The Metropolitan Police is threatening to ban a student demonstration from marching on the City. The protest on November 9th, called by the National Campaign Against Fees and Cuts and supported by NUS and many trade unionists, will assemble at 12 noon at the University of London Union on Malet Street.

Organisers were then planning to march on the City and to rally at Bank, as had been democratically decided at an assembly and implicitly confirmed at a police meeting earlier in the week. But police have now gone back on this, saying that it would cause “traffic disruption.”


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    That’d be the ‘traffic’ in massive bonuses, insider deals, coke and obscene profits then…ACPO must be worried about the return on their investments…Met Police: The Armed Wing of Coutts and Co.

  2. Az

    The decision to march on the city was made democratically by assembly, fuck what the police say. In fact now they’ve tried to suppress it with this bullshit about ‘blocking traffic’ it’s even more important that the city remains the target. I do hope the organisers have some backbone and don’t pander to the whims of the state and its police. Surely this move by the Met just further confirms the validity of the city as a target given the fact protest is happily accommodated when it poses no threat.


    Talking of banks, and Coutts in particular (Her Madge’s very own) why not pop into their Eton branch if you happen to be passing?:-
    Eton, Monarco…Hmmmm, a backstop for future tax evasion, handy…

    • Az

      I guess that would be the same Coutts and Co implicated in the the Carroll Foundation Trust Criminal Case, accused of forging bank account files – and who knows what else – for possibly the biggest organised crime gang in human history…

  4. upfrombelow

    Not surprised the Met are looking to ban a march on the City. Obviously the fat cats don’t want their trading to be disrupted by mere plebs such as us. However, saying you want to ban an event and successfully implementing the said ban are two completely different things. It’ll be interesting to see how the Met cope on the day…

    • b

      Coutts used to drive a horse and carriage every day to Buckingham Palace to give the queen a report on the state of her account with them. This noble tradition was stopped in 1993.

  5. b

    Meanwhile some greedy moneygrabbing scum are already discussing how to profit from the protests in the City.

    André Spicer, professor of organisational behaviour at Cass Business School, said in a note this morning that bridging the gap between the two parties could potentially provide bankers with a range of ideas for new financial products and markets.

    Green money and feminised finance were among a host of ideas that were suggested by Spicer to be popular among the protesters and that could potentially gain traction if bankers opened a dialogue.

    He said: “We all know that innovation is the crucial motor of economic development but often innovation comes from the margins. Some of the demands of the protesters include ecological sustainability, equality and an increasingly democratic financial system.

    Protesters would have to do their bit and actively share their ideas in a calm manner, rather than on a placard, Spicer admitted. He added that they may have to concede that their views on restructuring the financial system might be based on what they would like rather than what would actually be possible.

    Crucially, the image problem that bankers so far have seemingly ignored could be solved by some coming out and talking to protesters, letting them see their softer side and showing they are to be trusted.

    News agencies all around the world would queue up to publicise that.

    Yes – and they would also publicise it if a small group took over the choir in Paul’s and hung a banner over the altar saying e.g. “Abolish Money and the Lying Cheating Banks”.

    OSLX seems very much like a public-relations pseudo-opposition job. I mean why else do they care about the crisis of political legitimacy, and call for debate as a way to move things forward?

    Subvert these fuckers!


      Yes, well, yesterday when I was in front of ‘Pauls’, and I encountered some very odd notions indeed in the G.A and working groups…On the suggested subject for discussion on ‘Land ownership’ in relation to the disputed ownership of Paternoster Square, one of the groups suggested ‘buying some land’ (to which I heckled ‘like Dale Farm?’)…In another group, tasked with discussing a unified ‘global manifesto’ for all occupations around the world, the group decided that it would rather put ‘proposals’ than make ‘demands’ (now, you would think the demands being made on us, by Capital, are somewhat extreme- Our jobs, healthcare, benefits etc, etc- and deserve counter-demands…but no.). Both the groups I participated in were moderated by ‘activists’, one quite a unionist was fine, merely facilitating, the other was a pushy, self-important little cunt who was visibly getting off on her ‘responsible role’- and her group (on a manifesto) produced the most wishy-washy, vague and substanceless ideas to feed back to the GA…( My suggestion to head the manifesto ‘Make Capitalism History’ brought wry smiles, but was dismissed). One wall poster,among many, originally from OWS, shows a cartoon of a cop and a soldier, with a caption that reads ‘Some of the 99% fight for the 1%’…

      The trouble is, where the organisation of the occupation is impressive (Much improved PA system, kitchen, wash-house, info-point, library, projections on the side of the cathedral, big screen TV showing…Zeitgeist!)- the occupation and the GA is only going to be as radical as the people participating in it…And although their politics are fucking lame, I think the mere fact that they are practicing direct democracy and self-management is a bloody good thing, and I would encourage anti-authoritarians, anarchs etc, to get down to their local occupations to put the libertarian point of view and to encourage working class people to participate, just by adding to the debate with a class based view. This is the kind of ‘Horizontalism’ we want to see- not neo-hippies lying around spouting mindless cliches about ‘Global Injustice’. ( there was a group of ‘estate boys’ showing some interest yesterday…)

      The bollocks the ‘Pauls’ is coming out with, about being forced to close , is a nonsense- there is plenty of space to access the building, and the Occupistas have had all the H&S and fire safety checked out and approved by the ‘relevent bodies’ ( the £16,000-£20,000 being ‘lost’ is probably weighing on the Church’s mind more than visitor safety…), and it’s interesting to note that while it appears the Corp.of London has provided big, brand new, wheelie bins, they were actually locked (an incentive to dump rubbish around, not in, them?), the occupation, however, has it’s own recycling centre…

