The campaign against ETON is not just a one off – it will build over the next year. So EMA NOT ETON announcs two more marches on Eton College:

Tuesday October 25th and THE BIG SATURDAY ONE you’ve all been asking for on SATURDAY NOVEMBER 12th


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32 responses to “EMA NOT ETON

  1. your nan

    How to alienate ordinary people in one quick lesson….use graphics of people being lynched. Yep that will show what a nice, friendly, non-violent bunch that anarchists are. Can’t wait till your revolution, I’ll be there counting all the lynched bodies after the blood lust revenge nutters have had their field day.

    • i wish i could like that comment cos it’s fucking brilliant

    • Internet Hat Machine

      I’m not sure, I’d say your symptoms indicate a complete sense of humour failure. I think you might also be suffering from butthurt. Of course e-diagnosis is not guaranteed to be particularly accurate so I’d advise that you visit your GP asap, I think your case is probably quite serious.

    • Firstly the painting is of a Toff about to get his head chopped off. You know, similiar to the way thousands/millions of lower class lumpens got theirs chopped off as one of the Many punishments dished out to those deemed unworthy. Ordinary people as u put it would love the message, the message of getting bk at the rich who stole the wealth from the people. Read ‘the many headed hydra’ and weep for those that suffered at the hands of the people that today still send their kids to schools like Eton. And who said Anarchist were non violent? Don’t assume we’ll passively allow the world to turn into further enslavement. Watch ‘punishment park’ by Peter Watkins and it’ll show u how the state are the violent ones so u want to rid the world of violence start by locking up the old bill first and move on to the those that represent the blood thirsty Empire. And yeah I cant wait for the revolution either! Bring on a free and just world!

  2. Tough Love

    Eton bad – no argument, but linking that sentiment to EMA is wrong. EMA is an insult to our class – campaigning for EMA is akin to saying we don’t care about our kids, and kids won’t attend FE without a bribe. What’s wrong with paper rounds, cleaning cars, working in stores on weekends. The more you depennd on the state the further you travel from freedom.

  3. Anonymous

    BTW, October 25th is during half-term, so no-one’s going to be there…

  4. toff

    its a bit of a trek coming all the way back to school then..
    could we do another time?


  5. Anonymous

    that’s so retarded. as a student at eton,i can tell you that the 25th of october is in half term when nobody will be there, and the second is on a saturday when most people won’t be around. you guys are obviously intent on making the biggest impression possible……

  6. Frederick Frankel

    I know this is one of the crucial points of your threadbare argument but you might not have chosen the best timing for such a “campaign” – even if you had a genuine point (incidentally, I’d love to meet up for a drink and hear your thoughts over why Eton should close) in amongst this rise against a non-existant machine, the people you would have to get on your side in order to close the school just so happen to have been educated there.

    • Internet Hat Machine

      “in amongst this rise against a non-existant machine, the people you would have to get on your side in order to close the school just so happen to have been educated there.”

      Lol. Are you being facetious or are you genuinely as thick as your above sentence suggests? Or thirdly do they teach doublethink at Eton?


    Mr Bone. You are truly a sorry excuse for a human being. Get a job you jealous prick.

    • Internet Hat Machine

      I think you’re getting confused here wrt. semantics. If he was truly jealous he’d be trying to carve himself the same sort of empire that the parents of Etonians such as yourself possess using exploits for the wonderful freemarket. Of course that almost trivial application of logic wouldn’t fit your narrative or it’s never occurred to you to actually fucking think about the dogma spouted by the Daily Telegraph and the like (full of all the weaselly euphemisms like “job creators” and “wealth creators”).

  8. Typical Etonian

    Epic fail, chaps. Try harder next time.


    Ed Milibland on C4 news “You cannot abolish public schools in a free society”, after being grilled by Jon Snow…Does he read your blog then Ian?
    Looks like he has a different idea of what a FREE society ought to look like…Off with their heads!

    • b

      A law could be passed to ban charities from selling educational or health services. The tax bill of any outfit which wished to continue to provide such services, but without being a charity, could be made retrospective. Can’t pay? OK so get nationalised. Or of course such outfits could be nationalised without asking their opinion first. Ed Miliband should shut the fuck up.

      Anyone else remember the 1970s? The bourgeoisie, which was itching for a military coup, Pinochet-style, given how “communist” the Labour Party and trade unions were (any young’uns reading this, you’d better believe it!) was scared stiff that the continued existence of the private schools was in trouble. That and getting hit with swingeing taxes was one of their main concerns. (And relieving their sexual problems by thinking about fingernails and football stadiums – oh Santiago! – but I digress).

      I hate it when cunts who talk down to you say they can’t, when what they mean is that they won’t.

  10. Anonymous

    Nice one Ian Bone, the simple fact is that going to Eton means that tax money for schooling is not used on us, even though we have to pay tax to provide other people with education, so it’s a win win for you, happy? obviously not.

