The stand-out political commentator on the riots is not a leftie or liberal progressive type but Peter Oborne of the Daily Telegraph. Already in his analysis of ‘the political class’ Oborne had been spot on but here he shows how the rich have changed into what he calls ‘the feral rich’. His road to Damascus moment seems to have been a dinner party in Kensington where the super-rich were discussing the North/South divide – not of the country but of Kensington High street!! The feral rich are the bankers, the hedge funders, the finanicial speculators, property developers and their political front men who are modern versions of loadsamoney but waving yachts at you rather than tenners.They are truly a bunch of degenerates.


I think Oborne’s analysis off the feral rich is widely shared by our class. Yesterday I had a call from Radio5 to go on a programe about the riots. the rearcher told me they had been amazed by the calls they were getting. About 50% were RABID ABOUT RIOTERS but the other 50%  were RABID ABOUT THE RICH. The bankers, politicians and Murdoch men are getting away with it – one law for them another law for us is a widely held view. I don’t think there has been such a build up of anti-ruling class feeling in the UK since 1940.A big claim to make I agree. Cameron is floundering – announcing new laws every day. He reminds me of John Major’s BACK TO BASICS campaign which blew up in his face. Every one of Cameron’s get tough measures will turn to unworkable fiasco. Evict the family of  rioters – there will be thousands there to resist eviction. But defensive measures will soon give way to the possibilities of going on the attack. ‘EVICT THE RICH’   was once just a slogan…..but soon? THE FERAL RICH have opened up the CLASS WAR – it’ll be up to our class to win it.


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31 responses to “THE FERAL RICH – LET’S EVICT THEM!

  1. Lonestar


  2. Ned

    Would be nice to see the terraces of Battersea reclaimed

  3. JonM

    Sky discussing the banning of face coverings/hoods. Then let the protesters all wear Cameron masks or dress in Burkas!

  4. They need to be evicted from the land as well… they talk about looting, but nearly 70% of the land in Britain is still ‘owned’ by a bunch of aristocratic bastards who themselves ‘looted’ it all in the first place.

    Just 0.6% of the population own 69% of the land, but a third of that is deemed ‘uneconomic’ hill-land, so to ‘make it pay’ the fuckers are given subsidies taken from the other 99.4% of the population’s taxes.

    The Land magazine’s manifesto points out the importance of land access in the fight against power and privilege…

  5. DisenchantedBrit

    It’s time for the full insurrection! Disable the CCTVs and make these BASTARDS pay!

  6. Dogman

    Afternoon all, there seems to be a mood of retrenchment. This is unnecessary, one more push and we are closer to the birth of a less grotesque society. I went to bed last night after listening to that craphead that you appeared on the telly with, harking on about the whites turning black and invoking Enoch friggin Powell: Starkey. The sheer paucity of resistance to this insurgence is breathtaking in its laxity.

    • n r kist

      A while back there was a brilliant piss-take of David Starkey:

      (from 1:12 onwards)
      Worth comparing with his latest outburst:

    • ya get me

      Starkey’s point was about the adoption in this country of Jamaican and black American GANGSTER culture. He has a point. Sociaopathic gangstas influence everything about kids cultural life in this country. Kids pretending to live as if they were US rappers is pathetic. Postcode wars, colour wars (clothing colours not skin), all of it american gangsta culture. All of it alien to everyone else. Feds? WTF is that all about we don’t even have a federal police force here, plus Americans don’t even call the police that word outside of cheap cop TV shows. Next time listen to what he was actually getting at rather than the soundbite. Plus having two wankstain media types jumping down his throat at every opportunity hardly helped his point getting out.

      • May

        @ya get me: Why are you & Starkers fingering black ‘gangsta’ culture for these riots? Many of the rioters were white, Asian and even some where allegedly orthodox Jewish and have no point of reference in the context of Jamaican gangster culture. This was a class riot and not a race one and the only gangsters responsible for it were the Tory boys.

      • What Tyler?

        Starkey revealed what many in this country think.

        Unfortunately, it’s the outrage and horror of privileged scum who feel their position is being challenged by a culture from the streets. He does not understand the nuances of that culture, furthermore he feels it would be ‘beneath him’ to make the effort to engage with its meanings.

        The man is a twat. Utter twat. Vile twat. Racist twat. He is a twat.

        And he should should fuck off back to mythic land of ‘History’ where the hanging of the poor justified the Godly Rule of the rich.

        Twat. Scum. Twat.

      • ya get me

        Typical head in the sand idiots. We blacks have been saying the stuff Starkey said for years. Watch Chris Rock’s, ‘niggas Vs black people’ routine for example. Every blog or article I’ve seen actually written by someone black also agrees with him. Funny that. The friends I’ve spoken to (all of them black btw) also think Starkey had a fucking point. Hmmm..

        Starkey was on about GANGSTER culture. He said the dominant culture on BRITISH streets (this includes every race imagunable for you idiots) is a culture of gangsterism. A particular type of gangsterism from America and Jamaica of killing your own kind over what colour shirt you wear or your postcode. That is a fucking fact. If you disagree with that then you haven’t got a clue what’s going on. A culture of sexism, homophobia, macho bullshit, bling, get what you can etc etc In other words the things that are the total opposite of anarchism……

        Tony Sewell (yet another actual black person who agrees with Starkey) says it mch better than I can:

  7. Arthur Mullard

    In your list of feral rich you forgot the media celebs, the freuds, the richard curtis’s, the stephen fry’s, the paxmans, the clarksons, the jonathan ross’s etc etc. The worst kind of feral rich if you ask me as most of them pretend to be on the left. The real enemy within.

