The gang that has done the most damage is the OLD ETONIANS headed by gang leaders Johnson and Cameron. It is intended that a mass citizens arrest of present gang members takes place at their HQ at ETON COLLEGE on Wednesday September 28th. Max Hastings this week called the rioters ‘wild beasts’ likening them to the polar bear that attacked in Norway. Then let the ravening wild beasts loose on Eton.  It is absolutely obscene that Old Etonians Cameron and Johnson are unleashing a vicious class war on the poor. I read today that two young lads arrested in Camden for setting fire  to a rubbish bin with a cigarette were told by the magistrate they could face a life sentence for arson. Our class has fought back on our own territory this week but now’s the chance to advance against the biggest criminal cabaal in the country. ETON COLLEGE SEPTEMBER 28th –  we will chant no slgans, make no demands, our banner will read only:    BEHOLD YOUR FUTURE EXECUTIONERS
PS. Anyone out there can make a poster for this please do.


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  1. Ashe

    A 14-year-old boy got a referral order for “looting” a packet of chewing gum – Judge tells him that he would have gone to prison if he had been older!
    even the Daily Mail couldn’t make it up.

  2. Alex Brown

    Should go afer the judges. They should be done for kidnap!

    • Anonymous

      And magistrates.

      I had a good poke about for stuff on Judge Nicholas Peter Lees Price a week or so ago, but couldn’t find owt. Mebbie they are all cleaner than clean, or mebbie they are just very careful about what info they allow into the public domain. It was the same in the 80s when ‘Written in Flames’ was published. Loads of addresses & stuff for most of the ruling class, but hardly anything on these fuckers.


    “Chancellor George Osborne has asked the Inland Revenue to check whether the 50p top rate of income tax is actually making money for the government.

    Some economists have claimed that tax avoidance and evasion mean the rate is raising less income than expected.

    Speaking on BBC Radio 4’s Today programme, Mr Osborne hinted that the 50p rate remained under review.

    He added: “There’s not much point in having taxes that are very economically inefficient.” ”

    Says it all really-abolish taxes for the rich because they are corrupt and won’t pay them, while Judges jail kids for nicking bottles of water and sweets…

  4. Lonestar

    Sept 28th sounds good but it should be parliament and get all the scum together… NO CEASFIRE IN THE CLASSWAR

  5. A number of questions need to be raised. Is there a time limit on whether prosecutions can be brought for Criminal Damage? Or indeed conspiracy to commit criminal damage? Was any prosecution brought against any member of the gang known as the Bullingdon Club? If not, is there sufficient evidence and testimony to enable prosecutions to take place? If there is then it would be in the public interest that these take place..

  6. Truth And Justice

    “…….. told by the magistrate they could face a life sentence for arson”. Oh really Mr Gullible. Magistrates’ sentencing powers are limited to 6m imprisonment for a single offence. Don’t repeat every piece of bullshit you are told. Agree entirely about the moron Cameron and his Eton cronies, but target your efforts on those who deserve it. Magistrates are unpaid and are definitely NOT part of the establishment. We are drawn from all levels of society and represent a wide range of views. Personally, I was active in the Young Socialists and SWP in the 1970’s. I might have mellowed, but I still hold on to my ideals which are reflected in the decisions I make in Court.

    • climate action

      It’s correct that magistrates can’t give us more than 6 months but that doesn’t prove that the kids weren’t told something by the magistrate. Magistrates don’t know the law and do lie in court. You are part of the fucking establishment; you fucking sentence us for fuck sake.

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