Here’s an article I wrote for The Bristolian years ago. Fox has always been assiduous in cultivating his image as a ladies man and assiduous in being economical with the truth. Now he denies his best man at his wedding and former flatmate ever accompanied him abroad but the Guardian has photos to the contrary. Liam the Liar’s web of decit may be about to unravel. His wife Jesme Baird is rarely seen.Maybe someone should dig up that garden in Yatton.The sub text the papers dare not print of course is that Liam Fox is gay and his marriage a sham. Fox tied into that pre-Wolfenden consciousness like David Laws that his party wont stand for gays in high office………..whereas Cameron is offering gay marriage……’.because I am a Tory.’



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31 responses to “LIAM THE LIAR FOX

    • ariadne

      It does seem strange that we never see the wife. I am 55yrs old, and if I lived with a man 15 yrs younger than me, I am proberly taking it up the chocolate starfish.

  1. Frankie

    The reason his wife is rarely seen is that Liam is a homosexual and his marriage a sham. I guess that particular lie is necessary for his career?

    • Guy

      How dare you!!
      They were surely only sharing a room to save tax payers money.
      Oh shit, William Hague has already used that excuse 😉

      • NMac

        Sharing a bed, I think you’ll find. But of course only to save taxpayers money. Strange that Hague didn’t worry about that when fiddling his parliamentary expenses.

  2. butchersapron

    More pressure on the Clevedon conman:
    Liam Fox charity shut down over links to Tories

    “A charity set up by defence secretary Liam Fox has been shut down after a watchdog found it was pursuing activities linked with Conservative Party policies.”


    Hmm.. The very same Adam Werritty who is executive director of the now defunct anglo-saxon thinktank Atlantic Bridge? The one with Fox as Chairman , and Thatcher as it’s patron, who’s membership also included Osborne, Gove and Hague…The one that had its charitable status questioned in 2010, and then dissolved itself on 31 September 2011 after being told to ‘cease its current activities immediately’ ? The same Atlantic Bridge whose parent US organisation, American Legislative Exchange Council led high profile attacks on the NHS, in the debate about US healthcare…

  4. butchersapron

    Fox has pulled out of all his meetings today…what’s about to break then?


    It would seem that Fox’s private efforts in Sri Lanka, accompanied with Werritty, actually got in the way of Hague’s foriegn policy towards the criminal government there…
    “What on earth has he been doing holding ‘private’ meetings with the Sri Lankan president while refusing to say if he has pressed for the war crimes investigation we need or supported the foreign secretary’s position? William Hague must be spitting mad.”

    One wonders what Werritty has to do with Fox flogging British Weapons and training to the autocratic Saudis?

    “The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia signed an agreement in 2007 for the supply of 72 Typhoon aircraft to the Royal Saudi Air Force worth £4.43bn.
    This defence cooperation programme, which the Saudis have named the Salam Project, is supported by substantial weapons, infrastructure, training and logistics support packages from the UK. ”
    (Widely, unsurprisingly unreported here, there have been days of protests in Eastern Saudi Arabia, with protesters shot with live rounds…)


    It gets better-
    “Werritty, 33, a defence consultant, has also served as a director at a company called Security Futures until the company was dissolved in December last year.
    The company secretary of Security Futures was Iain Aitken Stewart, the Tory MP for Milton Keynes and a close friend of Fox and Werritty. Also on the board of Security Futures, which did not explain its business activities to Companies House, was Oliver Hylton, an adviser to Michael Hinzte, a hedge fund billionaire, Tory party donor and close friend of Fox.

    Hylton is also the manager of Hintze’s charitable foundation that has donated £51,000 to a charity set-up by Fox and run by Werritty. The Atlantic Bridge, which Fox established in 1997 and was run by Werritty as executive director and sole employee, has suspended its activities after an investigation by the Charity Commission.”

    and better-
    “Werritty…was appointed company secretary of UK Health Limited in June 2003. At that time Fox was shadow health secretary.”

    and better-
    “According to the Sunday Times in June 2010:
    UK Defence Secretary Liam Fox has had Luke Coffey, a man with links to the CIA, as a special adviser.
    Liam Fox is said to want the UK to buy American, rather than British, military equipment.

    Luke Coffey has run the London branch of an American think tank called Censa (Council for Emerging National Security Affairs).
    At least a quarter of the members listed on its website have been in the CIA or other American intelligence agencies.

    Luke Coffey has been issued with a pass giving him access to all areas of the Ministry of Defence.”

  7. It beggars belief that given the ongoing Afghanistan conflict and the dreadful state of our current defence assets (e.g. no carrier capability for a decade), the person occupying the post of Defence Secretary has the time to get involved in all these “other things”. There must be a serious concern over his commitment if not his competence.

  8. butchersapron

    I know i should really be in the pub at this time on a friday night, but it now appears this charity was ran from Fox’s office in Parliament. Get swimming foxy…

  9. Andrew

    Straight, gay or bi? No-one really cares. However no-one respects a liar. If he is gay then his voting record on gay legislation is a travesty. Homophobia or internalised homophobia is unappealing as a character trait.

  10. I don’t care about his sexuality. What matters is that there is an unelected, unaccountable arms dealer staying rent-free at the house of an MP then using an office at Portcullis House for his extreme right-wing “charity”, The Atlantic Bridge.

    His directorships can be found here:

    “UK Health” is about profiting from privatisation of the NHS – Liam Fox has/had a shareholding in this one

    “Security Futures” is about arms dealing – Laura Sandys (Tory MP) and Iain Stewart (Tory MP) were directors until March 2010.

