a row on the streets remains to be seen.

  12. Anonymous

    I hope you read this message mister bone. i don’t usually read your blog, forget to basically. but today have. and thanks. yesterday felt like i was going insane, like there was something wrong with me. the media and people around me all singing the same tune. ferral, feckless dole-dossing tax-dodgers who all need shooting. but thank you. i have taken your advice. am listening to the circled a. am slowly returning to myself. thank you. you do a good, vital job.

  13. thebristolblogger

    There’s still a few chinks of light out there as the feral elite and their Parliamentary servants’ temporary veil of darkness descends.

    Can we have a small round of applause for Manchester’s Linda Boyd please?

    Linda has 96 convictions for theft and was caught in Manchester city centre on Tuesday night with an orange bin liner filled with goods.

    As she was led away from court today to return to Crown Court for sentencing next week she told district judge Alan Berg – a toff hastily drafted in to run Manchester’s police courts and dispense some rough justice – to “go away and shut up.”!

    For some reason this story gives me real hope.

  14. Responsible Citizen

    I fear many young arsonists may simply be seeking minimal qualifications for life at the top:

  15. According to Cameron it’s ‘all about the gangs’.

    So who’s gonna be brought to justice first? The Chipping Norton Posse, the Banker Boyz or the Murdoch Massive?

  16. footnote hooligan

    Rioting spreads to even the quietest areas:


    So the Iron Heel wants to crush ‘the Lidl People’, with lectures about morality, knowing ‘right from wrong’- yet Camoron can’t bring himself to call a public enquiry into the most intense social unrest in thirty years because all those pesky sociologists would prove the fucker to be utterly wrong, politically and ideologically…What a fucking joke, Morality? From Them? Their arrogance and conceit is astounding, even to the point of insisting on cutting the old bill back by 20%, so that even the ‘good citizens’ and pigs are feeling alienated, and if he offers them no concessions, the urban working class will get even less.

    The Tories are digging their own grave by maintaining a swamp operation (see Canning Town), giving people sentances of 6 months for “going equipped” (a bin bag and mask) and maximising the use of Joint Enterprise to collectively punish the youth. When they either ban Carnival, or fill the streets of Notting Hill with cops at the end of the month, they really will be throwing down the gauntlet…
    At this rate the Tory Vermin will have to call on the EDL for support, (which is a perfect match,since they are just a cretinous throwback to the Social Imperialism of the Victorian age, with a smattering of Moselyism). Because there’ll be no-one left to support them, apart from a few muesli-munchers with brooms…

    The riots over the past few days were “sick”, but not in the sense of Cameron’s populist psychobabble, but as the youth on the street mean it and they should wear their hoodies with pride, because they struck the first blow. They’re both ‘sick’, and ‘bare nang’.


    more people than ever are losing faith in those that they formerly percieved to be their masters(even the most loyal hounds), but their ability to master themselves has never had a real chance to flourish.the london tantrums,although admirable for their sheer spirit ,seem to have been largely self defeating , every damn axe grinder is trying to profit from it and the real issues have been largely ignored(no change there then).i hope that your prediction for a worthwhile aftermath comes true.self realisation ,freedom and liberty etc are the real prize not material possessions.

  19. Up here at least, the BBC followed Question Time with “One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest”. Someone there has a sense of humour.

  20. Anton

    The Tories and the Police will of course use/abuse all the draconian future legislation to destroy future dissent in whatever form it takes, marches, rallies, protests etc. Prepare to have your Blackberry confiscated !!!!
    “He was using a mobile phone your honour in a manner which could cause a public order offence or a serious breach of the peace”


    Violent, daring, organised, willing to destroy and loot… these youth have a bright future in the army.

    • JonM

      Well observed. But are they willing to murder and crush people with bombs in the name of NATO? That takes a special kind of hypocrisy and above all the backing of the ruling ‘authorities’!

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