View Image The twisted firestarter gloats as another greenhouse goes up in flames and mumsy gets him off. Untouchable.

Burned down two greenhouses when he was 16. Hypocrite. Because he went to posh Westminster public school he was let off with communiy service.



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  1. smithy

    … obviously as a result of his impoverished upbringing. I will refrain from the observation that people in glass houses shouldn’t etc etc.

  2. Harry White

    it wasn’t any common or garden greenhouse either, but a fine collection of cacti:

  3. Geoff

    Yeah, so if you’re middle or upper class it’s called a bit of high jinks. If you’re working class it’s called rioting and arson. The hypocrisy is staggering and infuriating.
    Still, no point complaining – they have regained physical power on the streets (for now) and can do what they like.
    There’s no morality and no justice – just us.

  4. Alex Brown

    I got 4 years for arson. I didn’t the connections to get off it seems.

  5. Armitage Shanks

    And let’s not forget BoJo’s looting of Tariq Aziz’s cigar case and his boasts of spending the night in the cells with the Buller boys. He lied about this; an early indicator of his political skills – to ride on the coattails of others and evade responsibility for his actions.

    If BoJo can say, with impunity, that he would return the cigar case at the request of its owner, then shouldn’t everyone else be allowed to do the same? He can’t put that one down to youthful exuberance. He took it in 2003 and gave it back only when the police requested him to, five years later.

    No wonder why the politicians are looking all at sea. ‘Nothing more completely baffles one who is full of trick and duplicity, than straightforward and simple integrity in another.’ Charles Caleb Colton

  6. Ho-ho! Nothing surprises me about this cretin anymore. Is Lib-dem a by-word for lying hypocrite?

    Good one here too:

  7. Guy

    Think that’s bad? This is truly stunning:

    “1.06pm: The Datablog list of cases before magistrates has turned up the case of a man remanded to jail overnight in Manchester who is accused of stealing items worth £1. Steven Keith, 43, of Kirkmanshulme Lane in Longsight, is accused of burgling M1 News.” He hasn’t entered a plea yet according to the blog.

    There’s also this:

    Renaldo Tekle Giorgies 18 Westminster Tottenham M Highway maintenance worker 8/12/2011 Accused of: Using threatening language (!!)


    Ah, you mean Cactusgate?

    He did get prickly in his interview didn’t he?

    Not as prickly as I got when he chopped up the education funding and left it on the mountainside for the vultures to munch.


    Along with the Tory Bullingdon boys trashing the centre of Oxford, and it certainly looks as if we’re ‘all in this together’ -one nation, rioting under god…

  10. lala

    So basically a 16 year old Nick Clegg totally off his head on strong German beer, could quite easily have swung from the cenotaph, lobbed a fire extinguisher from a tall building and/or looted a high street store with his equally drunk mates. Interesting how he got a second chance, just like Cameron gave to Coulson. Everyone deserves a second chance remember.

  11. Dora Kaplan

    There he is, the Original Gangsta: Loan-shark, extortionist, financial terrorist, compulsive liar, con man, thief and arsonist,

  12. Gitane

    Adulterers, pyros, vandals and thieves. And these are the good guys?

  13. captaincactus

    Appalled at the scumbag council throwing a mother of a rioter out of her home. It’s just plain unmanly to do something like that, we have an unmanly government. At least politicians of old, like Roosevelt, would go rafting up the Amazon and had real red blood. Current politicians look soft, pudgy, baby like. Mind numbing, meaningless beaurocrats. Over privileged daleks from an upper class hive mind with thin vinegary blood and semen like watered down gruel. Horrible test tube production line swots who wouldn’t know how to put a plug on a toaster let alone hold down a normal job. Cringeing, waffling, stuttering overblown little cowards latching onto the public like emotional tics, vampirically slurping up negative emotion like it’s strawberry milkshake. You know they are the ones who will be chopping the ropes of the lifeboats before anyone else can get on board, their horrid insectoid feelers rubbing together in satisfaction, chittering to each other in their own predator language as their green ichor innards glow with sadistic survival-of-the-fittest pleasure.

    BTW, that’s not a real email address up there, as far as I know, so don’t bother.

  14. Anton

    “Things got out of hand & we’d had a few drinks. We smashed the place up and Boris set fire to the toilets.”
    – David Cameron,1986.

    “The looting and arson last night were criminality, pure and simple. Justice will be done and the people will see the consequences for their crimes”
    – David Cameron, 2011

  15. He got off because he went to public school?

    Sources please?

  16. GSD owner

    Starting fires at a young age is a clear indicator of a deeply disturbed person,if you research the literature it will bear this out.It’s definitely NOT high jinks and to blame it on extra strong German beer is nonsense.How many times in our youth we got inebriated, did we ever think ‘hmm, let’s start a fire and watch the place burn down’.Deeply worrying to my mind.Not a political act or an expression of deep rage against injustice and social deprivation, an act of a maladjusted person, who was born and raised in great wealth and privilege.I would like Clegg to come clean about his use of drugs in the past, was this incident related to drugs? ‘Mr Sqeaky Clean’ has a past of fiddling his travel expenses from Brussels to London, flying Economy and claiming for Business Class and trousering the difference.That little perk went on for years.He only admitted it when it was about to be revealed.Ever the PR expert he confessed, making himself out to be honest and upright and ‘coming clean’ all on his own.He could never amount to anything in my estimation after that, such greed, such criminal deceit. He should have been prosecuted.A single mother on benefits would have been dragged through the Courts for less.

  17. Anonymous

    So, does this mean we can kick him and his ‘family’ out of the house…the house of commons?

  18. Clearly there is a double standard here but the title of this post is misleading. Clegg wasn’t charged and so never convicted for this clear wrongdoing.

  19. Michael

    Surely it’s evidence that Britain is a land of unparalled opportunity if an arsonist can attain the position of Deputy Prime Minister. That’s what I call paying your debt to society.

  20. vomsters

    He’s moved on to bigger things. It’s called Scorched Earth.

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