This must be one of the barmiest anarchist horror stories ever. The Daily star reports:

‘SHAMELESS anarchist vandals have defiled St Paul’s Cathedral.

The Satanic number 666 was daubed beside the entrance to Britain’s most holy site.

Surrounding the mark of the was a silver heart tagged with an anarchist log “LCDG”.

It stands for Libertarian Communist Discussion Group, which wants to destroy the church.”

Those toerags from the LIBERTARIAN COMMUNIST DISCUSSION GROUP have got a lot to answer for……we must hunt these provocateurs down………….oh hang on a minute…..apparently the letters read ACDC next to 666……………where’s that bloody Angus?…it’s AC/DC with 666 next gto it……..full apology to the deaded LCDG tomorrow no doubt.


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    Sounds like the sort of psyops the state used in 1970s Northern Ireland if you ask me…old-school or what?

  2. Dora Kaplan

    AC/DC..LCDG..666….? I reckon it’s the angry scribblings of a dyslexic satanist. I imagine the poor bastard’s been pissed off since selling his soul to Santa.

  3. Keith

    Not every poor graffitist can be Banksy.

  4. Rob Ray

    Does kind of look like LCDG in the Daily Mail photos tbf (though where they got the heart thing from is anyone’s guess):



  5. Paul Cardan

    I cannot see anything for anarchists to be involved with in this childish outburst from a section of the middle classes. However, comrade Milliband has expressed suppport for their protests, which is sufficient. Time to start thinking more of working class movements.


      In relation to what you say Paul, a modest proposal- How about creating a conscious libertarian assembly at St.Pauls? Nobody says there can’t be only one type of Assembly held there…
      All we need to do is agree a time to meet, perhaps have a banner (‘Workers assembly’ in Black and red, naturally), and then all of us disparate individuals (and perhaps organisations too) could meet and introduce an anarcho/proletarian critique and counter-point to the newly formed hierarchy of ‘dissent entrepreneurs’…? Provocative? I hope so…

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