American Nazis parade to pro-Hitler rally in Madison square Gardens in 1935. Recently discovered documents codenamed RED EMPIRE show the USA was planning pre-emptive strikes on Canada as a prelude to all out war on the Britain  as late as 1936. General Douglas MacArthur was a leading pr0ponent of the plan no doubt enthused over by the loathsome Joseph Kennedy – head of the Kennedy clan – and US ambassador to London with Hitler sympathies. No doubt the invsasion would have been as succesful as his son’s invasion of Cuba at the Bay of pigs.In such circumstances no doubt Madonna’s darlings the Duke of Windsor and Wallis Simpson would have been all too happy to sue for peace with both the yanks and Hitler. For all you military tacticians out there – how do you think a USA invasion of Canada would have unfolded?

By the 1930s, America saw the disturbing sight of homegrown Nazi sympathisers marching down New York's Park Avenue to converge on a pro-Hitler rally in Madison Square Garden


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    Ah, yes, War Plan Red, wherein the Yanks would’ve violated any possible Canadian neutrality in a war against the Brits- with strategic bombing of Vancouver, Halifax, Montreal and Quebec, a motorised invasion force of 50,000 and the use of chemical weapons…But let’s not forget the Canucks had Defence Scheme No. 1 since 1921- there own pre-emptive attack plan on the USA, part of which included strategic withdrawl and a scorched earth policy til British forces could arrive to ‘defend the empire’… General MacArthur, of-course, was also responsible for the brutal attack on the ‘Bonus Army’ veterans in Washington in 1932 and later went on to urge nuking North Korea into oblivion…
    I suppose a war on Britain would have been a great way to end the depression- but then that’s what Roosevelt knew too when the ‘surprise’ attack on Pearl Harbor happened (only after the US squeezed Japan through trade and finance) …Ah, me, I do love that Special Relationship with our colonic cousins…

  2. Davis Walsh

    Saw the programme last night and agreed with the military bods on it that the US could probably have taken Canada, but would not have been able to beat even the pre WW2 Royal Navy and as a result would have had their own trade routes put at peril. The conclusion of suing for peace at that point would have been logical. Also spotted in the programme that Charles Lindbergh,, a Nazi sympathiser too,was doing some spying on the side.for the US army………..

  3. Keith

    Revenge attacks have begun – Commonwealth comrades Gillard & Rudd have attempted to smuggle lethal vegemite into the States – much to Obama’s disgust; vengeful Brits are attempting to take in cellar-aged Marmite, Alex James’ tomato ketchup cheese & Keith Allen’s pesto. Independent minded as ever, Scot’s comrades have been smuggling in illegal haggis for years. I’m sure there is some connection to Ian’s recent crossing of the border.

  4. Don

    Obviously, it would have been a cake walk. The USA had ten times the population and 90% of Canadians live within 300 miles of the border. The English were too spread out around the world to fight for very long. They had revolutions in Africa, revolution in India, Japan dreaming of taking their territory in Asia, the Italians dreaming of taking British territory in the Middle East and the rise of Germany. Canada would have been annexed with Quebec given independence.


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