Ledbury Looks a bit tacky to me

Possibly THE IMAGE of the riots.  Looters identified and attacked the posh two Michelin starred LEDBURY restaurant in Notting hill. Diners were robbed of jewellry and money. If this aint naked class war what the fuck is?


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  1. No expense spared on boarding up services.

    Tight fuckers.

  2. george England

    I am appalled. I was only dining there a few weeks ago. With my friends Michael Winner and David Starkey. The bastards will be caught


    “Waiter,waiter! There’s a brick in my soup!”
    Emile Henry would be proud!!:)

  4. footnote hooligan

    Do insurrectionary acts need insurrectionary tracts?

  5. DisenchantedBrit

    Very palatable… Would do well in the Turner Prize. Anyone got a good suggestion for a title?

  6. Old Fart

    If you want to understand why The Ledbury might be a target, then read these comments from one of the punters there on the night. No wonder people riot when people’s greed and privilege is so stark but also ignorant.

    “After staff chased off the looters, guests were given glasses of alcohol including champagne and whisky to calm their nerves.

    Once the looters had left for a second time, the guests were let out of the wine cellar and given petits fours.

    Mrs Yang said: “I was kind of hoping to finish the rest of my tasting menu, but all the broken glass and turned-over tables probably wasn’t conducive to a nice dining environment.”

    She said the staff had gone “well beyond their call of duty” in looking after the guests, adding: “I was sad for the wonderful smelling cheese cart which had glass littered all over it. So much cheese gone to waste!” ”

  7. Robert Smitheringale

    Targeted destruction. How can you argue against that. The rioters have been blamed for every crime comitted in England in the last 7 days. That robbery of the kid with the rugzak has probaly happened here in Amsterdam in the last week aswell. As there are no riots here its just put down as street crime. I think it was opportunist who mowed down those poor sods in Birmingham. As for shopping your own kids for nicking chewing gum etc thats the real sick part of society. Whats all this talk of not being able to discipline your kids (which is code for a good regular beating) Get your belt off and give the little buggers a good slapping that will stop them. After, they will all march off to the nearest MacDonalds begging for a job. Problem solved.

    • Ned

      Denouncing your own kids… kids denouncing their parents – read ‘Alone ln Berlin’ while we’ve still (potentially) got the street power, otherwise it’s too late.

  8. upfrombelow

    That is one heck of a bad boarding up job…looks like they did it themselves rather than allow a mere pleb to do the job properly…

  9. Dora Kaplan

    “If this aint naked class war…..” Perhaps, or maybe they just served a party from the Bullingdon club a below par Lobster bisque…?


    The UCU along with that Cunt jeremy corbyn MP, is petitioning Cameron to pwease, pwease, restore EMA, stop the cuts, increase JSA and other such hilarious nonsense…They have pwomised to shine his shoes and toast his cwumpets in return, lest the filthy oiks disturb the equilibrium of being a wealthy liberal in a vicious capitalist system…They’ve gotta do something to keep the uppity Ni**ers and ch*vs in their place!
    Read it yourself for a laugh-

  11. alan on tyneside

    Another candidate for image of the riots, (nicked from the guardian)

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