Click here to download a free PDF of our Anti-Looting poster.  

More good stuf from the Anarchist Media Project – these should be  robustly plastered all over the UK

Our degenerate elite……Peter Oborne, political commentator with the daily telegraph, was the man who first identified ‘the political class’ which runs Britain. Today he’s followed it up…………..blogs.telegraph.co.uk/news/peteroborne/100100708/the-moral-decay-of-our-society-is-as-bad-at-the-top-as-the-bottom


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  1. Anonymous

    Oh Man, I wanna see that poster sized and all over the country.

  2. Greg

    Interesting take on the ‘troubles’ -not from our governments media, highlighting Camerons total hypocrisy


  3. Ashe

    One of the triggers in the Tottenham riot was mentioned as a 16 year old girl who was beaten with police riot shields. It was mentioned several times during the first 24 hours, including by people who claimed to be eye witnesses (eg Guardian comments) – has anyone read anything about this recently or seen any video, or know what happened to her since?

    • notthem@yahoo.com

      Youtube originally took video down. The quality is absolutely shit and you can’t make out anything, only the audio is any good. If she has any sense she’ll stay well out of the limelight. So don’t worry about her.


      I know a girl who knows the Duggans, apparently the girl at the demo did lob summat at the cops, rather than just get jumped on for expressing herself…but according to Stafford Scott (longtime activist on the Farm) in the Guardian, the it kicked off once the (mainly female) demo was dispersing- then the mandem made their feelings felt…

  4. Anonymous

    Made the mistake of watching QT. Comrade is there any chance of starting a Uriah Heep watch on this site? We need to keep an eye on that cunt.

  5. locust458956786742875989982497987

    There a fuck’s sight more of us than them. Our time is coming. Their’s is running out. And they know it.

  6. b

    One good thing about the Oborne article is that at long last someone has mentioned Philip Green, the man who owns much of the High Street.

    Green’s losses to looters and arsonists are going to be paid for from ‘public’ funds, and he won’t be stopped taking all his profits abroad so as to avoid British tax. Another guy who should be mentioned is Stanley Kalms of DSG International (Dixons, Currys, PC World).

    One got knighted and the other made a lord under a Labour government; both are – guess what – close to the Tory party, of which Kalms was once treasurer. Not that they lose money when Labour are on the ‘government’ side of the House of Commons, you understand!

    Both are of course big-time crooks, current incarnations of Charles Clore. Also worth mentioning they are serious supporters of the Israeli state in a big way, as is Marks and Spencer. In every area, you can guarantee that M&S will be a big player in the local association of retailing interests who ‘manage’ the High Street – whether we’re talking about cameras, security, anti-begging propaganda, new construction developments, or whatever. They are also involved with the Local Authority Pension Fund Forum, car park scams, etc.

    These fellows are who the High Street is for.

  7. oops

    Nick Clegg losing his composure on BBC Radio Nottingham yesterday, after being reminded of his own conviction for arson when as a 16 year old he and a friend burnt down two greenhouses. He was given community service.

    Skip to 4:40 for the good bit where he suddenly develops a stutter lol.

  8. SmiffySmifferson

    Nick Clegg I mean of course – I didn’t know that – what a hypocrite – who the fuck is he and how does he think he’s got the right to tell us what to do in any case!


    The Tory solution to the ‘undeserving poor’-

    The Wandsworth Guardian is reporting what it says may be the first eviction notice served on a council tenant connected with the riots.

    A council tenant whose son has appeared in court charged in connection with the Battersea riots has today been served with an eviction notice.

    “Among caveats tied to bail is a ban on attending Notting Hill Carnival at the end of the month. ” –

    I think the state is undecided as to what to do about mas’ -If they ban it it’ll cause such simmering resentment…If they don’t, it will almost certainly explode…(remember that the Carnival tradition was started by Trinidadian slaves…)


    I have it on very good authority that Salford Council has sent warning letters to ALL council tenants stating that involvement with the uprising will lead to eviction. Fuckers. Great for community relations, no?

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