    Liam Fox has a homophobic past, as you can read here:

  11. James

    Careful guys.In my opinion, as someone who knows everyone involved, nothing is going on at all, apart from Mr Fox liking the company of his rather harmless (heterosexual) best friend, who apparently likes the reflected glory of his mentor at all times far too much. I think that Mr. Fox is paying the price for being the man who is seen as sacking so many defence employees, while the press don’t have the guts to print accusations of sexual denial or corruption, which is clearly the subtext. Why? Because there is no proof. And there is no proof because there is nothing wrong. Apart from the faint whiff of Mr. Werrity perhaps using a calling card to set up meetings – which I agree is rather sad and could, if it led to undue influence be seen as a lack of sound judgement by Mr. Fox.

    Also, the British love to attack anyone in a position of power, fame or success. Whether one agrees with the politics or ideology of Liam Fox, I can assure you that he has as much integrity as anyone else I have met in politics and I feel very sorry for him. He is loyal to his friends and very conscientious.

    On what basis is he a liar? Also – be careful – I don’t think his marriage is a “sham”. Mrs. Fox is a doctor with her own life and this stuff could be seen, quite rightly as actionable. Still, it looks like his days are numbered in this position. Who would want to be a politician in the UK? No wonder so many politicians are of such low quality. Just when we need committed, honest, hard-working politicians to steer us out of this global mess, we are just going to get a bunch of robotic, mistake-averse asexual PR-focused lifeless nonentities. Is this what we want? Good looking man-children in shiny suits with the wisdom of toddlers?

    Try and imagine yourselves in his position. He is no Jeffrey Archer. And just for the record I am no Conservative.

    Oh well …


    ‘…I can assure you that he has as much integrity as anyone else I have met in politics…’
    So things are looking pretty grim then…

  13. James Harry Tobin

    Things are very grim in politics indeed. That is why I took the time to write to show a rational degree of support for a decent, if not perfect politician. This guy has shown poor judgement in allowing his “best friend” to follow him about like a pet dog with a potentially misleading business card. Really naive. But Werrity really is harmless and is just in awe of his best friend and mentor who in turns treats him like a little brother.

    There is a great Yiddish word for their relationship – “schlachenslammister” – a chap who just tags along for the ride wherever his friends say @fancy coming along for a trip to keep me company?’.

    Let’s get on with discussing REALLY serious corruption and policy!


      I think you’re naive to even hold such a view… this is serious corruption – it’s a blatant abuse of social position and authority.
      Middle aged Chappies don’t usually tag along on international ministerial business as if it were no more than a jolly jape !! and if it were considered no more than a jolly jape by Fox and his best friend, then this country is in even more trouble than i previously thought

    • Foxy's Last Stand

      James, your post sounds akin to Liam Fox isending out his personal PR team to street clean. You go into overdrive about the homosexual element, which is the LEAST unsavory element of the whole affair (yes we can cope with wickedly anti-gay but deeply closeted Tories by now methinks), but then do your best to absolve the man of any political/ministerial wrongdoing which to the rest of the sane world, looks EXACTLY as you describe: REALLY serious corruption and policy’. Let’s all invite a mate who could be a total PLANT/spy onboard to the extent HE could be affecting GB national policy on health/defense/etc. Unelected of course.

      I don’t and never will buy what you’re selling because it sounds like damage control to me.

  14. Keith

    I thought that Cameron might come down hard on Fox today to show us how fucking fair he is (not a personal friend of Fox), but I was wrong.


    Werritty lived in Fox’s subsidised London flat ‘rent free’, and had his Ni contributions paid for by Fox from his parliamentary expenses, and all of those meetings overseas were mere coincidences…all 18 of them.

    …but more importantly, what about his ‘spad’ Luke Coffey? ‘Fox reportedly played down criticisms, saying: “It’s not as if he is Russian.” ‘

    Fox’s goose is cooked alright, or rather, it should be…
    but then our ‘special relationship’ with the US means it is perfectly acceptable to Cameron to have a US spook looking over the Defence Secretary’s shoulder…perhaps this explains Fox’s enthusiasm for attacking Iran, scrapping the UK’s carrier force and buying American kit at the expense of British defence jobs.

    @James Harry Tobin- serious enough for you? You could also use the term ‘Bummsenjunge’ -but that might sound homophobic…but then Fox is apparently as gay as he is incompetent/corrupt…

  16. What is it about ministers not being able to come out of the closet? Are things really that bad? I wish they would come out and make it more acceptable, especially for 16 year old lads struggling at school and afraid to admit publicly that they, likewise, are Tory…

  17. yes i love sham marriages and riotous gay sex!
    come on!

  18. Liam fox a gay man, no im not having that, hes just been caught with his trousers down, and he doesnt like it, His little bum chum mate always in the back ground getting all the free bees, whats new in politics it happens all the time.

  19. Kit Foley

    As Bob Dylan once ststed.
    ‘Show me an honest politician and I’ll show you a sanctified Whore’.
    The times may be a changing but the politicians aint.

  20. Anonymous

    A number of us have seen extensive censorship of comments on the Sky/Yahoo news site relating to Fox….very intrigued by the nature and motivation of the censorship, particularly since they do not appear to sensor abusive off topic comments about this country.

  21. Greg

    Further details have emerged about the links between senior figures in the Conservative Party and dissolved charity Atlantic Bridge.

    Apart from: Adam Werrity & Liam Fox it is to be noted that Margaret Thatcher (patron ) George Osborne, William Hague & Michael (car insurance job)Gove were on its advisory board. .Is it conceivable that these high profile members new of Werrity,…. and that Cameron did not ?

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