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Looters: ‘It was like a shopping spree’

Whenever rioters speak for themselves a clear class analysis emerges – this time accompanied by a jerk of the thumb to Canary Wharf and then to the council flats behind and an attack on ‘The rich’ and the removal of EMA. Comrades will recall on the EMA march the ‘WE COME FROM THE SLUMS OF LONDON’ – well now they have. I think the anti-rich feeling is far more pervasive than many comrades realise.

The girls from Croydon know as well which side they are on. top analysis. Widely derided of course ‘stupid chav Croydon girls’ – seems to me they grasped the tenets of anarcho-communism pretty well. patronising snobs fuck off.



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  1. smithy

    Professional poverty chasers can fuck off too. These people know what the problems really are. They almost certainly also know what solutions will work.

  2. Kelly

    yeah, go Croydon girls!!

  3. Greg

    That flat where Sky say – ”we dont know where this is” is probably one of the MPs properties near Westminster that they flip to get the mortgage paid.

    It really is incredible -we’ve a German descended unelected Head of State, half the government in the House of Lords unelected, MPs who have there luxury lifestyles sewn up for life, even if they steal from us.

    Its like a fucking ants nest, but in an ants nest you have a fat queen, and the workers are treated a lot better. They all get a bit of honey and nectar, when it drips out the queens arse, -here the soldier ants bash you over the head.

      • INCUBUS

        No they can’t, nor can the trendy middle classes infesting working class areas- They, who are too educated to be innocent, know too well that they are engaged in a form of polite class war- they are quite happy to ensure that proles don’t get into higher education to compete with them for ‘professional’ jobs- even as student fees are set to triple over the next few years…These people, who have probably read Marx at university, know full well that they are cannibalistic parasites that literally eat the poor -through their longer life-spans, their monopoly of space in housing and real estate, their large, gas-guzzling cars, their rejection of state schools and absorbtion of funding and their rapacious investment of property in working class districts, driving up rent and prices, through insisting in cuts and objecting tax increases…

  4. alan on tyneside

    Dalston Turkish/Kurdish community press statement. So good.

  5. “It’s like the old days. It’s bringing the community spirit back. Even though it’s a sad way to do it, it’s bringing the community together…if the riots kick off again, I’m going. It’s history, it’s a revolution,…I loved Hackney during the riot. I loved every minute of it. It was great to see the people coming together to show the authorities that they cannot just come out here bullying.”

    “It’s us versus them, the police, the system,” said an unemployed man of Kurdish origin in his early 20s, sitting at the entrance to a Hackney housing estate with four Afro-Caribbean friends who nodded in agreement.
    “They call it looting and criminality. It’s not that. There’s a real hatred against the system,” he added, listing what he saw as the police prejudice, discrimination and lack of opportunity that led him and his friends to loot shops, torch bins and hurl missiles at police on Monday.
    “There’s two worlds in this borough. More and more middle classes are coming and we’re being pushed out. The shops are pricing stuff like it’s the West End, we can’t afford the rents. We’re the outcasts, we’re not wanted any more.
    “There’s nothing for us.”
    Youths are frustrated, they want all the nice clothes. They ain’t got no money, they don’t have jobs,” a 41-year-old youth worker told Reuters, stood outside the Pembury estate, the scene of much of the trouble on Monday night and home to mostly young black people.
    “To live, to have money in their pocket, they have to thieve, they have to rob.
    “The people that run this country, they got money, they are rich, they got nice houses. They don’t care about poor people.”

    “The only way we can get out of this is education, and we’re not entitled to it, because of the cuts. Even for bricklaying you need a qualification and a waiting list for a course. I signed up in November, and still haven’t heard back,” the Kurdish man said.
    The government has also raised university tuition fees since coming into power, putting a higher education further out of the reach of youths from places like Hackney.
    “They’re screwing the system so only white middle-class kids can get an education,” said another man, who declined to be named. He said politicians were the real criminals, and pointed to a 2009 expenses scandal in which several lawmakers were revealed to have cheated the taxpayer out of thousands of pounds.
    “The politicians say that we loot and rob. They are the original gangsters. They talk about copycat crimes. They’re the ones that’s looting, they’re the originals,” he said.
    One of the Kurdish man’s friends pointed to alleged payments made to the police by journalists, claims currently under investigation as part of a wider phone-hacking scandal centred on the now defunct News of the World newspaper, part of Rupert Murdoch’s News Corp media conglomerate.
    “Everyone’s heard about the police taking bribes, the members of parliament stealing thousands with their expenses. They set the example. It’s time to loot,” the youth said​icle/2011/08/09/britain-ri​ot-contrast-idUSL6E7J91RM2​0110809

  6. alan on tyneside

    Dixons Retail have joined Crimestoppers in putting up a 50 grand reward for information on the rioting & looting. As well as Dixons, they also own Currys & PC World. Just saying.

  7. alan on tyneside

    Like! Statement on the riots from Worthing anarchists.

  8. proletarian

    Great posts alan on tyneside!

  9. proletarian

    And Adamski too!

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