“I think we should start rioting, it’s about time we stopped the authorities pushing us about and ruining this country.

“It’s about time we stood up for ourselves for once. So come on rioters – get some. LOL.”

This is an absolute attack on free speech. The 17 year old lives in a small village near Bury St.Edmunds.There is nothing specific in his facebook post to any area – it’s a general statement. He’s been given a curfew, youth rehabiitation order and god knows what else. He’d even deleted it so it ws only up for a short  time.The weekend before last Nik Cohen posted in The Observer ‘Why are there no riots here’ – why aint he been done. Or a thousand pieces you could read in broadsheets giving opinions or on leftie blogs like this. Why pick on teenagers? So you the cops and CPS can impres with their ‘robust’ approach. This prosecution is worse than the other one because it’s a general statement of opinion by no mean a specific incitement. If a kid in Syria had posted this he’d be hailed a hero. It’s now a crime here to say ‘I think we should start rioting’.  I think we need a lot of people who write and blog to stand up now and be counted on this one. Maybe some mass signed statement – maybe all put our names to what this kid has said and wait for the knock at the door. First they came for the 17 year old Facebookers.The WITCHFINDER GENERAL was about in the area of Bury St.Edmunds. Now in the midst of RIOT HYSTERIA he’s back.

***** Please spread far and wide.


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  1. Luther Blissett

    Newton’s third law–every action has equal reaction in the opposite direction

    LAW III – To every action there is always opposed an equal reaction: or, the mutual actions of two bodies upon each other are always equal, and directed to contrary parts.

  2. Anonymous

    This country makes me sick. The establishment of this country makes me sick. They are like a parasite sucking the life blood of this nation! This country could be so great, yet the powers that be have destroyed it all. I think we should riot too. Next time it needs to be even bigger, aimed at the prime minister!

  3. Keith

    Matthew Hopkins & Judge Jeffries resurrected, sentences for thought crime – it’s all double plus ungood. i think that there has been a temporary bubble of freedom in this country, but we are returning to the repressive norm. The enemy is ruthless & barbaric & is a bigger & more lethal contender than any mugger or arsonist. It is they who have the power, wealth, armies, propaganda machines, & they aren’t gonna leave the palace without a big bloody fight.

  4. Dogman

    or to put another way, why do not we all stop rotting now?

    • Keith

      Yes comrade, but directed where it hurts. The state/capital/powerful needs to be sidelined whilst having the legs kicked from under it. It’s presently seen by many as the lesser of competing evils. It needs to be seen as the only real evil. Riots give the powers a shock, but they are usually contained – global revolution must clear the decks.

  5. Dora Kaplan

    It’s a malicious, baseless prosecution. The kid’s simply expressing an opinion. There’s no incitement, no call for attacks on any target and no attempt to coordinate with anyone else.
    They might as well prosecute Penguin books for publishing ‘The Social Contract.’

    “The central assertion of social contract theory is that law and political order are not natural, but are instead human creations. The social contract and the political order it creates are simply the means towards an end — the benefit of the individuals involved — and (according to some philosophers such as Rousseau), legitimate only to the extent that they meet the general interest (“general will” in Rousseau). For many social contract theorists, this implies that failings discovered in laws or political structures can be changed by the citizens through elections or other means, including, if necessary, violence.”

  6. Kelly

    I literally keep shaking every time i hear more about the vindictive sentencing going on in the ‘justice’ system. I’m livid, absolutely livid.
    A message can be sent in a number of ways and while it might sound a bit NVDA willing bodies spelling out ‘you are the real looters’ on that nice piazza in canary wharf/green outside parliament, only need 2 or 3 people per letter… or will i get done now for suggesting public lettering?


    So where is Michael Mansfield, Geoffrey Robertson, Imran Khan, Liberty, or Shami Chakrabarti? Don’t want to get their hands dirty? No money in it now that Legal Aid has been virtually abolished…?
    Unemployment’s up, Charlie and Camilla are in da ghetto meeting all the ‘victims’ but not those suffering the destruction wrought by unfettered capitalism, Met Chf Insp. Stephenson has been exhonerated and all is well with the world- except the Internet Revolution has gone sour and their is no Plan ‘B’. People don’t need, nor have ever needed, new technology to riot, they just have to have Rage…in spades.
    I see grown men scavenging for fag butts these days, and they really think a ‘National Citizen Service’ will make it all better? I doubt it- especially when you consider they charge up to £100 to go on it….and now they criminalise bored teens in provincial villages. Absolute Bollocks.

  8. Next political prisoner might be ME! Check out Richplanet Starship Friday 8.30 pm SKY201 or FREESAT 403. The prog will be repeated twice the folloing week each channel. It’s the second half of the programme, the ‘Poet in the pub’ section.

    The royals, banks etc. get both barrels as I speculate about ‘biting [Prince Charles’ ] nose ‘half off’ in a projected land dispute, and giving my views about the so-called ‘credit crunch’.

    I short, I think you’ll all appreciate it. It will later be on youtube foryou all to savour.

    *Bows in advance* And YEAH, my folks WOULD be proud of me! CHEERS!

  9. smithy

    I think we all posted statements similar to this last week. I hope he appeals. Complete nonsense. The sort of chit chat we would have in the pub….

  10. Spotted Dick from 'ackney Wick

    Sadly there’s little to be surprised at in all this … Blair spent his entire time as prime minister preparing the architecture for a gargantuan police-state, he passed one ‘Crime, Terrorism, Conspiracy, Anti-social behaviour and Disorder Act” straight after another, all at the behest of the security services who, after 2001, already knew the British economy would collapse within a decade. It just needed someone to then come along, plug all the new laws in at once, and fire up the whole framework, and that’s what’s now happening. It’s a miracle I’m not typing this in a gulag.

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