  11. “this rise against a non-existant machine” … says it all. Dead from the neck up.

  12. toff

    I really am fascinated by your views so why don’t you come over for tea and a debate next time instead chaps? I can’t bear to see you demean yourselves like that again. Also, I have to ask, what kind of society are you after?


    • b

      Perhaps a public debate is called for? I mean there’s no more case for private schools than there is for foxhunting…other than rich bastards’ preferences.


      We don’t debate with the class enemy, but we hear that mass-debating is quite popular in Eton, in between toasting muffins and checking one’s dividends on the market. We all hate you upper class bastards, and your maters and paters, with a vehemence you will never understand, it isn’t born of envy, but of disgust, with your arrogance, privelage and ill-gained wealth. Congratulations are due to your class for bringing about the destruction of your own system. We will reap what you have sown…

    • Internet Hat Machine

      I thought they “taught initiative” (lol) to you public school kids in which case you should be able to figure out yourself what kind of society is sought after? Either you’re one of the particularly thick ones or Eton education just isn’t all it’s cracked up to be.

    • I would rather gauge my eyes out with a chop stick then sit down debating with someone about why Eton is an insult to equality. Have u not read the flyer for the 28th then? That explains it. By the way your awfully retarded asking us to come and meet u just after u insulting us. Was it your sheltered life that led u to think the poor don’t bite back? Well we do.


    “Also, I have to ask, what kind of society are you after?”- Fuck me, what’s he after, a job with Philip Blond? Coming soon, Red and Black Toryism? Patronising RICH CUNT. Tumbrel fodder.

  14. Anonymous

    The simple thing about Eton is that you have to be of a sufficient academic grade to get in. Many of the boys are on bursaries, many can only just afford to come in. I myself have two Palestinian refugees in my house at school. Also, where is the evidence for our hate of the working class? You are, it seems, truly ignorant of what an Etonian is like.

  15. Anonymous

    correction: my dad’s a banking billionaire, not a toff. Get your facts right. I’m sure you’d love to be where I am now (inside my room in Eton College).

    • anonymous you're a mug

      you’ve literally just made their point for them
      but, to everyone else, what is wrong with being born into a rich family? there was literally nothing I could do about it as a mere foetus.
      as for my parents they last year gave a ridiculous amount of money to charity which affected (obviously positively) over 10000 children in uganda. all the money in their will is also going to Ugandan education projects so shut up about putting it in a trust etc.
      you may ask why they didn’t decide to give the money in England rather than abroad, and the answer is that when they get education they genuinely make the most of it rather than piss it away.
      they sent me to a major public school so that I would have a good chance of doing the same.
      in conclusion, all prejudices are wrong
      ps some of the comments by etonians on here are fucking stupid

      • toff

        Well said dear boy. The difference is our (my) comments have been in jest whilst you ‘anarchists’ actually stand by your ridiculous ‘ideology’ not that it is worthy of such a label.

        Good day


  16. Eton bor

    If you execute us then who will do our cleaning and garbage.

    • Eton boy not bor

      Dont you mean if you exucute us who will there be to have their mansions cleaned and their plumbing pumbed. There would be no one but people in council flats

  17. N

    Mr. Bone,

    Your feelings are clearly born of envy and I pity you. I myself attended Eton College by the grace of my parents’ hard work, both come from working class families. If you devoted the time and effort into being a productive member of society instead of your protests, you yourself would have a chance at success and riches, anyone can do it.

    Just remember, the freedoms that allow you to profess your message of hate towards the upper class are the same freedoms you seem to want to take away.

    I’m not here to tell you that the wealthy pay their fair share of taxes, that they help support state educational systems WITHOUT being a burden to the state. I won’t insult your intelligence, you must already know that. I’m here as a defender of liberty. Bottom line is these kids are free to go to public schools, their parents are sure as hell free to pay for them, and you, sir, are free to protest them. I may not agree with what you say but I will defend your right to say it.

    You are going to disrupt these peoples’ Saturday afternoon because of the fact that they had the nerve to be born into privilege. Your time would be better spent watching the footy that afternoon I think. Go down to your local, have a pint and CHILL OUT.

    I’m not trying to insult you here, I’m simply trying to make you see that as an advanced society, we must value personal social and economic liberties above all else. Read some Robert Nozick and you may see where I’m coming from.

    Currently contributing more and taking less from the state then you,


  18. ...

    So basically you’re pissed off because you think Etonians are rich? I am an Etonian. I am on a bursary. My dad and mum pay tax. My grandad was miner and an orphan.
    I look forward to seeing you and your ‘hundreds’ of followers (more like 14 I think) on Sunday. It should be fun seeing you…I thought you were very amusing last time.
    Another point is that Eton is on a main road which runs through the school, therefore when you reached ‘the belly of the beast’ you just walked down a road, which even an arrogant prick can do (I do it every day) .
    Yours truly, an arrogant, ignorant and rich Etonian (apparently). Please reply to this Mr. Bone.

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