  8. james walsh

    There is a true lack of confidence in the thinking rich, they got the world they wanted and they find it a soulless empty place at heart. They know they can not appeal to their old notions of nation and defence of community, as the government and the ruling class have been shown to be the merchants of empty words and carpet bagging. The smart ones of the ruling class know they are part of a decadent class.

    I think such folk of the conservative classes know that the only thing that keeps the them in place is the atomised conditions of the working class and a ‘left wing’ leadership that knows less about or is less comfortable with Marxism and class war than the smarter person in the street.

    Cameron will no doubt be living his fantasy of being Maggie Thatcher circa 1981. We’ve all been here before and we can count on the British left to be complete rubbish. The working class don’t lack the brains or the bravery but the generals are worse than donkeys, which fight not the last war- but the wars of a 100 years ago.

    It’s a sad state of affairs when I get better comment about the empty nature of our lives from the Telegraph. Osbourne has a better grasp of the material nature of the world in his writing than the British Left who offer only pie in the sky and a moralist secular Christianity of sacrifice for the working class in Britain.

    I wish there where easy tasks to correct things but I know part of the answer is what the Who said in the song ‘Won’t get fooled again’.

  9. A Council Tenant

    I’m a tenant of the Rachman landlord, Wandsworth Council, who wants to evict the family of an alleged looter from its council property because he was involved in the riots. This council is a rabid, foaming at the mouth Thatcherite landlord who has more in common with the landlords who evicted the Irish in the Great Famine than the 21st century.

    It’s chief councillor, ‘Rabid’ Govinda’, is, if not one of the highest paid councillors in the UK, the highest paid; the rents it charges for its slums, which it fails to adequately maintain with repairs, are one of the highest in the UK; its council tax is one of the lowest in the UK; it spies on you with CCTV wherever you go; it insists dogs of council tenants are micro chipped and refuses to allow dogs to be exercised in its parks; it expects parents of children to have to pay to use playgrounds in its parks; it threatens to evict council tenants if they feed squirrels or pigeons; it records my phone calls to its jobsworths at the Town Hall without my permission; it reluctantly arrives to do its repairs to my slum with a delegation of more official jobsworths with clipboards who take photographs of me and my possessions without my permission and with no justification; it issued me a court summons for £3 council tax arrears and has me on its blacklist.

    They are a bunch of f*in fascists.

  10. cck

    Embracing the opinions of Peter Oborne is a bit risky.
    Im a little worried by the way all sides and political persuasions are buying into the usual reactionary platitudes.
    The house of parliament is united 100%..THERE IS NO OPPOSITION AT ALL.
    The elite media machine has totally succeeded in turning all the debate and voices of dissent into the issue of ‘law and order’ and ‘police numbers.’

    What is worrying is lefties and anarcs who are now hailing Peter Oborne as a spokesman for humanitarian and liberal ideals based solely on the fact that he has written an article which has done nothing accept tap into the boiling mood of public opinion.

    the mainstream public IS WRONG and that is why the Telegraph is keen to let public opinion dictate events on this issue….as if the Telegraph are realistic champions of public liberty and power. They are NOT

    • Ned

      And let’s not forget, Oborne IS a Tory (probably of the more liberal ‘One Nation’ kind), and we shouldn’t be clutching at this particular straw, especially if by validating the ‘feral rich’ idea we’re back-handedly validating the demonising of a supposed ‘feral poor’.

    • Cheese Bait

      Yeah, what Peter Oborne is saying seems to good to be true. Maybe some sort of trap is being laid!

    • ya get me

      You don’t hold the monopoly on humanitarian views. Many voices of humanitarianism have come from those nowhere near anarchism or even anywhere near the the left.
      Because a voice isn’t from an anarchist doesn’t make it any less valid. Fundamentalism is nasty wherever it comes from.

      • Anonymous

        i’ll belive Oborne is sincere if he publicly renounces satan and all his works.
        until then just remember hes picking up a pay packet from the Barcley Brothers.

      • JonM

        ‘Because a voice isn’t from an anarchist doesn’t make it any less valid’
        Very true. If anything, the broadest spectrum of voices and backgrounds is Exactly What’s Needed!

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  12. cck

    If Oborne is genuinely sincere and has had a sudden epiphany then presumably the first step is to stop picking up a wage check from the Barcley Brothers.


    Last time I looked, I flushed a huge Oborne down the loo, only for him to resurface in todays Telegraph blaming the Labour party for creating the “benefit dependent underclass”, no mention of the Grand Hag Baroness Thatcher…He’s just another hack providing ‘contentious’ views for a bored tory readership. Fuck him, and his blather.

    @ya get me- obviously you have never been young or understand the position of Black youth in the UK- of-course they readily identify with black American and Jamaican culture of aspiration and material excess, British culture offers them nothing. So what if the youth call police ‘Feds’- You use the term ‘cops’- which is arguably as American as it is British. Starkey is rabid right-wing historian who at heart thinks black people are inferior savages, and he doubtless is proud of our special relationship with Yankdom, which comes with all the cultural imperialism that that toadying position entails…

    @Council Tenant- Yeah, looks like the councils nationally, whether Left or Right are becoming a mere extension of the Police force, with Cameron telling us it is a ‘privelage’ to rent a council home, and warning us of how insecure our ‘subsidised’ housing has become.
    Cameron in a powdered wig, on the scaffold, with fear in his eyes….

  14. Dogman

    I think it is quite interesting, and a little odd, that there have been hardly any attempts to damage public buildings given the high rates of unemployment and suchlike. I wonder why this is?


    Two police stations (Totty, Nottingham), a council building in Salford, plus jobcentres and post offices across the country…


    …and very many banks.

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