      I think the second, back-up Occupation Camp in Finsbury Square could become a more interesting focus of resistance, given it’s closer proximity to the working class areas of Finsbury, Hackney and Shoreditch, but we shall see…

      • INCUBUS

        Just to add- this fucking excellent development in the US-


        Meanwhile, The Almighty Latin King and Queen Nation said to be the largest and most organized Hispanic street gang in the United States has called for all gags to UNITE…

        What we need in the UK is an OCCUPY THE ESTATE or OCCUPYTHEBLOCK movement…and we will get one.
        (It comes as no surprise to learn that OccupyNewcastle is experiencing problems with the EDL scum- given the potential of this movement to become proletarian- any news Alan?)

      • Anonymous

        Haven’t been at Newcastle Occupation since Sat afternoon, but got this text this morning:

        “On Sat 5 EDL inc regional organiser and one middle class visited monument. Agreed not to attempt to clear as they oppose military cuts. One EDL arrest for head butt. Liberals still in control”

        The Hardest Hit march in Newcastle on Sat. was interesting if only for the fact that numbers were far higher than expected, including many trade unionists with banners & flags. There was supposed to be a march on Atos & Northern Rock HQ in Gosforth after the rally but it didn’t happen; ppl listened to the speeches, including from a Labour MP, and then they went away. (No surprise to learn that the whole thing was organised by the Peaceful Peaceful People).

        Dunno about inner city youth being politicised by the occupation movement in this country; I kind of dread that prospect in fact, cos they’re going to get their heads fillied with all sorts of counter-revolutionary shite if they do. I suspect that they’re far too sussed for that anyway; witness what @paul says in the ‘Rabble Rousing’ thread. Nov9 on the other hand seems to offer massive opportunities, but it’s the electricians who are central to that, not the occupation fluffies. Good stuff from New York re gangs uniting though 🙂

  6. alan on tyneside

    They’re not entirely stupid of course. A Malet St. march to the city with Occupy London still in place and a large number of spikey electricians from all over the country on the loose…

    Our task is clear innit? Unity is strength.

  7. Another Al

    Cabbies are taking action on Novemeber 9th too


    An attempt to block Trafalgar Square late afternoon. Might be a tough day for those trying to preserve public order.


    Fuck Yeah- ‘Occupy Wall St./America National School Walkout’-


  9. dillingers big dick

    Is this what privatised prisons are heading for?

  10. dillingers big dick

    “Meanwhile, The Almighty Latin King and Queen Nation said to be the largest and most organized Hispanic street gang in the United States has called for all gags to UNITE…”

    You think that’s good?


      Yes, just as the ‘colours’ and ‘ends’ called a truce during the LA riots of ’92, and the events of August this year- I’d rather working class youth and young men recognised the class enemy rinstead of killing and maiming each other in pointless turf-wars over their market share of the drugs and fencing economy (the product of post-industrial ecomonics). It is also important because of the relationship of some gangs with corrupt local cops who take a manipulative ‘cut’ from those trades, and set the ‘youth’ against itself…

      • JDD

        Wait, are we talking pimp your sister, drive by shooting, sell crack to schoolkids type gangs here?
        (May be stereotypes – just asking.)
        And these are going to unite, stop all that, turn feminist, give all the crack back to the CIA, and become a benevolent social movement?
        Sounds more like the regional warlordism predicted by peak oil doomers to me.

  11. Doh! a ‘march’ “blocking traffic” !! Thats what they are meant to do!

    I echo Incubus too – though I am sceptical of neo-hippies becoming proletarianised as they elevate their ideology above the real processes going on in the world. That is not to say that some of these people cannot become more politicised, & it is through processes like these that whatever working class elements there are can become larger and more organised. Re Newcastle – if the fascists want to attack these Occupations then they are more stupid than we think they are.

  12. Kelly

    I went down to St Paul’s Saturday after arriving for the bookfair at stupid o’ clock in the morning. Although the middle class presence is clear (e.g. and I know I’m a wanker for this but I did have a little snigger at the meditation/buddist tent) there are working people there too, people who have seen the occupation as a real place for them to join and do something (us anarchists aren’t that visible most of the time!). I spoke to a woman in her late 40s from a London estate who is on disability and her bloke who is also on benefits. She told me that she’d come down the saturday it was occupied and then they’d decided to join in the next day because she was really fucked off with the benefits being cut. She clearly wasn’t used to activism (she told me, as a stranger, far too much info) but was obviously energised and made to feel part of something that was expressing her own pissed-offness. She was excited by the meetings and her involvement in security of the camp and said how great it was and that everyone felt like family and knew your name and would look out for you. Isn’t that solidarity what we want for a community?
    I went back at night and there was a guy doing some poetry and singing and it was good stuff comrades (the atmosphere) and there were regular people wandering about reading the various agit-prop stuck up all over, which was anti-capitalist, direct action stuff. i think as anarchists we should be cautious to slag off this occupation, especially without going down there first, and admiration for all those sleeping out on the streets in the fucking cold. One last thing,the community feeling, the sense of family that Shar felt also means that if this ends in a stand off with the police this is going to kick off big time; If people have experienced that life can be lived differently they fight for it.

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